What Makes A Vertical Climber Fitness Machine Awesome?

In this article, I will be breaking down what makes a vertical climber fitness machine awesome. There are so vertical-climber-fitness-machinemany home gym exercise machines out there that it can be difficult to find one that won’t collect dust in a few months.

When looking for the right exercise machine, you want to make sure you find one that will get you a great total body workout.

Working out the whole body allows you to burn MORE CALORIES, in LESS TIME! There are many machines out there that claim they can work the entire body, but few actually do that.

Throughout this article, I will be showing you why vertical climber machines are so effective for anyone that exercises at home.

So make sure to pay close attention to the next few lines, because making sure you find the right equipment is going to be crucial.

Easy Storage

When deciding to purchase any fitness equipment for your home, you want to make sure that it will actually fit. What makes a vertical climber fitness machine so great to have, is the fact that it can easily be stored.

Most vertical climber machines stand upright so you would be able to either fit it in most closets, or right in the corner of your home. Also, most machines allow you to adjust the height if necessary so you shouldn’t have any issues making room for it.

Even if you plan on putting it in your basement where the ceilings tend to be a bit low, as longs as it is high enough, you should be able to enjoy a good workout with worrying about needing a helmet while exercising.

Time Saver

Total body workouts are great for helping you save time. So it would make sense that if time is an issue when it comes to you working out, then making sure you get a machine that helps you manage that time is a big plus.

Vertical climber machines use the same movements a rock climber would use. If you are someone that climbs rocks, or have seen anyone that has, then it is easy to see how every muscle in your body is being used. In order to climb up difficult terrain such as rock climbing, using both your upper and lower body is key.

So instead of worrying about if certain body parts are being worked during your exercise, you can save time knowing that with the vertical climber fitness machine, the whole body is being worked. Making for a more efficient workout.

No Added Stress on the Jointsvertical-climber-machine

Unlike other machines, vertical climber machines are great at not adding any more stress to the joints. As where a machine like the treadmill, the impact on the joints like the knees can be rather painful.

Thus affecting your ability to exercise and focus on your fitness.With any vertical climber machine, the impact on the joints are non-existent.

The smooth up and down motion allows for anyone who suffers from knee pain to still get an intense cardio workout all in the comfort of their very own home.

This would be helpful for people of all ages, as joint pain can affect anyone.

Say Bye-Bye to Monthly Gym Memberships

Raise your hand if you are someone that has a gym membership, but hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in months. Well I’ll let you know in on a little secret…gyms know this and hope that this will be the case.

They know that come the new year, many people will be looking to jumpstart their new year’s resolutions by joining a gym. But they know most will stop showing up after a month or two.

With a vertical climber machine, you don’t have to worry about any recurring monthly membership cost, because you will have your fitness machine whenever you need it. 24/7 access with no worries of having to wait like you would at your local gym.

Whether you are an early morning gym goer, or someone who tries to beat the after work rush, knowing you can avoid all that chaos and enjoy your workout in comfort of your own home is a big plus.

Exercise like a Ninja

If you are someone who likes to exercise in the early morning but worry about waking up family members or roommates, well you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to vertical climber machines. Many of the machines out there make minimal noise regardless of how intense your workout gets.

If you have a roommate who works late at night and has to sleep during the way, but you like to workout at that time. Well you can take comfort in knowing you can enjoy your workout without disturbing your roommates sleep.

Also if you are like most people and like to watch your favorite shows while getting in a good workout, then rest assured you can do that with a vertical climber machine. Knowing that you are getting a great workout while time is flying by, makes working out so much easier.


If a machines is going to replicate the movement of a rock climber, than it would make sense a machinedurable-steel should be able to handle the rigors that come with it.

Vertical climber machines are made with durable metal that can withstand the abuse for years to come.

So when looking for a vertical climber machine, make sure you are comfortable with the type of material that is being used since not only do you want to make sure it lasts for a while, but that you will feel safe and not worry about falling off.


In conclusion, when it comes to working out at home, it’s easy to lose motivation. Making sure you are having fun with your workouts will be a big help in your fitness journey.

You have to find motivation and set aside time on your schedule to workout and make sure to stick with it. It helps to have a machine that you can look forward to using that will help get you the results you are looking for.

From this article, I hope you were able to see what makes a vertical climber fitness machine awesome and fun to use. So please share below if you have any questions about what you just read and thanks for stopping by.

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