What Is The Chirp Plexus Wheel? – An Inside Look

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the plexus wheel by chirp

There’s nothing more debilitating than dealing with back pain on a daily basis.

If you’re someone that suffers from any type of back pain, then you know how it can affect how your sleep, focus throughout the day, and how you live your life.

It turns out however, that you can dramatically relieve any back pain you may be suffering from by strengthening the core. 

And instead of using doctors, drugs, or surgery, why not use something that actually works!

That’s why in today’s post (video), I plan on introducing to you a cool little tool that can strengthen your core and provide your back the relief it needs to get your life back on track!

Chirp Plexus Wheel Review Summary

Product Name: Plexus Wheel By Chirp

Founder: Tate Stock

Price: $29.99 - $44.99

Money Back Guarantee: 100 day

Warranty: 10 Years

Best For: Yoga lovers, and those who have sore muscles or suffer from back pain.

chirp plexus wheel

Summary: Dealing with back pain can leave you ineffective throughout the day. The plexus wheel provides massage therapy that targets sore muscles around your neck, back, glutes, and any other muscles that are tense. Also, if you’re a yoga lover, this is a great tool to add to your collection.

Rating: 90/100

Recommend: Yes


So What Is The Plexus Wheel?

If you’ve ever used a foam roller, then you know the goal of it is to help massage tense muscles and roll out deep knots.

So how is the plexus wheel any different?

Well if you look at any foam roller, most of them cover the entire back area. For some, this can make the whole process of massaging sore muscles very painful and uncomfortable.

The plexus wheel is designed mainly to target the area around the spine, but also other muscles that need attention.

Also, you’ll notice that the wheel varies in diameter which helps the amount of pressure that is applied to your muscles.

Which for some can be painful when using the typical foam roller. Not only that, but the plexus wheel offers two types of wheels, each varying in size for comfort. 

The two types of plexus wheels are:

The Plexus Wheel Sport

The plexus wheel sport, which is the first wheel that was created by the company, was designed more so for recovery.

By adding direct pressure on muscles that were sore due to exercise activities. This allows your body to recover faster and get you back to building up your strength.

You will notice that the plexus wheel sport is very firm. Which allows it apply the necessary pressure to relieve any sore muscles you may have.

Most people target muscle areas around the glutes, legs and back.

The Plexus Wheel Plus

The biggest difference you will notice with the plexus wheel plus is the groove built along the center of the wheel.

This is to help target pain specifically within the neck and back area along the spine.

This is key because when performing any type of massage therapy on the back, you want to make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the spinal area, especially the lower back.

So the groove allows the wheel to target any sore muscles around the spinal canal without putting unnecessary pressure on it.

You will also notice that the padding is much softer on the plus than it is on the sport. This is great for those that struggle with the the pain this type of massage therapy can cause.

How To Use The Plexus Wheel

How you use the plexus wheel depends on which wheel you choose. With the sport, I would use it primarily on the lower body to get a more targeted approach to massaging sore muscles.

With the plus, because of the groove built in the middle of it, I would use that for sore muscles along the back and neck.

Since it won’t put added pressure on the spine, this would be more ideal.

Also, the fact that it is much softer than the sport, will help for anyone that has a low pain threshold. In terms of exactly how you would use it, I would definitely use it after every exercise.

This will help stretch out any tight muscles that is caused by the exercise you just performed.

If you happen to feel any soreness or have tight muscles before you workout, then I would also recommend you use the plexus wheel.

What Are The Benefits Of The Plexus Wheel?

There are a few benefits to using the plexus wheel, with the main one being back pain relief.

So many people suffer from back pain and rely on things like doctors, drugs, or surgery even. Many times back pain can come from something as simple as having a weak core. 

The plexus wheel not only massages sore muscles around many parts of the body, but you can also use it for core strengthening exercises.

Chirp provides you with both a back pain relief ebook and a stretching guide if you purchase their bundle package.

From my own experience, I work out 5 days a week where I perform upper body exercises twice a week.

If after my workouts I forget to rollout my back for a couple of weeks, I increase my chances of getting back spasms.

That’s because my back tends to get really tight after my workouts. So it’s super important that I perform some type of massage therapy on it right after.

So it’s definitely a good idea for you to do the same, especially if you’re someone that suffers from any type of back pain.

Product Description and Features

6, 10, 12 inch Yoga Wheel - Each size is supposed to target different areas of the spine and also applies different types of pressure. The smaller wheel applies deeper pressure on sore muscles and the larger wheel provides less pressure with a deeper stretch.

Padding Level - The Plexus Sport is more firm and doesn't have the groove running along the middle of the wheel. This allows for more pressure to be put on the sore muscles. The Plexus Plus has a thicker padding level with a groove running along the inside of the wheel. This is used more for massaging the neck and back area along the spine, without putting pressure on the spine itself.

What I Like About The Plexus Wheel

#1 - Designed For All Experience Levels

For those that are looking for a useful accessory to use for yoga exercises, the plexus wheel is a great choice. Regardless of your experience level when it comes to yoga, you can try all different types of yoga stretches to help increase your flexibility and range of motion. And if you purchase the bundle pack, you will also get a stretching guide to help you as well.

#2 - Can Perform Exercises That Help Increase Core Strength

I mentioned earlier that a lot of back pain can be attributed to having a weak core. The great thing about the plexus wheel is that it can help you with building up that core strength. You will notice as you perform all the different stretches, that your core will also be engaged in the process.

#3 - Helps Improve Flexibility and Range Of Motion

Having tight muscles can really decrease your flexibility and range of motion when it comes to performing normal movements. Not only that, but tight muscles can cause injury to other areas of the body. This is why it’s important to make sure you stretch before or after exercise to decrease risk of injury. The plexus wheel helps out with this by making sure to apply pressure where needed.

#4 - Helps Improve Blood Flow

Properly stretched muscles allows for quality blood flow which helps heal the body. Usually when the muscles are sore from exercise, that can mean that part of the body is not getting proper blood flow to help make sure it is healing. The plexus wheel will roll out any knots that may be blocking the blood from flowing through the body.

#5 - Can Take With Your Anywhere

The great thing about the plexus wheel is that there are 3 different sizes to choose from. If you’re someone that travels, then it would be ideal to take the 6 inch wheel with you to make sure you are still performing your massage therapy. It’s very light weight and doesn’t take up much room in your bag.

#6 - Has A 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

With a 100 day money back guarantee, chirp must be very confident that you will enjoy using the plexus wheel. This gives you more than enough time to figure out if is providing your back with the pain relief it needs.

Things To Worry About

#1 - Depending On Your Flexibility, Can Be Painful For Some While Using

For those that aren’t used to stretching and have poor flexibility, you might find using the plexus wheel a bit painful. So it would probably be best to get the plexus plus as it has thicker padding to make it less painful while you role. But at the same time you still get the proper massage therapy that is needed to relieve you of any muscle pain you may have.

Final Thoughts - Is It Worth It?

As someone that exercises 5 days a week and suffers from tight muscles, I know how important it is to stretch out on a regular basis.

I’ve used a foam roller many times, and the one thing I worry about is incorrectly applying too much pressure on the lower back area which can put unnecessary stress on the spine.

The plexus wheel solves that with its new Plus model. It has a groove in the center of the wheel which allows you to apply pressure on each muscle around the spine and not directly.

Although the plexus wheel was built mainly for yoga users, I feel anyone can use it especially if you suffer from any kind of back or neck pain.

So I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves yoga or is in some need for some deep massage therapy.

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