Taste Trunk Review 2017


Gift giving can be such a chore when it comes to showing someone how much you appreciate them.  Not knowing if the person is going to like the gift or not is a thought that runs through many people’s mind. Whether it be a friend, business associate or family member, trying to find the perfect gift can be stressful.

So what makes the perfect gift?  I think we can all agree that uniqueness tends to leave a good impression on anyone’s mind.  That’s why in this taste trunk review, I plan on breaking down how this service is making gift giving fun again.

About Taste Trunk

Taste trunk is a gourmet food subscription box service that focuses primarily on gift giving.  They bring a very unique style when it comes gourmet products.  Their boxes usually contain things you wouldn’t normally see in your local grocery store, which makes them such a popular try.

Not only that, along with their products, they also provide creative recipes so that you can create your own favorite gourmet dishes. Taste trunks goal is looking to provide an experience to their customers unlike any other subscription box service.  Which makes them very interesting to try.

Subscription Packages

Due to their Unique selection style, taste trunk doesn’t have a set membership package.  They allow you to select products by the type of box they have available.  So they offer a wide variety of boxes where you can search and choose what to purchase.

They also allow you to choose your own subscription package, by letting you select the amount of months you would like your box delivered.  So when it comes to flexibility, taste trunk allows you to have total control of what you want to buy.

Is This Service For You?

This gift is great for anyone that has clients of any type and would like to show their appreciation with a gift.

Even if you don’t have clients and would like to surprise a friend or family member, what better way to do it then with gourmet products.

Because we all know how stressful it can be to find a gift that someone would like, so why not give a gift that will leave a unique impression.

What Makes Taste Trunk Different?

Uniqueness – taste trunk provides you with products you wouldn’t find in your local grocery store.  So if you are looking for something different to give to someone as a gift, then this is a great option.

Variety – there is a variety of gourmet option for you to choose from.  They also have sweet and healthy options if you are looking for a specific type of box.

Great for gift giving – if you’re looking to give a gift that will have someone in awe, I have no doubt in my mind hat receiving their gourmet box will do just that.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of Gourmet products
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Gift options
  • Can customize your own box
  • Gourmet recipes included
  • No long term commitment


  • Gourmet style products may not be to your liking
  • Limited healthy package options
  • No Vegan or Gluten-free options

My Final Thoughts

If you are tired of same old boring gift ideas, then you should definitely try taste trunk.  Not only do they specialize in gift giving, they also bring a gourmet feel to it.  By allowing you to choose the theme of your box or even better, let you customize it.

They offer a variety of gourmet options when it comes to creating your subscription package.  You have full control of how often you would like to send your gift and can cancel at anytime.

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Howard - March 30, 2017

This seems like a great idea! I’m a fan of subscription services, and currently subscribe to two of them. Can you elaborate and provide some examples of some of the package’s contents? Also, can I tailor it to not include potential allergy items? If I’m understanding you correctly, I will be able to review a box to see if I want the contents before it’s bought/shipped? Sorry, lots of questions, I know, but I”m very interested!

    Ralph - April 11, 2017

    Hey Howard! No worries with the questions. Taste Trunk has a wide variety of themes available. Whether you are looking for something healthy, something sweet or gourmet style box, you can choose based on your preference. As far as I know, there are no mention of items that are specific to potential allergies. But they do allow you to find out what is in each item when selecting a package, so you have an idea of potential ingredients. I hope this answers all of your questions and thanks for commenting.

Rob S. - March 29, 2017

This seems different and interesting. How many different products can you choose from? I like the idea of variety and option of choosing my own products. I like the oils and I would order them as repeat orders too. This would make great Christmas gifts. It is unique. I’m wondering how much the cost is per month?

    Ralph - April 11, 2017

    Hi Rob! There is a variety of options to choose from so it would be hard to give you a set price. They have so many different themes for you to choose from and the best thing is that there are not long term contracts. If you choose a certain theme box, you control how often you have it sent to a particular person. You should definitely visit their site to see what they have available.


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