Bulu Box Review 2017

bulu box review

At a time where people are starting to become more health conscious with the way they live their lives, diet and exercise is starting to become more of a priority these days.  But what makes it difficult is learning what to do in order to live a more healthy lifestyle.  

With so much information out there telling you how to eat and how to exercise, it’s hard to keep track of what to follow.  Well in this bulu box review, I will be explaining how this monthly subscription box service is helping to organize the lives of those looking for a more healthier lifestyle.

About Bulu Box

I think the most difficult thing for most people when trying to better their health, is finding products that will actually work for them.  Bulu box is a monthly subscription sample box service that usually contains 4 to 5 quality nutritional samples that delivers straight to your door.  

What makes bulu box so interesting is the fact that they let you try out their products that are both healthy for you and good quality.  By allowing you to sample their products before you buy so that you may find what works for you instead of being stuck with something that doesn’t.  

You can also earn points for products you purchase and save money on future products.  So how much does bulu box cost?

Membership Packages

Bulu Box’s prices plan is very simple.  They offer four different types of memberships:

  • 1 Month ($10/month)
  • 3 Month ($30/month)
  • 6 Month ($60/month)
  • 12 Month $110/month)

Each membership pretty much comes out to $10 per month except the 12 month which gives you one free month if you decide to choose that option.  So you don’t really save much unless you choose the 12 month package.  

Keep in mind that even though they are all $10 a month, depending on which package you choose, that total amount will be billed.  So for example, if you choose the 6 month package, you will be charged $60 which is non-refundable.  

So unless you are someone that doesn’t like seeing monthly charges to their bank account or credit card, I see no benefit in choosing anything other than the 1 month or 12 month option in which you actually save $10.

Is This Service For You?

If you are someone that is looking to get in shape and struggle with finding products that actually work for you, then you should definitely give bulu box a try.  They offer a variety of items like vitamins, supplements, snacks and many more that can help you diet in a more healthy way.  

Then once you are able to find something that is working for you, you can then make the choice to purchase their full item product.  So this service allows for you to try products at a low cost and not have to worry about being stuck with something that you know is definitely not working for you.

What Makes Bulu Box Unique?

Supportive Community – they have a community that will help provide expert tips, tricks and support on your journey to healthy living.  You can also find others who may have tried a certain product you are looking to try.

Variety – they have a variety of healthy options to choose from.  So if you are interested in any vitamins or supplements to go along with your diet, you can be sure to find something with bulu box.  Also if you are someone that likes to snack, but are looking for more healthy options, they provide that as well.

Convenience – No worries of having to go pick up your dietary needs at the store.  Bulu box will go ahead and ship your box straight to your front door. With just a click of the button, you can choose the items you are interested in trying.

Low Price – with such a low price, you can try out their service at a very low cost.  For $10 a month, you get to sample 4 to 5 quality products and see if you like it.  So no worries about having to break the bank to try it.

Can Cancel Anytime – if for any reason you are no longer interested in trying out their products, you can cancel at any time.  So unless you choose an option other than their month to month membership, there is really no worries about being struck in a contract  

Pros and Cons


  • Low Cost
  • Healthy for you
  • Variety
  • Convenience
  • Risk Free Membership Options
  • Supportive Community
  • Can Earn Points and Save Money
  • FDA Regulated


  • Other than monthly billing, no reason to choose any membership option other than month to month or 12 month option.

My Final Thoughts

If you are tired of searching for expensive products that may or may help you in your fitness goals, then bulu box may be a service that can work for you. With its no long term commitment memberships, you can try it risk free without the worry of being stuck.

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