Wellness Wheel Personal Health Inventory Review

The term wellness can have a lot of different meanings to each person. Whether someone is talking about exercise, healthy eating, or mental health, we can all agree that monitoring one’s wellness is key to living a healthy life.

The problem we have as a society though is, rarely do we ever take the time to assess our wellness to see how it can be affecting our health overall. And this is why I’ve decided to write this wellness wheel personal health inventory review.

I think that it is important for each of us to take an inventory on our wellness to see where we are both mentally and physically. How do we do this you ask?  By having a system in place to help better our understanding when it comes to our wellness.

As you continue to read this article, I will be going over what the Wellness Inventory Program is all about. And how it can help you be more aware of where you stand when it comes to your overall health going forward.

What Is The Wellness Wheel Inventory?

It’s an online wellness program aimed at helping people focus more on their personal  well being. Made famous for their wellness wheel where you assess your well being based off 12 key dimensions.

wellness wheel

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For some, many struggle with managing stress, so the wellness inventory program helps you find ways to manage stress better. By providing you with the necessary tools to help guide you through the whole process.

Wellness Inventory Pros vs Cons

  • Virtual Coach
  • Progress Tracker
  • Wellness Resource Centers
  • Receive reminders for accountability
  • Online Profile
  • Some may find it easy to not stick with program

Why It’s Important To Assess Your Wellbeing?

Too often we fail to take the time to really think about our well being. Whether it be due to work, family or just plain laziness, we always find some reason to not  make our health a priority. Until the time comes when we no longer have a choice but to.

Making your health a priority is crucial because it doesn’t just affect you, but it can affect those around you as well. If you find yourself struggling with relationships, or maintaining focus at work, this can all be attributed to how you manage your personal well being.

Understanding that everything is connected from your eating habits, to how you sleep at night. Sometimes you can struggle with these things not knowing why or how these things are happening.

That’s why it’s important to assess your well being and focus on the things you may be struggling with. Once you are able to identify the problem, then you can take the step necessary to improve it. And this is where wellness inventory comes in.

How Much Does Wellness Inventory Cost?

Wellness Inventory offers a One-Year Subscription for $39.95. This gives you unlimited online access to interactive tools to help guide you through the wellness program. You are provided with the support as well so you know that you are not alone in this.

What you get with your subscription

wellness inventory tools

Getting Started

Getting started is simple. You can click the green subscribe button above, or you can visit their site by clicking the button below. Once you do that, they will ask you to enter information like name and address, along with other necessary information.

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Kyoko Connolly - September 15, 2017

I have never heard of wellness wheel inventory but it is so true that we need to check on our inventory of our well-being. I like how it breaks down (and very detail) and captures all areas of well-being, including a spiritual element.

How often do you assess your well-being? Is it done with virtual coach? It would be interesting to see if you could improve or not periodically. That may give many people a motivation to continue.

Thank you for the great information!

    Ralph - September 15, 2017

    Hey Kyoko! Yea I don’t think we assess our well being enough. I’m sure it’s due to us have very busy lives. As someone that lives a very healthy lifestyle, I try my best to listen to my body and what it is telling me. Also, stress is such a silent killer, that I try my hardest to eliminate stress as much as I can. With Wellness Inventory, you can assess your health with a self assessment test. The virtual coach is there is you need someone to chat with about anything. I hope this answers your question and I really appreciate you commenting. 

Ben - September 14, 2017

I am very active and tend to work out and eat healthy as a lifestyle. My problem is sometimes I plateau and forget to do something different or feel like I have tried everything then stay in my comfort zone. This program seems like it could be good for someone like me that already has an idea what they are doing and needs to freshen things up again or start a new program toward a new goal. I have a hard time gaining mass because of my activity level so perhaps giving this a shot might be of benefit. What do you think? Thanks!

    Ralph - September 14, 2017

    Hey Ben!  Sometimes it takes a different kind of system to help get you to where you need to be both mentally and physically. You seem to have a pretty good idea of what you need to do, but you may need a system that keeps everything organized for you. Hope this helps answer your question.

Ivan - September 14, 2017

Excellent review, thanks, I needed this.

I am ready and pumped up to try it out!

You say that it is a con that some people may not stick to the program, but that is a pro for me as I’m very determined and love a challenge xDD

Thanks for posting, will check it out!!

    Ralph - September 14, 2017

    I’m glad you found this article helpful Ivan. Yea there is always a chance that some may not stay with a program. That’s why I feel it’s important to incentivise people to want to stay. But I’m glad that you see it as a challenge and i’m confident you will do well with it. I wish you luck with everything.

Austin - September 13, 2017

This is interesting. There is a lot of categories to this. This would require me to adjust myself and learn to be more intentional with my time. I think the virtual coach would be awesome. Having someone alongside me to encourage me and empower me to stay on track for my well being.

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    I agree Austin. Sometimes having that person there to help coach you along the way is a great way to stay on track. Considering the complexity of assessing one’s well being, the many categories is a great way to narrow down specifically what needs to be worked on.


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