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I am one of those people that believe that you shouldn’t use a scale to determine how healthy you are. But if you are someone that has a goal to lose or gain weight, then having a scale is a must. Especially if you plan on using it as a tool to track your progress and give you motivation to keep up with your diet and exercise.

Learning and understanding how to measure your progress is key to reaching your fitness goals. Not only is weight a factor, but knowing how body fat, muscle mass, and bone density can affect how you reach your goals.

With technology advancing as much as it is today, scales are able to provide you with more than just your weight. People are able to get enough detail to really break down how their body is progressing. One scale in particular is the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale. I will be going over how this scale is changing the way you weight yourself.

Weight Gurus Scale Product Review

While a standard scale can help you keep track of your weight, reaching your fitness goals is going to require much more than that. We all know that weight alone is not the best indicator of someone’s health. Therefore being able to get as much detail as possible is necessary for anyone that is serious about getting results.

With the weight gurus smart scale, not only are you able to find how much your weight, but you can now measure your body fat, body mass, and other important body stats. The weight gurus uses bluetooth technology to sync all your data from the scale, to your mobile device. So you can have your stats with you at all times.

So whether you are someone that s in competition or just a regular person looking to get fit, keeping track of these stats will be key. With the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale, you are getting a very convenient weight loss tool. With its very thin design, you can fit it anywhere around the house.

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Features of the Weight Gurus Smart Scale

  • Measures Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Weight & Bone Mass
  • Extra-large backlit LCD Screen
  • Auto-calibration & auto-off
  • Non-slip & Scratch Resistant
  • 4 Precise weighing sensors to ensure accuracy
  • Holds up to 400 lbs
  • 5 Year Warranty

Supports Up To 8 Different Users

If you are someone that has a large family, then organizing your data will be important. The weight gurus scale supports up to 8 different users. Allowing each person to keep track of each individual’s stats.

The scale will be able to sync each result separately and securely. Regardless if other users are around, the weight gurus is able to identify the user and provide them their results.

weight gurus app integration

You can also rest easy knowing that no one will be able to see your results but you with the use of your phone.

Weight Gurus App Integration

In order for you to be able to track all your data efficiently, the weight gurus requires bluetooth smart technology. It works with most Android phone users and iPhone 4S or beyond running iOS 7.1 or later.

Advantages of the Weight Gurus Smart Scale

Track your fitness goals – when it comes to anything you do in life, being able to track your progress is key to getting better. So when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, whether it be losing weight or building muscle, tracking your progress is important. With the weight gurus, you are able to keep track of your stats to give you an idea of what you need to do.

Multiple users can use it – more than likely, you will not be the only wanting to weigh themselves. So you want to make sure that your data doesn’t get mixed up with others. This smart scale is great at managing data for each individual. Allowing up to 8 different users to view their own personal data.

Bluetooth Technology – having your results with you wherever you go is possible with weight gurus bluetooth technology. Allowing you to transfer your data from the scale over to your mobile device. Whenever you step on the scale, it is able to identify who you are and will update your data by syncing to your phone. This makes keeping track of your data so much easier. Even if your phone is not around, you can still weigh yourself and have it synced.

Disadvantages of the Weight Gurus Smart Scale

Not 100% Accurate – While it may be cool to think that a scale can keep accurate records of your body, the level of accuracy is a concern. I am confident that the number you get when weighing yourself is pretty accurate, but i question the accuracy of all the other information that is given, like body fat.

The weight gurus claims to send current through your body which makes it able to calculate things like body fat and body mass, but hard to see how this can be that accurate. The best way to calculate one’s body fat, is by using tools like a caliper. This allows you to actually grab skin from the body and test body fat percentage.

So just know that you may not be getting the most accurate number when it comes to anything other than your weight. It ‘s just an estimate, which still can be useful when it comes to seeing progress.

Scale not always a good indicator of good health – regardless of your numbers on the scale, keep in mind that a scale is not a great indicator of how healthy you are. Many doctors like to use BMI which doesn’t factor in muscle mass. So it’s important to know that a scale can be good to keep track of your weight loss goals, but can’t determine how healthy you may be.

Comments From Consumers

Great scale, easy to use, nice automated tracking


Gorgeous product at a good price


Scale works well – definitely recommended

My Final Thoughts

So does the scale matter? When it comes to determining overall health, probably not. But if you are looking to keep track of your weight loss goals, then I would definitely recommend getting the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale.

I usually question the accuracy of smart scales when it comes to measuring body fat and body mass, but many feel that the weight gurus is one of the most accurate scales around.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have all available data to help you reach your fitness goals, and the weight gurus provides a lot of that. So let me know you thoughts below.

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