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As someone who used to work behind a desk for a living, I know first hand how sitting for long periods of time can affect the body in a negative way.  Even worse, if you are someone that doesn’t consider themselves very active, you could be doing a lot of harm to your body.  

Studies have shown that obesity can be linked to lack of physical activity. Meaning that those who are inactive during daily physical activity, tend to have a higher risk of obesity.  

I could remember sitting down for hours looking for ways to keep my body in motion.  So I would do things like drink lots of water, just to give me a reason to get up and use the bathroom.

fitdesk under desk elliptical review

Also like others at my job, during lunch time, I would take walks with other coworkers to help keep my body active.  It also helped that I was active outside of work since I went to the gym daily, but a lot of my coworkers were not as active as I was.  

Sitting for so long can make you form bad habits like bad posture which can cause lower back pain.  Also if you are someone that suffers from arthritis, sitting for such long periods of time will only make it worse.  

So finding ways to keep the body moving while sitting is key to staying healthy when at work.

Fitdesk Under Desk Elliptical Review

If you’re someone that sits down all day at work, it’s difficult to stay active and get in shape.  Usually you have to wait until your break or lunchtime so that you can take that walk around the building. 

Well with the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Machine, you can burn calories while sitting down and not lose any productivity while completing tasks. The Fitdesk may even help you be more productive since your body is constantly in motion.   Fitdesk Under Desk Elliptical

Also if you are someone that suffers from arthritis in the knees, the Fitdesk is a great tool to have to help keep your knees from stiffening up.  

No longer do you have to worry about sitting down for too long and having to crack those knees due to inactivity.

Features of the Fitdesk Under Desk Elliptical Machine

  • Desk Mounted Meter
  • Large pedal platform
  • Wheel lock for rolling chairs
  • Easy foot shifter
  • Lowest pedal rotation height available
  • Built in wheels and grab handle for transport

Whisper Quiet Resistance

With its magnetic resistance and balanced high velocity flywheel, you don’t have to worry about making a lot of noise when it comes to using the FitDesk.  The fitdesk is designed to be quiet as you exercise the lower part of your body.  Allowing you for easy comfort and concentration as you go about your day.

Digital Meter to Track progress

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, it’s important to be able to track your progress.  With the digital meter feature the fitdesk has, you can track how many calories you’ve burned and distance travelled.  It also includes an optional desk stand so that you may keep your meter on top of your desk for easy access.

Advantages of the FitDesk Elliptical Machine

Burn calories while sitting – a big reason for obesity and bad posture could be due to having to sit down all day.  This allows us to form bad habits when it comes to our diet and exercise. With the fitdesk, you can focusexercise while sitting down on improving functionality when it comes to using your lower body. Also by focusing on creating better posture since many tend to hunch over as they sit at their desk which can cause all type of back problems.

Help with joint stiffness – “a body in motion tends to stays in motion.”  I’m sure many have heard this saying and it couldn’t be more true.  Sitting down all day behind a desk can leave the body stiff and slow.  

Even worse, if you are someone that struggles with arthritis in the knees., it can be painful to have to get the joints moving properly after staying in a set position for so long.  

With the fitdesk, you don’t have to worry about that as you can constantly keep the legs in motion.

Improve alertness – sitting down in an office can sometimes be pretty boring.  Thus causing low energy and fatigue.  Exercise has been known to increase energy, making you more aware of what’s going on.  Although the fitdesk may not be a full workout, by having your body moving may help increase awareness, thus improving work productivity.

Disadvantages of the Fitdesk Elliptical Machine

Fitdesk alone won’t help with weight-loss – if you are expecting for this machine to help you burn fat and lose weight, you may be disappointed. Although you will burn some calories while using the machine, you need to make sure you are engaging in full body workouts along with proper diet. 

Remember, losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis.  So finding ways to burn calories whenever possible is helpful when it comes to maintaining good health.

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May be a bit long for some desks –  depending on the size of your desk, you may find that the fitdesk may be a bit too long.  So having an idea the amount of space you have under your desk is something to take note ofMost come to find that it fits just fine, but it something you may need to consider when deciding to purchase the fitdesk.

Comments from Consumers

“It runs great. It’s smooth


“I enjoy this machine at work everyday…


“Best bang for your buck

My Final Thoughts

It’s important to be active daily, but when your job requires you to sit all day, it can be difficult.  With more and more people working longer hours at work, that is more time the body is not being active.  

This can lead to you forming bad habits like eating unhealthy snacks or developing lower back pain due to bad posture.  

These are things that we have to be aware of when we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time.  If you are someone that considers themselves very active outside the workplace, then you should be ok.

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But if you are someone that doesn’t engage in any physical activity, then it may be wise to find a way to keep your body moving while sitting down.

If you’re looking for a way to be active while sitting down, then the under desk elliptical machine by Fitdesk may be worth a try.  

Pick one up today and see if it can change the way you sit at work.

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  1. Wow, this is something I have never seen before… but such a neat concept! This is definitely good for people who get stiff joints as you mentioned, and for anyone who needs to keep moving throughout the day (which really should include all of us)… I like that it fits right under the desk and can be kept somewhat discreet. I will have to share this with a few friends of mine… thanks for the review!

    1. You’re welcome Jen! yes with more and more people working longer hours at the office, that is a lot of sitting that is taking place. If you are someone that is looking to get into shape, sitting down at your desk is not a good way to go about. At least with the FitDesk, you can keep yourself active a bit and hopefully develop good habits when it comes to your health.

  2. Quality review. The product has it’s purpose and I think it’s a great idea. I can’t see this working in my job. Sweating at work dealing with customers wouldn’t go over well. This would have been ideal for the call site I worked at though. Unique idea, never would have thought of it.

    1. Hey Candice! I don’t think you would have to worry too much about sweating as you are not working the entire body to get much of a sweat. The Fitdesk is a great way to keep you active a bit while you are sitting down.

  3. This is a great idea as i will work from home a few days of the week. I always want to go to the gym but lose a few hours of work time when i do. This would be a great option even if at home watching tv or really anything to multitask. Im interested!

    1. Hey Gareth! The fitdesk is definitely a great option for anyone that finds them sitting at a desk a majority of the day. I would still recommend making time for exercise to work on cardio and strength training, but great option for anyone that sits down a lot. Let me know how you like it if you decide to purchase.

  4. Just what I need. Something that’s literally right at my feet. I don’t have to get up, get dressed and go somewhere to exercise. I suffer with knee issues as well and this could provide a good yet gentle workout.

    This is a great review. I don’t want to lose weight. I just want to get fitter so thanks for introducing me to Fitdesk.

    1. You’re welcome Freddie! The fitdesk is especially great for anyone who suffers from knee pain. I think you will like this product very much.

  5. What a great article, Im sitting at my desk for at least 6 to 8 hours a day, I even have a standing desk that I purchased a few months ago, simple because of my bad back. But this looks like it would be something I could use also. Its really hard to get the exercise you need when you just don’t have the time. Also they say its bad for peoples health to be sitting at a desk for extended periods od time. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Rob! I used to work in an office and I know all the bad habits that can be picked up from sitting up all day. At least with the fitdesk, you can keep yourself active. I also used to make sure I drink a lot of water so that I had a reason to get up from my desk.

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