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The Beachbody On Demand Review – The Netflix Of Fitness?

BeachBody On Demand Review

Could This Be The Netflix of Fitness Programs?

BeachBody On Demand is a workout program that allows you to stream your workouts from any of your favorite devices. No need for DVDs which can cost money and time. But what makes this program so effective? 

Take The Free Trial

One Time Payment of $99 (30 Day Money Back)


The variety of workout programs that are available to choose from, makes exercising enjoyable


Instead of having to purchase multiple DVDs, you get all your favorite workouts with meal plans for $99

Ease of use

Streaming makes getting access to all your favorite workouts simple. By using all of your favorite devices


Beachbody support hasn’t been known to be the best, but they make up for it with the quality of their products

What I Like

  • Variety of workout programs for any fitness goal
  • Can customize the programs to your liking
  • Meal plans to complement your workouts
  • Celebrity trainers that will motivate you to do more
  • No need for DVDs with streaming options
  • Offer 30 day trial to see if you like it
  • Workout calendars to keep you on track
  • Offer workouts that may or may not need exercise equipment
  • Fitness guides to help get you started with your workout

What I Don’t Like

  • Streaming can be really annoying if you have poor internet connection
  • Need unlimited data plan if using your mobile phone to stream workouts
  • You don’t own workouts. Once you cancel membership, all access is gone

I don’t know about you, but I like to stream just about everything. Movies, tv shows, even live television. Although I will admit that streaming live television is still a work in progress, i’m confident that it will only improve as technology continues to advance.

So when it comes to the fitness industry, it only makes sense for it to join in on the fun. But could this be the future of fitness?  That’s a great question.  Although there are many shortcomings when it comes to streaming content, there are just way too many good reasons why you should be streaming.

Things like easier access to content, affordability, etc.  I will make sure to go over all of this as you continue to read today’s topic. The Beachbody On Demand Review, where people are wondering could this be the netflix of fitness.

I’m not sure if this is the case, but if anyone is familiar with the Beachbody brand, then you know how strong a reputation they have in the fitness industry. Could streaming be a game changer for them? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

What Is BeachBody On Demand?

beachbody on demand

We can all remember when we first tried out any of the beachbody programs.  For me it was P90X. Waiting to receive your package full of DVD’s so that you could start your workout program. Well those days are over.

Beachbody on demand is pretty much a library of online workouts programs that you get to stream as a beachbody member.  You get unlimited access to beachbody’s most popular workout programs.  There are hundreds of available videos to choose from.

You are basically getting access to all of your favorite coaches like, Shaun T, Charlene Johnson, Tony Horton, and many more. So you pretty much get to choose when and how you workout.  Whether you’re on the go, or feel like working out at home, you have the workouts with you 24/7.

But let’s be honest, a fitness program isn’t going to do  much unless you are 1.) able to eat healthy meals and 2.) track your progress.  These two things are key, along with exercise to make sure you are getting the results you are looking for.

Well BeachBody also has that covered. Included inside are calendars to help track your progress each step of the way.  Along with meal plans that you can personalize for your program.  So you have total control over how you map out your fitness routine.

I really like the fact that when it comes to beachbody on demand, it’s not just all about the workouts. They know how important it is to make sure you are eating right and tracking everything you do when it comes to your fitness needs.

BeachBody On Demand Pros vs Cons

If you’re familiar with the BeachBody brand, then you know they have so many different types of workouts. From dancing, yoga, to strength training, they pretty much have something for everyone.

But just in case that’s not enough, with streaming capabilities now, they can offer so much more.  But let’s not act like the beachbody on demand program is perfect.

With all it’s amazing features it has to offer, there are some minor flaws that you will need to be aware of. But let’s start off with the good stuff.


Variety of Workout Programs

If there’s one thing I have learned over my years of fitness is, that not everyone is the same.  When it comes to getting in shape, everyone has different goals they are trying to achieve.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, burn fat, or build muscle, making sure you have a workout program to get you results will be key.

Back when beachbody was sending out DVD’s, all was good when you started using it.  But what happens when you’ve achieved your goals, or was looking to create a new goal. The dvd’s you had became useless.  With beachbody on demand, it is now able to change the way people choose to workout.

Now you will have everyone workout program available for you to choose from.  So regardless of if your fitness goals change or not, you can choose the fitness program that will best get you the results you’re looking for.

Build Customized Programs

I can remember having the P90X workouts, and for that first month, I was really excited. But as I kept doing the workouts, I found myself getting bored. See when it comes to getting in shape, the process is simple, exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy. That’s pretty much it.

But for some reason, we as people love variety.  Being able to customize something the way we like it is fun, and working out should be fun. Studies have shown that you are more likely to stick to a workout program if you enjoy it.

So with beachbody on demand, they allow you to customize and schedule your workouts the way you want to. Even if you want to create a hybrid workout program. The beachbody on demand program lets you do this.

Free Trial Period

Like everything in life, we always like to get a taste of the sample, before we decide to buy the meal.  With beachbody on demand, you get 30 days to tryout the program to see if you like it. This means that there are no payments that have to be made during those first 30 days.  You can decide to cancel at anytime within those 30 days.

Newest Promotion: Get All BeachBody Programs for $99

30 day free trial


Our phones are pretty much attached to our hips. So being able to bring your workout anywhere with you is key. I see more and more people at the gym looking at workouts on their phones.

If you are someone that can’t afford a personal trainer, but would love to be told what exercise to perform, then this make sense. Not only that, but you are getting it at a much more affordable cost.

What makes having mobile friendly workouts even better is, if you like to workout outdoors, you can now do that.  So there’s pretty much no excuse not to workout.

Live Chats

Issues are a part of life, but making sure your issues are resolved in a timely manner is essential.

So if you have any issues with your program, it’s good to know that you can chat with someone live to get it resolved. There are categories of issues to choose from.  

So whatever issue you are dealing with, you can let them know.


Need Reliable Internet Connection

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I pretty much stream everything. But the one thing that kills my viewing experience is poor internet connection, and beachbody on demand is not immune to it.

If you are someone that travels a lot and relies on hotel internet, then you want to make sure they have a fast internet connection. You don’t want to be in the middle of an intense workout, only to see a spinning circle due to a poor connection.

But I doubt you will run into too many issues when it comes to this, since internet has improved over the years. But this is definitely something you need to be aware of before subscribing.

Hope you have unlimited data

Nothing eats up your data faster than streaming. So if you are someone that doesn’t have unlimited data, then you want to make sure you are connected to some type of wi-fi service.

It’s easy to forget to connect to wi-fi until you get that notice saying your data limit has been reached.

But if you are one of the many with unlimited data, it’s a good feeling knowing that even without wi-fi, you can pretty much enjoy your workout almost anywhere.

You don’t own workout programs

The good thing about being able to order from beachbody in the past was that whatever you ordered, was yours to keep.  

When it comes to streaming your content, if for any reason you decide to cancel your subscription, or forget to pay, you can no longer enjoy your workouts.

But who needs all those dvd’s hanging around the house right?  That’s just my opinion though.

Are Online Workout Programs For You?

pics of beachbody trainers

So many people wonder if online workouts is for them. Because when it comes to exercise, it’s important to make sure technique is correct to help prevent injury. Usually the best way to get that is with the assistance of a personal trainer. But that can be expensive.

Unfortunately when it comes to online workout programs, you are unable to get that one on one attention. But for many others, they are able to sacrifice the help for convenience and affordability. Not only are you saving money, but you have access to a variety of programs.

If you are someone that would rather save on paying for a personal trainer, and feel they can self motivate when it comes to their workouts, then you should be fine when it comes to online workout programs.

Also with so many programs to choose from, i’m confident you will be able to find something that works for you  whether you’re looking for cardio, weight training, or yoga, beachbody on demand has it for you.

How Much Does BeachBody On Demand Cost?

There are three different options to choose from. There is a 12 month subscription $8.25/month, 6 month subscription $9.84/month, and 3 month subscription $13/month.

You save the most amount of money with the 12 month, but if you are not looking to commit long term then you have other options available to you.

Keep in mind that there is a 30 day free trial, but it’s available for only the 12 and 6 month subscriptions.  You get 14 days free to try the 3 month subscription.

Does BeachBody On Demand Get Results?

As mentioned earlier in this article, when it comes to getting in shape, it’s all about eating healthy and regular exercise. But for many, finding motivation can be a struggle. I usually tell people looking to get in shape, find a workout that interests you, and it will increase the chances of you sticking with it.

What I like about having all these workouts at my disposal to stream, is that I can choose what type of workout I want.  If i’m looking to build muscle, then I can stick to a muscle building program for a few weeks.

If after the muscle building program I feel like burning fat, I can then switch to cardio. Just being able to switch between workout programs is a big deal for anyone looking for variety in their workout routine.

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Christian - December 4, 2017

Hi, I’d just like to say what a excellent review of Beach body on demand. I had seen similar “at home workout products” before on various shopping channels, and I was tempted to buy, but often questioned whether they worked, plus my level of commitment to them.

This product has the advantage that you can stream it, so doing away with the need for a DVD player is a huge bonus. The other thing I liked is the price. It’s affordable, convenient and unlike gym memberships that can be costly.

I might look into getting myself a membership on this and cancel my gym membership in the future!

Thanks for the info

    Ralph - December 4, 2017

    Hey Christian! This type of workout program is definitely worth it if you are someone that isn’t a huge fan of the gym workout. Not only are you saving yourself some money from having a gym membership, but also get to workout in the comfort of your home and not deal with the gym rush. Thanks for commenting.

Marques Pizarro - December 2, 2017

I also used to workout with P90x, but it got boring, doing the same thing. I started lifting, however, and it works for me. The beach body program seems promising and credible that it can get people the body they desire. Thank you for sharing the pros as well as the cons of using the program. My favorite thing about the program is that it makes sure people eat right because in order to get the best results, nutrition comes first. thank you for sharing Beach body!

    Ralph - December 2, 2017

    You’re welcome Marques and thanks for commenting. You make some really great points about the program as I tend to agree. The great thing about beachbody on demand is that if you get bored with one program, there are many other options to choose from. Compared to if you just bought the DVD set, you would be stuck with it and would have to buy another set. Also when it comes to nutrition, BOD offers meal plans that complement each workout so you know that you are getting the necessary nutrients to help give you maximum results.

Austin - October 31, 2017

This is really cool. I didn’t know that Beach Body had released this. P90X always kicked my butt! I like how you do point out that you do not get to own any of the products. I always prefer buying the product instead of subscribing to content like this for that very same reasons. But I also understand that sometimes you cannot prevent it.

    Ralph - October 31, 2017

    Hey Austin! Yea these workouts can be a real butt kicker. yea if you’re not a fan of the whole on demand technology, they also have the dvd option available which you’re obviously already aware of.

Manny - October 30, 2017

Hi there,

During my time in Canada I actually met Tony Horton! He stayed in the heli skiing resort I was working for, he definitely made a few bucks with his program!

Are there any live trainings included? I could see that as an extra motivation, knowing that you have to keep up with the trainer and can´t just pause the video 😉

The price seems reasonable and a long term subscription hopefully keeps you going.

Cheers, Manny

    Ralph - October 30, 2017

    Hi Manny! Wow that’s pretty cool. Tony Horton is definitely a machine especially at his age. They do have live workouts available so that definitely is a plus. And the price is definitely reasonable if you are someone that doesn’t like going to the gym.

Liz - September 21, 2017

Great explanation and review, thanks! I’ve heard a ton about this, and compared to gym membership it seems pretty affordable plus you don’t leave your home. And, I like that it doesn’t require having more dvd’s around. But, like you said, it’s not really your content then. Do you still like this or recommend something else for at home work outs?

    Ralph - September 21, 2017

    Thanks Liz! Although it isn’t yours, the amount of access you have to it while being a member is amazing. I would definitely still recommend it since they offer so much to help you get in shape. I hate having to look through dvd’s to search for a workout, so having the workouts on demand makes everything simple. Plus you could always try it out with their risk free trial to see how it will work for you.

Mat A. - September 20, 2017

Hi Ralph,
Great to hear such a detailed review of the Beach Body On Demand. I honestly feel like I have a great overview of the entire program, complete with pro’s and con’s.
I have been working out in one fashion or another for 30 years. I even was an ACE certified trainer for 6 years. Even though I was interested in a program like P90X I never spent the money on it, believing that I knew enough to keep myself in good shape. And for the most part I have been correct.
That being said when a great product is offered up at $12 a month, I think it may be time to take advantage of it!
Thanks for the great information!
Mat A.

    Ralph - September 21, 2017

    Hey Matt. I’m glad that you found this article helpful. I will admit that this type of workout isn’t for everyone, but the great thing about fitness is, there always something for someone. it’s all about finding something that will work for you. I think you will definitely enjoy everything beachbody on demand has to offer.

Matt's Mom - September 19, 2017

Wow, I really like this! I also have P90X and some other beach body videos laying around somewhere. This seems so much simpler, and then to get use of them all on demand. The monthly price is less than a gym membership, and I can do it at anytime from the comfort of my own home. I also like the fact that you can try it out for 30 days. This is a great way to see if I will really use it. So glad I found this information! Thanks for sharing.

    Ralph - September 19, 2017

    You’re welcome. With beachbody on demand, no longer do you have to worry about your videos laying around somewhere. you will find that streaming your workouts is so much more simpler. Definitely let me know how you like it.

Bonto - September 19, 2017

I really like the fact that when it comes to beachbody on demand, it’s not just all about the workouts. They know how important it is to make sure you are eating right and tracking everything you do when it comes to your fitness needs. This seems to be really great as far as I am concerned. Thanks for sharing jitterfitness..

    Ralph - September 19, 2017

    You’re welcome Bonto! I’m glad that you found this helpful and I agree, getting in shape is more than just workin out, make sure your diet is in check is crucial. Thanks for stopping by!

Akeem - September 13, 2017

BeachBody seems like a proven formula for success. Never more than now is it super important to pay attention to your body.

I really like the way there is a 30 day free trial. gives you a chance to see some sort of results before making that final decision! This is a must have!

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    Hey Akeem!

    I agree that the 30 day trial is good think to have, but more so for the opportunity to see if someone could see the program working out for them long term. Remember, Although you can see some results within 30 days, depending on your goals, it can take much longer than that. But yes, beachbody definitely has a system for success when it comes fitness.

Nick - September 13, 2017

This is great! I actually started working out with p90x as well. I had a workout buddy so we alternated back and forth from his house to mine. In doing so we lost a couple of DVD’s, which was a little frustrating. This is great though, being able to stream all of these work outs. No more lost DVD’s and I work out almost anywhere. Sweet! Thanks for the review!

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    No problem Nick! Yea having dvd’s to carry around can be really annoying. I love to stream everything so this makes total sense to me. Thanks for stopping by!

Ami - September 13, 2017

Hi, Thank you for this website. I find it realistic and I am happy to learn from your website what is realistic and what to expect from beachbody and its products. It certainly sounds like it can work at home, at work, etc. But it certainly is much more fund doing it in a group. Any chance of making to blog targeting PTs and getting it endorsed by some of the gyms?

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    Hey Ami! I agree that for some working out alone can decrease the motivation. But there are many out there that prefer exercising by themselves, and I’m sure this would work great for them. I will definitely look into your recommendation about targeting PTs as it is a very interesting idea. Thanks for commenting.

Gareth - September 12, 2017

My wife and I lost a TON of weight using the Insanity program over the past year or so. However we did spend a pretty penny to acquire the DVD box set. I wish I had known about this offer beforehand! Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Shaun T and owe him my health, but it would definitely be nice to be able to switch it up on the fly whenever I want. It also sounds super convenient in that I don’t have to have an actual DVD player in order to use the program – I can go to my apartment gym and stream from my phone. Thank you for sharing this great program with us all!

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    You’re welcome Gareth! I agree, having all those dvd’s can be annoying to keep around. Also the convenience of being able to switch up your workout program whenever you want is a huge plus. I am glad you were able to have success with your weight loss. It always feels great being able to reach your fitness goals.

Carol - August 28, 2017

I am always interested in different workout programs, and eating healthy meals. BeachBody on Demand sounds like a great program to work with.

Whenever I don’t get the chance to go to the walking trail or the park to walk, I use some DVDs which are quite helpful. With the wide variety of workouts from BeachBody on Demand, I find it hard to resist the offer. This is fantastic, and with a 30 day free trial you can’t beat this deal. I am in on this one.

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    I’m glad you found this helpful Carol. There are definitely a lot of benefits to this type of online workout program. Being able to try it out for 30 days free, is a huge plus.

Ganardineroporcjc - August 28, 2017

Hi Ralph,
I love to always be well physically eating a healthy diet. I think the “Beachbody on Demand” program can satisfy many people who can not afford a personal trainer. I also like the idea that I can find a great variety of the exercises to keep us always motivated to improve our physical state day after day. Excellent post, thank you very much!

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    Thank you Ganard!  As a personal trainer myself, I know how expensive it can be to hire a personal trainer.  because of the expense, many clients will pay for one session a week, and that usually isn’t enough to get the results needed. So with beachbody on demand, you have access to many of the best trainers in your home at an affordable cost.

arlene - August 28, 2017

Checking its monthly subscription how much will it costs for six months, this is my limit till i see the result, coz
I think this is what i need, I am 44 years old and this tme id like to give this back to myself, I never realize that this type of workout will be out via Netflex streaming well whatever you call that is, it is much more less hassles than loading those bunch of dvd’s – the stuff that i love is , I can just let this play out in my Mac while sitting in my hotel room while am traveling? cool!

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    Hi Arlene. For the six month package, it comes out to $9.84 a month.  Also, to make sure there is no communication, beachbody is not out on netflix, but it is like netflix the way they have such a variety of workouts available to stream. Hope this answers your question and thanks for commenting.

Jóhann H. Ragnarsson - August 28, 2017

I have never heard about them before, even so, I had spent a lot of time in the gym. But I like it a lot. Special that, like you said about all need their method to get their goals, there are so many possibilities like dancing, yoga, to strength training.
Because I believe the mix is a good thing. Like mix yoga and strength training, because yoga gets better in the deep muscles.
So I have one question. Can I buy some mix from them, like I mention? Or do I need to start with, for example, yoga, and then when I want to change to dancing?

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    Hi Johann!  When you subscribe to the beachbody on demand service, you have every workout program available.  There are no additional costs once you subscribe.  So if you feel like doing some yoga, then switching to dancing, you can do that whenever you want. Hope this helps.

Lane Wesley - August 28, 2017

This looks like a great workout program and it isn’t very expensive either. I have been thinking about using a streaming workout system but didn’t know where to start. With this 30 day Free trial, I can take a chance on this program.

Is Beachbody On Demand available on Roku?

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    Hi Lane! Yea I think that 30 day free trial is a huge plus for anyone just looking to try out this service. And yes, the beach on demand is available on many devices including the Roku.

Excelle - August 28, 2017

Really nice review you’ve done on the Beachbody brand.
After reading your review, it is safe to say that the Beachbody streaming service is a one stop shop for everything fitness.
I like the fact that I can track my progress and also that they have a healthy meal program so the healthy eating part is covered because I’m stay fit freak myself:)
I am pleased that for just $8.25 I can secure a 12 months subscription deal.
Gone are the days of pricey workout dvds…the magic of the internet, eh!

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    Yes I agree Excelle! They do offer a lot for those that prefer online workout programs. Not only are you getting a variety of workout programs to choose from, but you also get it at a very affordable cost.


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