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Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

With so many people being lactose intolerant, there’s no wonder why many look for alternatives to regular milk.  Soy milk being one them.  But is soy milk bad for you? Depending on who you ask, it is either great for your health, or poison for your hormones.  Like many things in life, there can be an argument made for both sides.

What is soy

Soybeans are considered legumes that originate in East Asia, but are now being produced in the United States. Soybeans are used to make different kinds of foods and must be cooked as it can be poisonous if consumedsoy-milk raw.

Some foods that soy is used as an alternative for are soy milk, tofu and various meat.

Also 90 percent of soy produced in the U.S are genetically modified, so if there is anything to be concerned about, that would be it.

Health Benefits Soy May Provide

When it comes to the health benefits soy can provide, research has shown evidence of improved health for some and not for others.  Consuming soy has been known to help reduce cholesterol.  

Research has shown that soy does have cholesterol lowering effects.  Keep in mind though, that even though soy may reduce cholesterol, which can be argued that it does not, there is no certainty that it can help prevent heart disease.

Should women drink soy milk?

Soy is known to be high in isoflavones. Which are found only in plants and is known to provide many benefits when it comes to women’s health.  soy-milk

Being that it is a plant hormone that resembles human estrogen in a chemical structure, it is able to help prevent diseases in women.  

They have also been know to help prevent breast cancer, but other studies have shown that this may not be the case.

 Depending on what studies you believe, the benefits of soy when it comes to women’s health can be controversial.

Should men drink soy milk?

When it comes to men consuming soy, it would make sense why men tend to stay far away from it as they can.  Even though men do have some amount of estrogen, having elevated amounts is not normal.  

Studies have shown that men that have consumed more soy than other men, had reduced levels of testosterone.  There have also been studies showing the opposite.  It looks like most studies seem to be inconclusive at best, but something to be very aware of.

So please share below how soy has had an affect on your health.