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Is Blue Apron Healthy? – Fresh Ingredients

is blue apron healthy

Meal delivery services are becoming very popular these days. One in particular is Blue Apron. All across the country they work hard to deliver fresh food to homes everywhere. But is blue apron healthy and do they provide fresh ingredients? In this article I will break down how blue apron strives to provide quality meals directly to your homes.

Blue Apron’s Vision

We all know how difficult it can be to search for fresh quality food when going grocery shopping. Making sure we get the best ingredients for our families to eat is very important.

With so many foods being processed with chemicals, knowing what is healthy or not, can make the task almost impossible. Blue aprons vision is to build a better food system.

By investing in the environment and communities, they are trying to create a distribution system that will provide high quality ingredients at a better value.

Growing Higher Quality Ingredients

Having quality ingredients is important to those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Blue apron understands this by working close with experts to grow high quality ingredients.

By creating high standards for how they grow their food and raise their animals. They make sure their meat has no added hormones or antibiotics using Non-GMO ingredients.

But to take it a step further, blue apron also works close with farms to make sure their animals are not raised on GMO. Blue apron has also partnered up with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to provide sustainable seafood.

This partnership allows blue apron to provide high quality seafood that is sustainable for the earth’s natural supply of seafood.

Partnered With Over 150 Family Farms

When it comes to how food is processed in today’s world, speed and efficiency is what food companies expect when delivering food. This makes the jobs of farmers difficult since in order to provide food, they have to grow it.

We all know that it takes time for food to grow naturally thus providing food fast and efficiently is something farms are not able to do. With blue apron working close with over 150 farms, their goal is to create a standard that makes sure farmers are growing their food naturally.

By making sure to reduce the reliance of pesticides and fertilizers that is put into the soil. Each season blue apron works with farms to make sure their soil is tested thoroughly to help replenish the soil that is used to grow their food.

Making sure you are given quality ingredients. You can read more to learn how the health of soil is important to blue apron’s service.

Blue Apron Eliminating The Middleman

Before your food is delivered to your table ready for you to eat. The process before it gets there can make anyone question the quality of care that is being provided to the food we eat.

Ingredients are picked before they’re ripe so they are able to withstand the journey your food goes through before it hits the grocery store. But this can vastly reduce the quality of food we eat on a daily basis.


Blue apron works hard to change that because nothing tastes better than being able to eat food that is fresh from the kitchen. Although we know how difficult that may be, it is important to know that special care is being given to the food we eat.

By working so close with farmers, blue apron is able to eliminate the middleman and deliver you fresh ingredients.

Eliminate Waste

We can all agree that in America, so much food tends to be wasted causing us to lose valuable resources in food production. Blue apron works toward eliminating food waste by being able to predict every order that is made.

This allows them to have their farms grow only what is needed and provide their chefs with the ingredients necessary to prepare their recipes.

Read more to learn how blue apron is helping to reduce waste by 62%

Blue Apron’s Fresh Ingredients

You’re probably wondering how blue apron is able to deliver their ingredients to your home fresh without it spoiling. After you become a member of blue apron’s meal delivery service, you will receive your package weekly.

When you receive your package and open it, you will notice that it comes insulated with ice pack gels to make sure your ingredients stays fresh for when you are ready to eat.

Blue apron also offers a freshness guarantee, where if any of your ingredients is not to your liking or missing, they will work hard to make it right. Their goal is to always make sure you receive fresh quality ingredients from them.

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Interested In Trying Out Blue Apron?

Blue apron makes it easy to try out their service. Even if you don’t see yourself keeping the service for long, they make it just as easy to cancel if necessary.

What is also great about blue apron’s service, is the fact that they allow you to skip meal deliveries for a week or more if necessary, without having to worry about being charged.

This makes trying them out simple and easy and takes the worry about being stuck in a long term contract out of your mind.

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So is blue apron healthy? From the looks of it, blue apron goes a long way to making sure they provide their customers with fresh quality ingredients. It is also very gratifying to know that they work close with farms and not some factory to provide these ingredients.

So if you have any questions, please share below and I will make sure to answer.

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