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Are Nuts Healthy For You?

You would be amazed at how healthy nuts are, but even more amazed how most of us are not eating enough of them. We would rather snack on a bag of potato chips or a candy bar before going the healthy route and grabbing a bag of nuts.

Even though they are considered to be a great natural source of vitamin, protein, and fat, some may still wonder if nuts are healthy for you. Maybe some feel that they may be high in calories and tend to shy away from them not knowing all the benefits that come with eating them daily.

We all know that there are many to choose from so it may be a little tough trying to figure out which ones are healthiest. To be honest, I don’t think there is any real way of ranking them.

Depending on what type of nutrients you body needs on a particular day, is probably the nut best for you. Since none of us really know, it is best to eat a variety and go from there.

Why Nuts Are A Healthy Option

They are a great source for protein, and we all know how important protein is when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. Protein is important when it comes to building muscle and burning fat.

Not only are they a good source of protein, but they are a great source of fat as well. We need essential fatty acids contained in nuts for proper brain function and maintaining a healthy heart.

Which Nuts Are Healthiest To Eat

Most are healthy to eat so I really wouldn’t put a rank to any of them. I would however caution about eating nuts that may be heavily salted.

You want to make sure you stay away from them and look towards a more healthy option like raw or oven roasted. I will list off some nuts that I would recommend based on what may have more nutritional value for your body.


You find them about everywhere now, even in milk. A small handful gives you just the right daily amount of magnesium your body needs and calcium to help strengthen bones. They are high in antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium. Some research shows that almonds may play an important role when it comes to preventing colon cancer.

Brazil Nuts

These nuts are filled with protein and may help in the prevention of breast cancer. The are also high in nutrients and minerals which are good for the heart. Like copper, niacin, vitamin E, fiber magnesium and selenium. Most certainly want to snack on these if you can.


One of the most nutritious nuts on earth. Walnuts may aid in supporting brain function. Studies have shown the eating walnuts are not only healthy for the heart, but also better cognitive function.


About half the fat in Cashews are made up of monounsaturated fat which may help to reduce risk of heart disease and other cancer related illnesses. What is also great about Cashews is the fact that you can add these to some of your favorite meals like salads and curries for added flavor and texture.

Eat It As A Snack

They are great for having as a snack. So instead of stalking the vending machine and looking at the bags of chips and candy bars, nuts are a more healthy option and provides all types of benefits for your body.

I would recommend eating them about an hour before you decide to go for lunch so it reduces the craving for less healthy options. You should aim to eat about 28 grams a day which equals to what can fit in the palm of your hand.

So make sure to share below if you plan on making nuts something you snack on daily