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How To Eat More And Lose Weight

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could learn how to eat more and still lose weight.  Now I know what you’re eat-morethinking, how is it possible when every fitness magazine and health commercial preaches about how you should watch what you eat.

Well what these magazines and commercials fail to mention is, when it comes to managing your weight, whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, it all comes down to CALORIES!

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What is the Fastest way to Lose Belly Fat

Imagine burning fat while you are sleeping.  How about while you are sitting down watching tv.  Would you believe me if I said it were possible to burn that stubborn belly fat while doing the things you enjoy most?

Most people think that the only way to burn fat is by being active all throughout the day.  Well like most people, life gets in the way and makes it kinda difficult for anyone to focus on their journey to health and fitness.

Let me guess, you work in an office where you sit all day and makes it hard for you to be active.  Or maybe you have a job where walk most of the time and you feel that satisfies your fitness needs, but for some reason the belly fat just does not feel the same way.

If Only There Was Some Other Way

Well there is, and that way is by building muscle through resistance training.  Now resistance training can be done with bodyweight training or weights. 

Oh I can here the Ladies saying nooooo, I don’t want to get bulky like a guy.  Makes me laugh every time I hear this. 

Please understand this, the female body does not produce enough testosterone to make you bulky so no need to worry there.  Also, if that ever was the case, you could always dial back with the weights.

How Does Building Muscle Help Burn Fat?

Building muscle is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat throughout the body.  Muscles requires a lot of energy to maintain itself thus helping increase metabolism. 

Increase in metabolism leads to more calories burned and more calories burned leads to weight loss.  Plus muscles help in sculpting your body the way you desire.

Parts Of The Body To Focus On When Building Muscle

The three most important parts of the body to build muscle happens to be 3 of the largest muscles in your body:




I know what you are thinking, but I want to burn the fat in my belly.  Know this, there is no way to spot reduce fat in any exact part of the body.  Once you build muscle in these 3 areas of the body, your body will work that much harder to feed your muscles thus helping you burn fat that much faster.

So Don’t be afraid to build that muscle and burn that unwanted FAT.  Your body will thank you for it I’m sure.

So how have your attempts to melt away that fat been going.  Please share your experiences and leave your comments below.  Can’t wait to hear from you!