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When talking about the core, people often think about burning belly fat and getting that six pack.  Having a flat belly definitely is a factor when it comes to deciding to do any ab workout, however, understanding why having a strong core is key to maximizing your workouts.  

Also there’s a reason why you hear so many people say abs are made in the kitchen.  Great looking abs require proper diet and regular exercise.  So no matter how many crunches you do a day, if you’re not eating right, finding those abs under that belly fat will be difficult.

Even if you never did an ab workout, as long as you eat right, you can get rid of that stubborn belly fat.  But if you’re looking to mold that 1 pack into multiple packs, then it’s important to get those ab workouts in.  This is where ab machines come in.

The Wonder Core Smart machine is one of many tools claiming to help you get the abs you want by helping you strengthen your core.

Features of the Wonder Core Smart Exercise Machine

  • Designed to target entire core
  • Great for body weight exercises
  • Provides total body muscle toning
  • Variety of exercises can be performed
  • Can bring with you anywhere
  • Comes fully assembled with Adjustable Dual Resistance
  • Exercise DVD & Fitness Guide Included
Wonder Core Max Exercise System

The Wonder core is designed to allow you to focus on each part of your core.  Whether it be your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and glutes, you will be sure to get a very well rounded core workout.  The wonder core comes with an exercise dvd to help you perform each core workout so that you get the maximum effect of each exercise.

What also makes this machines so unique is not only are you able to workout the core, but you can perform other exercises as well.  If you are someone that struggles with upper body exercises, the wonder core can assist you with your push ups and tricep dips.  Allowing you to get a very effective total body workout all from the comfort of your very own home.

Easy Storage

When it comes to home exercise equipment, finding a place to put it can be an issue.  But with the Wonder core, you never have to worry about that. With its very compact size, storing the wonder core smart machine is simple.  Whether it’s under your bed or in your closet, finding a place to put it shouldn’t be a problem.

Advantages of the Wonder Core Smart System

Great for Strengthening the Entire Core –  it’s easy to just think about getting that nice 6 pack when it comes to abs, but developing the core is important.  We tend to neglect the core because it’s hard to see the benefits.

But when it comes to movements we perform throughout the day, whether you are lifting something, climbing or just standing, having a strong core affects how we go about each activity.  

Also many lower back issues are caused by a weak core.  So it’s important to always focus on developing a stronger core.

Perform Multiple Exercises – those days where you have no time to make it to the gym or get in a full workout a few and far between, with the wonder core, you can perform multiple body weight exercises with little time. Whether you’re looking to do some push up, dips, scissor kicks, the wonder core allows you to perform them all.

Core Workout on the go – if you are someone that travels a lot, then making sure you get your workouts in will be important.  Due to its very compact size, the wonder core allows for easy on the go storage.  You can bring it with you almost anywhere and not have to worry about missing out on a good core workout.


Disadvantages of the Wonder Core Smart System

Exercises alone will not get you results –  It is important that along with your exercises, you need to make sure you are also eating healthy.  The wonder core also claims to be a good cardio workout…this is true as long as you are going through each exercise without rest.  In order to help burn fat, you need to keep that heart rate elevated and you can’t do that with too much rest.

Back Discomfort – Some have mentioned that the wonder core is a little too uncomfortable when it comes to performing exercises like situps.  So making sure you are comfortable when performing each exercise will be key.  There’s no easier way to lose motivation than by being uncomfortable while exercising.

Comments From Consumers

When it comes to the benefits of the Smart Wonder Core Machine, users have nothing but positive things to say about it.  Below are just some of the positive experiences listed on amazon.

“Great for back pain due to a weak core”


“An exercise machine I can actually use”


“Easy to use and convenient to use at home”


My Final Thoughts

The smart wonder core machine is great at helping you develop a stronger core.  But understanding that this machine alone will not get you the flat stomach you’re looking for.  So with proper diet and regular exercise with this machine, you will definitely be on your way to more toned abs.  Get yours today and see how you can create a more toned body

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