7 Signs You Are Aging Well In Life

There are so many different factors that cause someone to age differently than others.  Whether it be diet, exercise, or genetics, It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason.  But what if there was some way to know how well you were aging?

Through research, scientists may have found a way to identify what causes someone to age.  Telomeres which are caps at the end of your chromosome, help protect your DNA from being damaged.  Scientists believe the health of your telomeres can affect they way a person ages over time.

Although not 100% confirmed, research has shown that longer telomeres are better for you as you age. Knowing this, I have listed below 7 signs to tell you are aging well. TeloYears can test the length of your telomeres for anyone that is interested.

1. You Look Younger Than Your Actual Ageman running

We all know how cool it is when the person serving you at a bar or restaurant asks for your ID.  

You get that feeling of happiness knowing that someone thinks you may not be of legal age to drink.  

But let’s be real, they we know that’s pretty much them just doing their job.

Regardless, there are many people out there at tend to look either older or younger than their actual age.  

If people that don’t know you are shocked when you tell them how old you are, then congrats, cause clearly you are aging pretty well.


2. You Still Love Technologylady on a tablet

If you know anything about technology, then you know that it is always changing.You could get the latest phone, and in a few months, a newer and better one comes out.  

You get some new software, and weeks later, another update is needed in order for it to operate efficiently.

Change can be a very difficult thing to get over as we age.  Learning new things isn’t something most people like to deal with.  

So if you are someone that welcomes change and its unpredictability, then you my friend are aging pretty well.

3. You Don’t Require Too Many Naps

Research has shown that taking naps can be great for productivity.  

But let’s be honest, unless you are a child or a senior citizen, you really don’t need to be taking multiple naps.

If you do, you probably work a lot, or don’t get enough sleep.  Which both are contributing factors to how you age.

If you are someone that gets enough sleep, maintains a healthy diet, and commits to daily exercise, than you may find that you have enough energy to not need many naps.

This is a great sign that you are aging pretty well.

4. You Still Have A Good Head of Hair

Having long flowing hair is something most people wish to keep as we age. Having a lot of hair can show both vitality and youthfulness in a person.  

But whether it be due to genetics or age, not everyone is blessed with a full head of hair.

Sometimes you can look to your parents and get an idea of the future when it comes to your hair.  

But sometimes it can be due to sickness or stress that plays an important role.  As you age, if you still find yourself with healthy looking hair, then you are definitely aging pretty well.

5. You Don’t Stress Yourself Out

This has more to do with how you feel than how you look.  But, there is no doubt that stress can wreak all types of havoc for anyone that doesn’t learn how to manage it.  

Stress continues to be a huge factor in the causes of death in America. How you manage stress can determine how fast you age over time.

Dealing with too much stress can have a very adverse affect on our cells.  Telomeres as mentioned earlier, tend to shorten over time when exposed to too much stress.  

So someone that refuses to let stress take over their lives is a great sign you are aging well.

6. You Have 20/20 Visionlens on building

Wearing glasses these days have become a very fashionable thing. Even if you are someone that really isn’t into glasses, there are contacts and even surgery that can improve the health of your sight.

Still, seeing your sight get worse can be a very difficult thing to deal with.Some people can go their entire life without the assist of glasses, contacts or surgery.  

Whether it be due to genetics or very healthy eating, being able to maintain 20/20 vision is a really good sign that father time has yet to catch up to you.

7. You Make It To The Gym Everydaygym equipment

We all know that when you start to age, fatigue and joint pain starts to settle in.  

So doing things that require a lot of physical activity can be difficult.  At the same time, lack of physical activity can cause arthritis which is nothing to joke about.

It’s understandable to lose motivation as you age to make it to the gym consistently.  

But we know that it is necessary to maintain good health.  If you are looking to improve or maintain how you age, then making it to the gym daily is key.

How To Check The Health of Your Cells

We all want to make sure that we are doing all that we can to make sure we age well.  This is why we try to make exercise and healthy eating a part of our daily lives.  But sometimes being told this just isn’t enough.  That’s why it’s important to gather enough data to help you as make lifestyle changes to improve the way you age.

As mentioned earlier, studies are showing that telomeres may be big factor in how we age over time.  If we are able to protect the health of our telomeres, we can slow the aging process down.

One company that is doing testing for the length of telomeres is TeloYears.  They provide you with a self-test kit in which you provide a sample of blood, and they can test the length of your telomeres.  You can read my TeloYears Reviews to get more info.

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