Shaun T Insanity Workout Review – What You Need To Know

Shaun T Insanity Workout Review

Can This Program get you Long Term Results?

insanity workout program

In this Shaun T Insanity Workout Review, you will learn if this workout can help you get the results you’re looking for. Using just the body alone, can this workout burn enough calories to help you lose weight. 

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Full body workout that requires no weights to perform. Purely cardio based, you will burn a lot of calories after each workout. 


With memberships starting as low as $39, you get access to 80 Day obsession along with hundreds over other beachbody workouts.

Ease of use

You can stream your workouts for many of your favorite devices. No longer do you need to worry about losing DVDs and disrupting your workout. 


Access to weekly videos where you can get tips on how to start your workout program and also tips on how you should be eating.


  • Access to 700 other workouts as a member
  • Meal plan to complement your workout
  • No need for DVDs with streaming options
  • Offers 30 day trial to see if you like it
  • Workout calendar to keep you on track
  • Fitness guides to help get you started with your workout
  • Support videos to help you stay motivated


  • Need reliable internet connection to stream your workouts
  • Those new to exercise may find this workout difficult

Quick Thoughts About This Workout Program

The beachbody program has a great cast of trainers when it comes to workout programs. One in particular is Shaun T of the insanity workout.

But can he motivate you to get in shape?

Well if you go based on his reputation, not only will he get you in shape, but you may get a little bit of body transformation as well.

So I guess that’s pretty much all you need to know right? I’m sure you would like to learn a little bit more about what you should expect when it comes to the insanity workout.

Which is why I plan on giving you a breakdown so that you know for sure if this program will be right for you.

The Insanity Workout Review – What To Expect

It’s easy to see the word insanity and automatically think intensity when it comes to any workout. So I can understand if the first thing that comes to mind is “ can I handle this?”

Without knowing you personally, obviously I wouldn’t be able to make that assessment. But I can give you an idea of what to expect when working out to insanity.

You should definitely expect the workout to be intense. The workout is considered to be heavy on cardio, but does throw in a bit of bodyweight exercises to help build muscle.

As you go through the workout, you can expect it to be pretty much nonstop. Yes there are minor breaks in between, but the breaks are pretty minimal. The reason for this is to get that heart rate up so that you can burn as many calories as possible.

And if you weren’t aware of this already, the key to losing weight is making sure the body burns more calories than it consumes. This is called putting the body in a caloric deficit.

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shaun t

Shaun T

Getting in shape is all about motivation. So if you are someone that struggles with this, Shaun T is a great solution to your lack of motivation. He has a way of bringing the best out of you and inspiring you to do more.

When I first started hearing about his workouts, I wasn’t the biggest fan since a lot of them involved dancing. I understand for many it’s a fun way to get in shape, but for me, i’m more of a get to work type of dude.

So I was happy to see that the insanity workout had exercises that was more to my liking. So if you are someone that is looking to learn new dance moves as you workout, this program may not be for you. But you will get a good workout nonetheless.

Recommended Fitness Level

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this program to a beginner unless you are someone that loves pain. And if that is the case, then go for it.

Just make sure to go at your own pace, and don’t be afraid to take breaks if necessary.

For those that have experience when it comes to exercising, then you should be able to handle whatever this workout throws at you.

If you’re looking for a workout to bring you to the next level of fitness, you should have no issue finding it with this program.

Workout Schedule

This is a 60 day program where each workout is anywhere from 15-60 minutes long. The program starts you off with a fit test to see where you are physically. This can also be used to track how you progress as you go through the program.

You will be performing this fit test every 15 days.

The fit test involves doing a series of exercise to see how many reps you can do within 1 minute. Some of the exercises involve:

  • Kicks
  • Jump squats
  • Knee jumps
  • Jumping jacks
  • Planks

If you’re unfamiliar with some of these exercises, there is a sheet that explains what they look like and how to do them.

After performing the fit test, you will be given a workout calendar that lets you know what workout you will be performing each day.

You will be performing exercises like:

  • Plyometrics cardio
  • Cardio power resistance
  • Cardio abs
  • Interval circuit
  • Core cardio & balance

All these workouts will test your entire body as you try to master each workout. And I find it helpful that each day you at least have an idea of what to expect. So although there will be no surprises, you body will love all the different moves it will go through.

Nutrition Guide

When it came to the meal plan, I was a little disappointed in the amount of calories a person like myself should be taking daily basis. I tend to get hungry often and this program can be pretty light on the calories.

So I found myself adding a bit more calories to my workout to keep my energy up. If you feel you need to do the same, it is totally ok to do so.

The meal plan is considered a balanced diet, so you should expect to get everything you need when it comes to fueling your body.

Some have even used the 21 day fix meal plan as a replacement. Which is fine.

Track Progress

Tracking your progress is crucial to your success. This is why you get the fit test to go along with the workout calendar. This will make sure to keep you on track as you work through the program.

There is even a hybrid calendar that uses workouts from Insanity: The Asylum. This is a great way to increase your level of fitness as you start to master the original insanity workout.

Insanity vs P90X – Which Workout Is Harder?

When comparing the insanity workout vs P90X, it’s obvious they both put your body to the test. But when trying to decide which program is the tougher workout, I would have to say it depends on your fitness level.

At the time when I tried out the workout, I was more into lifting weights than I was with cardio. And since P90X has cardio in the workout, it was geared more towards helping you build muscle. So I found myself struggling more with insanity.

I’m pretty sure that if I focused more on cardio during my workouts, I would have been able to manage the workout better. So it really depends on your current fitness level.

But if you are not in the greatest of shape, either program will give you a good run for you money.

Where To Get The Insanity Workout

The obvious answer would be to go on their website to purchase their DVD set. But you could also go on amazon as well. The program usually comes with 10 DVDs that come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

But personally, I’m not a big fan of having DVDs as my source of working out. Especially now that streaming is becoming such a huge way to view content these days.

Before I get into detail about the option to stream, the other reasons for me not using dvd’s as a source of my workouts are:

  • Chance of losing/damaging dvds
  • Having to purchase another set due to boredom
  • Less clutter
  • DVDs are becoming less relevant in today’s advancement in technology

More Reading: DailyBurn vs BeachBody On Demand – Best Online Workout Program

So to avoid these types of issues, you can now access your workouts with beachbody on demand. You can get access to over 600 videos contained in their library. Not only that, but you get meal plans to complement your workout programs.

All this can be had by becoming a member with beachbody.

So no need to worry about being bored with your current set of workout DVDs, and having to purchase a whole new other set. Once you’re done completing a program, you can easily move on to the next.

Allowing you to reach new fitness goals as you continue to improve your fitness level. You can also access these workouts from almost any of your favorite devices.

So I hope you were able to learn a lot from this Shaun T Insanity workout review. If you have any questions or have tried out the program, please feel free to leave your thoughts about it below.

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