Powerblock Dumbells vs Bowflex Dumbbells – Best Adjustable Dumbbell

Powerblock Dumbells vs Bowflex Dumbbells – Best Adjustable Dumbbell

Which Dumbbell Set Gets You The Best Results?

For those that go to the gym, having access to a variety of equipment makes getting in shape really convenient. But for those that have their own home gym, trying to match all that equipment can get both clunky and expensive.

One piece of equipment in particular are dumbbells. I’m sure we can all agree that there is no need for multiple dumbbells in your home. Which is what makes adjustable dumbbells so popular.

Powerblock vs Bowflex Dumbbells…

…two of the most popular sets of adjustable dumbbells on the market today. But which one will provide for you the convenience that is needed when it comes to working out at home?

Below I will be breaking down what separates the two dumbbells, and which one would be best for your fitness needs.

Powerblock Dumbbells vs Bowflex Dumbbells Comparison

Because there are various models for both dumbbell brands, in my comparisons going forward, I will be discussing two of the more popular dumbbells from each brand.

That would be the Powerblock Elite and the Bowflex Selecttech 552. Although there’s little difference in other models from these brands, it does help with any confusion when going through my comparisons.


  • Uses selector pin to change weight
  • Compact and Balanced
  • Padded handle for wrist protection
  • Weight increments between 2.5 – 5 pounds

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  • Uses Dial to change weight
  • Very wide when handling
  • Metal plates encased in durable molding
  • Weight increments is 2.5 pounds for first 25lbs

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Key Differences Between Both Dumbbell Sets

One of the main purposes of adjustable dumbbells is convenience. Being able to quickly get through a set of exercises makes your workout both quick and effective.

So when comparing both of these dumbbells, one of the main differences many users will notice is the method in which you can adjust the weight amount.

With many of the powerblock dumbbells, you will notice they use a selector pin. By pulling the pin out, you can adjust the weight amount quickly. Saving you a lot of time when performing a particular exercise.

With any bowflex dumbbell set, they use a dial system with the weight amount labeled on the side of it. Many will find the dial very efficient when it comes to changing the weight amount.

Which Dumbbell Allows You To Adjust Weights Quicker?

Powerblock Elite – this adjustable dumbbell set uses a selector that allows you to quickly adjust your weight amount as you workout. There’s also a color coded panel where you can identify which weight amount you want. All you have to do is pull the pin out, and quickly place it in the open slot that matches the color coded weight panel.

Bowflex Selecttech – uses a dial which are placed on both sides of the dumbbells allowing you to quickly adjust the weight amount. The dials also has numbers with the weight amount so you’re able to quickly identify the amount of weight you need to workout with. So with basically just a turn of the dial, getting through each set has never been easier.

Advantage – Bowflex

Which Is More Comfortable To Use?

Powerblock Elite – has a block like design which gives you a more compact lift when working out. Also, because of its flat ends, it can easily be placed on your legs before lifting off.

Many have complained about not being able to fit their hands to reach the handles. So if you’re someone with large hands, you may find that part a bit annoying.

Bowflex Selecttech – looks like your standard dumbbells you find at the gym especially when it comes to holding it. But the very wide base can feel a bit awkward when in the lifting motion.

Doesn’t place on the legs as easily as you would like, but well enough to get through a workout. Not a big concern, but some may find it a bit annoying when getting ready to lift off.

Advantage – Tie

Which Has a Higher Weight Maximum?

Powerblock Elite – the maximum weight for this particular dumbbell is 50 pounds, but there is an expansion pack that allows you to increase it to 50-70 lbs.

However I have heard that the expansion pack can get stuck at times which could be an inconvenience to your workout.

The powerblock also has a 90 pound set of dumbbells that you could purchase for a couple of hundred bucks more. So if you’re a heavy lifter and are looking for massive gains, that option is available.

Bowflex – this particular set of dumbbells has a maximum weight of 52.5 pounds, and doesn’t have any expansion pack to increase the weight.

The bowflex does have the 1090 model that has a maximum weight of 90 pounds, but it only comes as a single. Each dumbbell costs about $250, so you can expect to pay at least $500 to get a pair.

When looking at the prices of getting a pair for both dumbbells, the bowflex was cheaper. But if you chose to go with the expansion kit for the powerblock, you would be saving more money.

Advantage – Bowflex

Powerblock Elite: A Quick Review


  • Selector pin allows for easy weight adjustment
  • Stable and flat ends sit perfectly on your legs before lifting
  • Durable for those concerned about wear and tear
  • Can increase weight up to 90 lbs with expansion kit
  • Can increase weight in increments of 2.5
  • 10 year home use warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Plates tend to stick together when changing weights
  • Can be uncomfortable for those with large hands

When you think about dumbbells, you usually expect it to be handlebars with rounded plates attached at both ends. But with the powerblock elite, instead of round plates, you get squared plates.

Although different, it does make placing them on your legs before liftoff a bit easier. This set of dumbbells uses a selector pin to allow you to quickly adjust the weights to your liking.

Each weighted plate is color coded so you know exactly which weight amount you want. The one issue some may have is fitting your hands where the handlebar is located. This will be an issue especially for those with larger sized hands.

Also, the maximum weight amount goes up to 50 pounds, but can be increased up to 90 lbs with an expansion kit…Read Full Review

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Bowflex Selecttech: A Quick Review


  • Dial makes changing the weight amount really easy
  • Handlebars are very comfortable when in use
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home
  • Anyone can use regardless of fitness level
  • Dumbbell design is pleasing and would fit well in your home
  • Comes fully assembled for quick use
  • Has a 2 year warranty


  • Heavy lifters may have issue with 52.5 lbs weight maximum
  • Some consider weights to be a bit wide

When it comes to fitness equipment, bowflex has the name to backup the quality that comes with it. So you know exactly what you are getting when adding it to your fitness arsenal.

So when it comes to their adjustable dumbbells, you are getting hardcore equipment with simplicity in mind. With its dial system, you can quickly adjust the weight amount to your preferred setting.

Not only that, but you’re getting a durable piece of equipment that you should expect to last a while. If there was one issue I had with bowflex, it would be the maximum weight amount. The 552 model can only go up to 52.5 pounds.

So for those that like to lift really heavy, this would not be enough to satisfy your workout. You would then have to go with the selecttech 1090 model which has a maximum of 90 pounds. The only issue is that it comes as a single.

You would have to buy two separate dumbbells which will cost you about $500. Other than that, you are getting one of the best set of dumbbells in the market today…Read Full Review

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Final Thoughts

Personally for me, when I think about fitness equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is bowflex. Not only do they have the brand name, but being able to change the weight amount with just the turn of a dial screams convenience.

Both dumbbells are good quality and will provide you with the necessary resistance to help you build nice lean muscles.

If you’re deciding factor is which dumbbell set allows you to adjust the weight quicker, then I would have to go with the bowflex. Turning a dial is much easier to do than having to pull out a pin and place it in the necessary slot.

If you’re still struggling to find the best dumbbell set for your workouts, you should take a look at my article on the best adjustable dumbbells.

So this is my comparison of the powerblock vs bowflex dumbbells. If you have any thoughts about it, please feel free to share below.

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