The Plexus Wheel Plus Review – Does It Have Your Back?

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plexus wheel plus review

If you’ve ever used a foam roller before, then you know how effective it can be when relieving tight muscles in your back.

For those that use it consistently, there’s not a day you exercise that you’re not using it either before or after your workout.

But the issue with many foam rollers is that it doesn’t always get every knot in your back. Not only that, but for some it can be a really painful experience.

But with the plexus wheel plus by chirp, they claim to provide you a better overall experience when it comes to relieving back pain.

So in this plexus wheel plus review, I will explain how the plexus wheel plus is different than a lot of the foam rollers out there.

Chirp Plexus Wheel Plus Review Summary

Product Name: Plexus Wheel By Chirp

Founder: Tate Stock

Price: $44.99

Money Back Guarantee: 100 day

Warranty: 10 Years

Best For: Yoga lovers, and those who have sore muscles or suffer from back pain.

chirp plexus wheel

Summary: Dealing with back pain can leave you ineffective throughout the day. The plexus wheel provides massage therapy that targets sore muscles around your neck, back, glutes, and any other muscles that are tense. Also, if you’re a yoga lover, this is a great tool to add to your collection.

Rating: 90/100

Recommend: Yes


So What Is The Plexus Wheel?

Similar to how the foam roller is used, the plexus wheel was designed to help you target specific muscles in the back.

There are three different wheels with the only difference between each of them is their size. Each wheel will give you different types of pressure based on your needs.

The larger wheel will give you a more deeper stretch, whereas the smaller wheel applies deeper pressure on sore muscles.

So depending on your massaging needs, it’s important to use the right wheel to get the job done.

Also, when searching for the right wheel for you, it’s important to know that there are two different types of wheel. Those two types are:

  • The Plexus Wheel Sport

  • The Plexus Wheel Plus

Of course I plan on giving more detail about the plus since this is a review specifically about it.

I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the options available to you. But first, let’s quickly go over the difference between the two wheels.

Difference Between the Plexus Wheel Sport and Plus

There aren’t too many differences between the two wheels. But the two that stand out the most would be the padding level and the spine canal.

With the plexus wheel plus, it has a much thicker padding and a spinal canal compared to the sport.

This is due to the fact that the plus should be used primarily for the back.

The spinal canal was created to help prevent too much pressure being put on the spine, which can cause issues. You can also use the plus on your neck without causing much issue.

And with the padding level being so much thicker, there’s no need to worry about pain which can be the case if you’ve ever used a foam roller.

The plexus wheel sport can be used for lower body stretches like the glutes and legs. 

How To Use The Plexus Wheel Plus

There are couple of ways how you should use the plus and when to use it. Depending on your level of soreness, I would try to use it both before and after your workout. 

Muscles can be very tight before your workout, and you want to make sure your body is at optimal levels before getting started.

Your muscles can also tighten up after your workout, so you want to make sure you use it to prevent any tight knots from forming.

Another way you can use it is if you work in an office area where you’re seated the majority of the time. Just put the wheel in between your back and chair.

This will make sure you have the correct posture as you sit. Especially since it’s so easy to develop poor form while sitting at your desk all day.

What Are The Benefits Of The Plexus Wheel Plus?

One of the biggest complaints many people have when using a foam roller is the pain it can cause when using it.

Well with the plexus plus and their extra thick pad, you can roll your muscles in peace.

Also the fact that the wheel is not as long as your typical foam roller, this let’s the wheel fit comfortably between the shoulder blades.

This will make sure you’re able to target sore muscles.

Another thing you will notice with the plus which is a huge benefit is the spinal canal that was added for comfort.

This will allow you to roll areas like your neck, all the way down to your lower back without putting much pressure on the spine.

You will find that the plus provides the much needed pain relief for your back.

Product Description and Features 

6, 10, 12 inch Yoga Wheel - as mentioned earlier, the plexus wheel plus comes in three different sizes. Each size allows you to apply different types of stretches for your massage therapy needs. The smaller wheel applies deeper pressure to relieve sore muscles. The larger wheel applies a deeper stretch to the muscles.

Padding - with the plexus plus, you can expect a very comfortable roll with its thick padding. Not only that, but there’s also a spinal canal that allows you to stretch out your back without putting added pressure on the spine. With the plus, you can roll from your lower back all the way up to your neck

What I Like About The Plexus Wheel Plus

#1 - Can Perform Exercises That Help Increase Core Strength

One of the leading causes of lower back pain is lack of core strength. Many people neglect strengthening the core because it isn’t something that is easily noticed. But those that work on building a strong core know that it is the foundation to strengthening the entire body. All movements start with the core, which is why it is crucial to make sure you work on strengthening it. The great thing about the plexus wheel plus is that not only can you perform exercises that help you strengthen your core, but you can also exercise the core while performing your massage therapy stretches.

#2 - Thick Padding and Spinal Support

Comfort is always key when performing any type of massage therapy. With the plexus wheel pus, you get a tool that adapts to your body’s pressure points. By making sure that pressure is applied on sore muscles and not directly on the spine.

#3 - Helps Improve Flexibility and Range Of Motion

One of the best ways to help prevent any type of muscle injury is to make sure it is properly stretched. This will help you increase your flexibility and range of motion as you perform normal movements throughout the day. So if you feel that you lack the necessary flexibility, than most likely you have muscles that need to be stretched out. The plexus wheel does a great job at stretching out these muscles. As long as you are performing the stretches before or after your workout, you should see the difference in your range of motion.

#4 - Can Purchase Three Different Sizes

For those that travel a lot, there are three different sizes for you to use to help relieve back and muscle pain. There is a 6 inch wheel you can carry almost anywhere with you as you’re on the go. This provides you with the convenience needed to make sure you are taking care of yourself physically.

#5 - Has A 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s nothing better than knowing that your purchase has a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your plexus wheel, you can return it for a full refund. They must be very confident that you will feel the difference after using it. This should give you more than enough time to figure out if is working for you.

Things To Worry About

#1 - You May Have To Purchase The Complete Set

Although you can use the plexus wheel plus on your lower body, I would probably suggest using it for just your back. This means that you will also need to purchase the plexus wheel sport which is great for massaging the lower body. Therefore you will need to spend more money to make sure you are receiving all the benefits of the plexus wheel. Other than that, there’s not too much to complain about when using the plexus wheel.

Final Thoughts - Is It Worth It?

We all know that stretching is important when it comes to your physical fitness.

And as you get older and your flexibility starts to decrease, making sure you stretch your muscles on a consistent basis will be even more important.

Also, if you’re someone that struggles with back pain, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to help relieve you of this pain.

The plexus wheel plus is a great tool to help you with this. Even better, if you’re a yoga enthusiasts, then the plexus wheel is perfect for you.

So I would definitely recommend that you tryout this product. And if you find yourself not enjoying it, do know that they have a 100 day money back guarantee.

This gives you more than enough time to figure out if the plexus wheel plus is for you or not.

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