I’ve always been considered a pretty skinny kid growing up. I didn’t start lifting weights until my second year in college. Ever since I started working out, I would always struggle to try and find ways to get bigger. People would always tell me that I should eat more of this, or eat more of that. But for some reason I still struggled to gain weight.

It wasn’t until I started understanding the process of gaining and losing weight where I started to get better results. In order to gain weight, you have to consume more calories than you burn. Many people are unaware of this, thus fail to get results. Even if you are someone that is trying to lose weight. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

So the next question is, what should you take in order to not only put on those necessary calories, but maintain a healthy diet. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is ok to take down an entire box of pizza, or consume bunch of burgers to get that weight up. There is a healthy way to pack those calories in, and that’s where weight gainers come in.

In this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review, I will share with you my personal experience with taking serious mass, and how it has helped me get results. If you’re struggling to gain weight like I was, than hopefully this review will give you the confidence needed to give it a try.

Who’s It For?

Anyone that is looking to gain or maintain weight. Depending on how many scoops and ingredients you decide to put into your shake, you can get anywhere from 900 to 1800 calories in one serving.

Serious Mass recommends that you do two scoops, but I usually break them up into 2 servings in one day to avoid that bloating feeling. You can pack on some serious weight if you consistently take this everyday and add other ingredients like oats, peanut butter and olive oil.

Pros and Cons


  • Great taste
  • A lot of calories per serving
  • Great source of protein


  • Two Scoops can be a lot to mix

Are You Lactose Intolerant?

Serious mass does contain some milk, so that is something to be aware of. But from my experience, I am also lactose intolerant and I suffer no ill effects. So it doesn’t seem to contain too much of the milk product to get you that bubble gut feeling. I’ll either use almond milk or water in my shake, and it tastes great with either one.

Does Serious Mass Work?

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, gaining weight is all about consuming more calories than your burn. There’s both a 6 lbs container, and a 12 lbs bag. I usually purchase the 12 lbs one.

So if you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with your snacks and weight gainer shake, I have no doubt that you will add the necessary weight.

You do want to make sure not to consume too many calories too fast, or you will notice your gut getting a little big. So it’s important to break up your servings throughout the day.

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Should You Buy Serious Mass By Optimum Nutrition?

Adding calories takes a lot of work when it comes to eating meals. So if you have time to always be eating a meal, then you may not need the help of a weight gainer like serious mass. But if you are looking for a way to supplement your calorie needs, serious mass is a great way to do it.

I always make sure to have my breakfast, lunch and dinner, but for hard gainers like myself, that is not enough to gain the necessary weight. I’m also very active during the day, so in order to make sure I am consuming enough calories, taking a weight gainer like serious mass has been very helpful.

What Others Have To Say About Serious Mass

Best mass gainer you’re going to get for your money


Gaining weight the healthy way


The only product that works for me

Final Thoughts

Remember that gaining weight is all about consuming more calories than you burn. If you are doing that correctly, you will gain the weight. You also want to make sure you are gaining weight the healthy way, and taking serious mass is a good way to do that.

I’ve tried many weight gainers and serious mass is the one I have been sticking with for years. I would recommend anyone that is struggling to put on weight to try this product. Not only will you enjoy the taste, but also the results you get from trying out serious mass.

I hope you enjoyed this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review. Like always, if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to share them below.

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