Mayo Clinic Diet vs Weight Watchers – Best Weight Loss Program

Mayo Clinic Diet vs Weight Watchers – Best Weight Loss Program

Which Weight Loss Program Gets You The Best Results?

When it comes to losing weight, sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough. Some people need that extra guidance whether it be from a specialist or a group of people going through the same struggle.

Weight loss programs are a great way to get this type of guidance and hopefully reach your goal of healthy living.

Two of the more popular programs many look to are Mayo Clinic Diet vs Weight Watchers. Both have a great system in place to help those that struggle with weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So maybe you’re trying to figure out which program will help you finally get the results you’re looking for.

We know that the goal for both programs is to help you lose weight, but what separates the two? As you continue to read, I plan on answering that question.

By not only giving you details about them, but also helping you understand what it takes to not only lose weight, but maintain it as well.

Mayo Clinic Diet vs Weight Watchers Comparison

Mayo Clinic

  • Lose weight the healthy way
  • Diet plan created by medical experts
  • Personalized meal and exercise plans
  • Uses up to date technology to help you stay engaged
  • Not a one size fits all weight loss program

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Weight Watchers

  • Claim you can eat the foods you like and still lose weight
  • Can attend meetings with other members
  • Uses a point system to keep you on track
  • Track your progress with advanced technology
  • Counting calories is already done for you

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Key Differences Between Both Weight Loss Programs

One of the more obvious differences users of each program will notice is how each program goes about counting calories.

And since calories is the main factor in the amount of weight we gain on a week to week basis, many search to find ways to make calorie counting easy.

With the mayo clinic diet plan, each food you choose to eat is a assigned a nutritional value. So you know exactly how much calories will be consumed for that particular food.

With the weight watchers program, each food item is assigned “SmartPoints” which can make calorie counting super easy for users.

Basically healthy foods will have a lower number than unhealthy foods. So it’s important to keep your number as low as possible with this system.

It’s also important to note that weight watchers has implemented a new program called the freestyle program where some foods are worth zero points.

Many have complained about this new system as it has caused them to gain more weight. There’s a reason for this in which I will explain in further detail in my quick review.

For now, its important to understand that each program uses a different approach in how they count calories for user.

Which Program Offers Better Support

Mayo Clinic – the great thing about the mayo clinic diet is that you are part of a system that was created by medical experts. As a member you get access to these professionals all from your phone.

They provide you with newsletters with healthy tips and advice. Pretty much all the support you get will be through their online platform.

So for those that are looking for an actual voice to help guide them through their weight loss journey, you may not find that with this program.

Weight Watchers – when it comes to support, the weight watchers program provides a good amount of it. They provide you with 24/7 online chat along with access to their community of other members looking to lose weight.

And if you feel you need a more personal touch where actual conversation is happening, there are also weekly group meetings for you to go to. Of course access to this is dependent on which membership you choose. Something I will be going over soon.

Advantage – Weight Watchers

Flexibility of Both Programs

Mayo Clinic – because this program uses the food pyramid as a guide as to what you should be eating, you get to choose what you want to eat. Just make sure they are healthy choices of course.

Making sure your diet is well balanced will be key to you getting the best results. But if for some reason you don’t find yourself eating all the foods suggested, it’s ok as long as they are healthy.

Weight Watchers – this program uses points as a guide for how you choose your meals. The healthier the food item, the lower the points that are towards your smartpoints goal.

With their system, you are allowed the flexibility to eat what you like, but it’s up to you make sure you hit your points goal.

So it’s almost like a budget system where you’re in charge of how you manage it. So if you’re looking to eat unhealthy, just know that there is a price to pay for it.

Advantage – Tie

Which Program Is Easier To Use?

Mayo Clinic – as i mentioned earlier, most of what you will be doing with this weight loss program will be online using your phone or computer. The Mayo Clinic uses a habit tracker to help you keep track of both your diet and exercise.

This habit tracker is managed through your cell phone where you will be recording everything you eat and do. You can also get access to detailed information to help you stay up-to-date with important weight loss information.

When it comes to meal and fitness plans, you get access to a variety of recipes, portion control guides, personalized workouts and fitness tips. All of this will help make sure you are doing the right things to get the best results.

Weight Watchers – there are 3 different options for you to choose when it comes to your weight loss needs. They have an online, meetings, and coaching options that give you access to different things.

For those that choose just the online option, you can track everything from the food you eat to the type of activities you perform throughout the day.

If you feel the need to meet others and discuss how you’re progressing with the program, the meeting option allows you to attend live group meetings.

For those that prefer 1 on 1 coaching, you can choose this option as well. Whichever method you feel will best help you be successful with your weight loss is totally up to you.

Advantage – Weight Watchers

Cost of Each Program

Mayo Clinic – when signing up to the program, you get full access to everything the mayo clinic program has to offer. It is a 13 week subscription where you will be charged $52 for the quarter.

This covers the 13 weeks and comes out to about $4 per week. Do keep in mind that your subscription auto renews, so if you need to cancel your subscription, do it before your current subscription period is up.

Weight Watchers – this program offers three different packages:

  • Online Plus  – $3.22/week
  • Meetings – $7.27/week
  • Coaching – $12.69/week

Depending on which option you choose, you will have access to certain parts of their weight loss program. So you can expect to pay anywhere from $12 – $50 per month.

The good thing about this program is that it is month to month. So you can pretty much cancel at anytime once that month is over.

Advantage – Tie

Mayo Clinic: A Quick Review


  • Program is designed by medical experts that know what it takes to lose weight
  • Not a quick fix diet like the fad diets out there
  • Provides you with helpful tools that guide you towards long term results
  • Customized programs that fit your personal needs
  • Support group to keep you motivated when things get tough
  • Makes sure you stay engaged using technology


  • Many of the tools provided can be found online for free
  • Information provided may be things you already knew when it comes to weight loss

Most people would tell you that they know they need to eat healthier and exercise more, but the problem is knowing how to go about it.

Think about it, access to the gym and healthy foods is readily available to anyone who needs it, and yet many still struggle with being overweight.

The mayo clinic diet starts you off with a 2 week jump start plan called the “Lose It” phase. This phase is designed to help you safely lose 6-10 pounds in first 14 days of starting the program.

I’m usually cautious when it comes to any program claiming they can help you lose x amount of weight in a short period of time.

But the goal during this phase is to help you learn how to develop good habits, and break the bad habits that you struggle with on a daily basis. Which is very important if you plan on having long term success with this.

When you’re done with this phase, you can move on to phase 2, which is call The “Live It” phase. Where the goal is to have you lose 1-2 pounds each week, which is considered a healthy way to lose weight.

With the use of tools and personalized diet and exercise plans, everything you need is organized for you to help you succeed…Read Full Review

Weight Watchers: A Quick Review


  • Can track food and activity with the weight watcher app
  • Uses a point system that makes counting calories very simple
  • Weekly group meetings available to members
  • Can connect with other members for support 24/7
  • Weekly private weigh ins for accountability
  • Dedicated coach along with 1 on 1 phone sessions
  • Get personalized action plans to fit your needs
  • Receive guides and printed materials


  • Many complaints about the changing of the point system to freestyle system
  • Concern over long term success of weight loss program
  • Some users have issue with “Zero points food”

When it comes to weight loss, weight watchers is one of the most popular programs out there. Their track record alone suggests they know what it takes to help you lose weight.

Many understand that managing your calorie intake is key to finding success with weight loss, but many have trouble with it.

With the weight watcher smartpoint tracker, they pretty much count the calories for you. The way it works is, the healthier the food is, the lower the points. The unhealthy the food is, the higher the points are.

So your goal is to minimize your point total as much as possible. Many have found success with this system because it works almost as a budget.

The issue some are having with this system was that even though people were able to find success managing their calories, some questioned still how healthy the program was for its users.

Because we all know that not all weight loss is considered healthy. And the fact that you could eat whatever you wanted as long as you stayed within your smartpoints budget, there were still concerns about it.

But weight watchers changed their system and now call it the “Freestyle Program” where it incentivized you to eat healthier foods by giving them zero points.

The issue many were having was that they would eat the so call “zero point foods” and were finding themselves either maintaining or gaining weight.

That’s because no matter how healthy you eat, if you consume more calories than you burn, you will eventually gain weight.

Which is why exercise is so important when it comes to any weight loss program.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight comes down to burning more calories than you consume. And although eating healthy can help you achieve that weight loss goal, exercise is also needed to maintain it.

Many have complained about the new weight watcher because they are finding themselves actually gaining weight. But the reason for that is their zero point system which which incentivizes you to eat healthier food.

But losing weight can be tricky if you’re not adding exercise to your regiment. Because the more active you are, the more calories your body will burn.

So when comparing the mayo clinic diet vs weight watchers, both provide you with a good system to help you lose weight. Both are easy to use and provide you with the tools necessary.

It’s important to understand that although weight loss may be important to you, being healthy physically is important as well. So making sure you exercise and maintain a healthy diet will be key.

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Marty - August 3, 2018

I find that the Freestyle program does not work for me . I do love many of the other components of WWers and I don’t intend to give it up . especial since it has been free to me for 9 years . I am now tracking with fit bit alone . I believe that Noom may have the component I find missing from the WWers app . every thing under a single umbrella . P.S. I have found that the activity counter is way off in WWers. any way so relied on Fitbit to give me a clear calorie burned calories earned ratio.

    Ralph - August 4, 2018

    Hi Marty! You make a great point. No weight loss program is one size fits all. You have to make sure you find a program that works for you. It doesn’t mean that WW isn’t a good program. In fact, many people have found great success with it. But for you, it wasn’t quite effective. I’m glad you are enjoying Noom, and I’m confident you will get great results with it. Also, I also have the fitbit, and I freaking love it! Thanks for commenting.


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