Is Noom Worth It? What You Need To Know

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There are a bunch of weight loss programs that claim to be the solution to your weight loss problems, so it’s important to make sure you select carefully.

One program in particular is Noom Coaching. Is Noom Worth It?

As I looked into it, it was interesting to see them go about weight loss in a totally different way. Yes they still make diet and exercise a priority, but they also factor the mental part of weight loss issues.

See we all know that we should be eating healthy foods and exercising daily, but for many, it can be a struggle executing that plan.

So trying to understand why many struggle with weight loss is crucial, and trying to figure ways in which to help those struggling form better habits is equally important.

So below I plan on going over what makes Noom weight loss program different from all the others. The goal will be to find out if this is a program that could help you get results.

What is Noom Coach?

Noom Coach is a weight loss program that uses technology as a way to help you reach your weight loss goals. They have a free app that can be accessed with either Android or IOS platforms.

With their app you can track and log important data like meals, calories, exercise and a variety of different activities. This will be important because this will hold you accountable for all your habits good or bad.

When getting started with the app, you’re gonna be asked to setup an account where you will need to input some information. Things like Gender, Age, Height, Initial weight, target weight, and the amount of weight you want to lose per week.

Keep in mind that a healthy weight loss goal should be between 1-2 pounds per week. So be aware of any programs that promise you anything more than that.

Noom also has a subscription package that you can pay for that gives you access to more than just an app tracker. With a subscription, you get access to a personal coach that helps you as you go through tackling your weight loss.

We will go over the cost of having access to this personal coach later in this article. Because as we all know, cost will be a huge factor in determining if something is worth it or not.

Is Noom Coach For You?

When answering this question, it’s important to understand what has been holding you back from getting results in the first place. Maybe you struggle with your diet, motivation, or just lack of knowledge on what to do.

Many of these obstacles can be overcome with better time management or having someone guide you on what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle.

The issue that some may find with this is that it can cost to have this type of help. Whether it be a personal trainer, nutritionist or psychologist, either can really hit your wallet pretty good.

The good thing about Noom Coach is that you get access to professionals who are experts at helping change behavior. Also, helping you overcome obstacles that may be hurting your progress by tackling both the mental and emotional barriers holding you back.

What You Get With Your Subscription

Along with the free app where you can log your meals, exercise, and keep track of your daily habits, you also get access to a personal coach.

One of the main reason so many struggle with weight is due to not really knowing how to go about making important lifestyle changes.

Sometimes working with either a personal trainer or nutritionist is necessary to help you develop better habits overall. But as with most things in life, this kind of help comes at a cost.

A cost that many are not able to fit into their budget. With noom coach, you get access to a personal coach that will help you in getting over both the mental and physical aspect of losing weight.

By attacking the thoughts and triggers that seem to get in the way of you making better health choices.

So here are some of thing things that come with your subscription:

    • Fully Customized Plan
    • Unlimited Access To a Health Professional
    • 24/7 Personal and Group Support
  • Award Winning Technology

Fully Customized Plan – just because someone is having success with a particular program, doesn’t mean that you will have that same success. Because we all know that there are no one size fits all weight loss program, so it’s important to have a plan that is created just for you.

With noom you get just that when it comes to both your meal and fitness plan. This is made possible when you first create your account. You are asked a series of questions just like if you were at a doctors office.

So you should expect to be asked questions regarding your weight, height, goals, etc. Also keep in mind that all your information is protected by HIPAA laws, so no need to worry about your information being shared.

Unlimited Access To a Health Professional – having unlimited access to a health specialist is a luxury many would love to have if they could afford it. Having someone there to give you advice would make living a healthier lifestyle a bit more easier i’m sure.

With noom you get access to this specialist that is there to guide you through all the obstacles you may face both mentally and physically.

And the best part is that you get this at a fraction of the cost of other specialists like personal trainers or a nutritionist.

Keep in mind that the majority of this communication will be through your phone, so if you’re looking for that direct personal touch, this is something you will need to factor in your decision making.

24/7 Personal and Group Support – trying to find success when it comes to weight loss can be very difficult. No matter how hard you try, doing it alone can leave you vulnerable to a variety of temptations.

So having access to a personal coach that is there to hold you accountable for your actions, will increase your chances of finding success.

Not only will they provide you with the knowledge to help you understand your habits good or bad, but they’ll be there to provide encouragement for when time gets tough.

Award Winning Technology – it’s hard to do anything without the use of some sort of technological device. And the majority of the time, that device tends to be your cellphone.

Since most people carry their phones with them at all times, it’s important to use it as a tool to help you get in shape. Also, many people have fit watches that can sync up with their phone, so making sure it’s up to date will be key.

With the noom app, you get access to all this help with just your phone. Giving you everything you need in clear and easy to read text. You can log all your meals and activities with just a press of your screen, which makes tracking easy.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Noom offers 3 different packages for you to try. They have a monthly package which is $59 per month, a 2 month package which $49.50 per month, and a 4 month package which is $32.25 per month.

If you’re struggling to decide which program is right for you, let me say that in order for any weight loss program to work, you need to commit at least a few months to see results.

A lot of people get in trouble when it comes to losing weight due to lack of patience. They want to see results right away and when they don’t, they feel it’s not working.

Noom recommends the 4 month package which will be 16 weeks, and I agree that this is the right amount of time to see if something will work for you long term.

If you’re still not totally convinced the program is for you, but are interested in seeing what it’s about, you do get 14 days to try it out for fee to see if you like it.

And if for whatever reason you feel like cancelling your subscription, just let your coach know before your 14 days are up, and you will not be charged.

So is it worth it?

To figure out if something is worth it to you, it helps to weigh both the benefits and the cost. As someone who has worked with many who are not confident with their body, I can see the struggle that a person goes through on a daily basis.

Whether it be lack of confidence, poor health, or just pure hopelessness of thinking there’s an actual solution to the problem.

Those 3 things right there are barriers that many people face when looking to overcome their daily obstacles.

Which makes noom such a valuable tool. Having a personal coach in the palm of your hand to help guide you and keep you on task is invaluable. Not only that, but you don’t have to break the bank to get access to that.

Let’s be honest, could you probably get many of the things noom provides you with like healthy tips and workout programs for free? Sure, if  you look hard enough you can. But the issue is not getting it, it’s knowing what to do with it.

I say it all the time, access to both the gym and healthy foods is readily available yet people still struggle with living a healthy lifestyle.

And a big reason for this is due to not having a structured system in place. With noom, you get that structure with the customized plan provided for you.

Also remember, Noom Coach offers a 14 day free trial, so even if you decide that the program isn’t for you, you can cancel before that time risk free.

Understanding Your Habits

There are a variety of reasons why someone would decide not to take better care of their health. Whether it be stress, lack of time, or lack of willpower, understanding these habits is key to you finally getting results.

So when trying to turn those bad habits into good ones, it all starts with forming a routine and sticking to it. Yes this can sometimes be a tedious process, but this will help you both in the short and long term.

Like when you’re stressed out, you tend to eat a snack that may not be very healthy for you. For times when you feel stress, try having around you a healthy food item so when you feel that stress, you’re at least consuming something that is good for you.

Another habit I learned to develop was drinking water. I used to drink things like orange and cranberry juices which doesn’t seem all that bad right. But I wanted to cut down on my sugar intake so I decided to cut them out.

So I made the choice to make water my only source of hydration. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy at first, but I made it a habit and now have no cravings for any type of juice. Water is pretty much all I drink and my body has benefited from it.

So is noom worth it? If you think feeling and looking great is something you desire, then you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try right? At least you get 14 days to see if you like it, so what do you have to lose.

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Madi - April 28, 2019

I’ve been using the Noom app for six weeks so far and really enjoy it. Here’s my review on the program based on my experience so far. There’s a referral code at the end for 20% off.

An overview – Noom uses the concept of calorie density (think how many calories are in your food by volume) to encourage you to eat foods that will make you feel full. Foods are broken into three categories: green (eat plenty), yellow (in moderation), and red (carefully) with the idea that no foods are off-limit. You track your food and exercise in the app each day. There are tutorials that you work through each day that take about ten minutes and that help you understand better how to make healthier food choices and build habits. The tutorials are very focused on research and are helpful for making sense of and sorting through all of the information and fad diets out there that can contribute to our unhealthy habits and thought distortions around food. You also are assigned a coach who checks in about weekly to help you set and track your goal progress. After two weeks you’ll be assigned to a support group with a leader that you can lean on more frequently for help and companionship along the way.

Pros – Noom’s time commitment (10 minutes/day on my phone) is manageable and convenient. I usually start my day by going through the tutorials. Noom also has you weigh in every morning. I was concerned about that at first because I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past and thought it would be too much, but it keeps me mindful (in a healthy way) of how my day-to-day activities impact my weight. There is a weight graph that tracks your weight from day to day and shows by when you should achieve your goal weight. The cost is also reasonable. I found a discount code and ended up paying $111.75 for six months. You can only buy in six-month chunks, but for me that makes me more likely to follow through with it because I’ve already paid for the program for that long. I enjoy the anonymity. I wasn’t going to go to a weight watchers group in person and risk seeing people I know. But I can still develop my identity within my support group and get some of the accountability I’m looking for. The content of the tutorials is usually very good and diverse.

Cons – I sometimes feel overwhelmed if I’m working on a goal with my coach but then the tutorials want me to focus on something else. I have learned over time to pick and choose what works for me, though, so that’s not a huge deal. The quality of the coaching and the support group could definitely be better. I think that’s Noom’s greatest fault, but the fact that it’s there and you can kind of make of it what you want puts some of that on the user. They have a large library of food which makes tracking pretty easy, but people can input items on their own so sometimes the information in there is inaccurate, which means you have to be careful not to cheat yourself by how you log your food.

Overall, I do recommend giving Noom a try. It has been very effective for me so far, not just in weight loss but in building healthier habits and mentality around food. If this review was helpful, use my referral code by going to http://friends.noom.com/YVo4SVBGWEg40mNm
You get 20% off and I get $20.

    Ralph - April 28, 2019

    Awesome job Madi! Very honest review you’ve written. I am so happy that you’re getting results and you’ve made a commitment to yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. I wish you continued success.

rita - November 16, 2018

This is my third full week and I am very happy. YES it works for me. I make my own goal and it is my responsibility to follow it through. NOOM did not put the weight on, I did and it is my decision to take it off. With the help of NOOM and team I am able to stay focus to understand what I am reading and go with it. the first week was hard, but reading every day and planning my meals each day and sticking to it too was hard, but I made it through. I am down 4 pounds and I really feel good. I try to do 8,000 steps a day and these last two days I was able to meet my goal of 10,000 steps and feeling good. I feel sad of the bad reviews, like they are making Noom at fault, what do you want for less than $35, a personal trainer 24/7. come on now, this is not Hollowood. Take a lead of your weight loss program and with the guidance each day and go for it. It is almost like Weight Watchers, BUT the Noom team puts together powerful reading materials that teaches me how to eat, what to eat and what make me tick, and I get to talk with some of the team members who I choose to, with out leaving my house. You make it as you wish, don’t like it, you have 14 days to back out, get out and just admit you want more than what you pay for. Its 35$ a month. that is it for me now.

    Ralph - November 17, 2018

    I’m so happy to hear about all the success you are having with the Noom program Rita! you are a true inspiration to everyone that is trying to improve their overall health. Keep it up and I wish you continued success.


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