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There’s many reason to be on the fence about trying out meal delivery services these days.  You wonder if it’s something you will like, or maybe you question how healthy it is for you.  

So it only makes sense to question if it is worth it to try.  Although I won’t be going over meal delivery services in general, I will be talking about Home Chef.  So is home chef worth it?  Continue reading and let’s find out.

How Does Their Service Work?

From the home chef website, you get to select from a variety of meals they have to offer.  Every week, home chef recommends new meals based on your preference.  Their ingredients are prepared by their chefs using thoughtfully sourced ingredients.  

Based on your family size, you get to choose how many meals you would like to be delivered to your home for any given week.  If for any reason you need to cancel or skip a meal for the week, you can do so easily from your account created with home chef.

How Your Meals are Delivered

Once you have made your meal selections, you are given a tracking number so you know when your meal will be delivered to you .  If for some reason you find yourself not home when the delivery is made, you can rest easy knowing your ingredients are kept safe.  

Since all packages come insulated with ice packs to make sure all ingredients stay fresh for when you get home.  If for any reason you find that your ingredients are not up to par, you can contact home chef support and let them know.

How Much Does Home Chef Cost?

Home chef may have one of the most simple price plans available, compared to other meal delivery services.  Many services have different prices per meals depending on which package you select.  

But with home chef, regardless of how often you would like your meals delivered, it’s always $9.95 per meal.  

Do keep in mind their delivery costs for any order that is less than $45.  For any order below that amount, there will be a $10 delivery cost.  For any order that is above $45, you could expect free shipping.  

Most orders tend to be over that amount anyways, so I doubt you will have to worry about paying any shipping fees.

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Who This Service May Not Work For

Anyone on a budget – I’m sure we can all agree that paying $9.95 for a healthy meal sounds reasonable. Although this may be the case, when it comes to costs, nothing beats buying your own ingredients and cooking them yourself.  

So if you are someone that is on a strict budget, then paying for the convenience a meal delivery service like home chef offers, may not be for you.  

I would recommend that you go over your monthly budget and see if this is something you could afford to have.

Someone with serious food allergies – If you are someone that is allergic to ingredients like nuts, soy or eggs, it may be best for you not try out home chef.  

Since they can’t guarantee that their facilities are allergen free, they recommend you not try out their service. Ingredients from one meal can come into contact with other meals, which makes it difficult to control.

Who Could Benefit From This Service?

Busy schedule but loves to cook – Home chef understands how difficult it can be to find time to cook when you have a busy schedule.  This is the main reason they created a service like this.  So if you find yourself with a very busy schedule, but love to cook, you should definitely try out this service.

Eats out a lot – We can all agree that eating out can be both expensive, and unhealthy.  You have no idea what is being put into your food giving you no control when trying to create healthy eating habits.

Vegetarians – Being a vegetarian can be difficult depending on where you live.  Finding a place that doesn’t just offer a salad could make trying to eat healthy stressful.  With home chef’s vegetarian meals, you can enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal at home.

So Is It Worth It?

So when it comes to deciding if home chef is worth a try, it really comes down to your budget and your eating habits.  If you are someone that has the time and prefers to go grocery shopping, then a service like home chef may cost more.  

But if you are someone that struggles with time but loves to cook, then home chef may work for you.  Making sure you go over your budget and seeing if a service like this fits in.  

Keep in mind that there are no long term contracts with home chef, so if for any reason you need to cancel, you can do so without hassle.

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Interested In Trying Out Home Chef?

So if you’re thinking about giving home chef a try, you can get $30 off your first order with them.  They make it simple for you to create an account and view their menu of meals for the week.

Join Today and Get $30 Off at Home Chef

This can all be done risk free as there are no long term contracts to worry about.  The flexibility they offer allows for you to control how you want your meals delivered.

So give them a try and let me know what you think.

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