Is BeachBody On Demand Worth It? – What You Need To Know

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Deciding on whether something is worth it to you or not, it’s all dependent on if the value is worth the cost. If the value is greater than the cost, than it is most certainly worth it. If not, then more than likely you will find it as a waste of time.

So is BeachBody On Demand Worth It?

To find the answer, you really have to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Do you prefer to workout at home or the gym?
  • What is your current fitness routine?
  • What is your current budget?

Answering these questions will help you in trying to figure out if the beachbody workout program will be worth it to you.

Below I plan on answering those questions and also breaking down how beachbody on demand can help you reach your fitness goals. Especially if you’re someone that is new to exercise and looking for a system to help get you started.

What is BeachBody On Demand?

It’s pretty much a library of online workout programs that can be streamed on any of your favorite devices. Basically giving each user unlimited access to a wide variety of workouts for you to enjoy.

Each workout is performed by some of the best trainers in the world to help motivate you to get in shape. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or lose weight, each program is designed to help you get the best results.

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To help complement your workout programs, you also get personalized meal plans and calendars to help you track your progress. So unlike the gym, you know exactly which exercises you need to perform, and are shown exactly how to perform them.

So no longer do you have to feel lost when getting started on your fitness journey. Beachbody on demand provides you with everything you need to help you live a healthier lifestyle.      

Is Beachbody On Demand For You?

Earlier I asked you some important questions that would help you in you deciding if the beachbody on demand workout program is right for you. I will be going over each question to help make the decision process a bit easier for you.

Do you Prefer to Workout at Home or the Gym?

As someone who has spoken to many people looking to get into shape, one thing I hear often is, the gym just doesn’t do it for me. And there are a few reasons why this may be the case. Some of the top reasons I hear are:

  1. Not sure where to start
  2. Noone there to motivate you
  3. Lack of confidence

These reasons alone can stop you from making lifestyle changes that help improve your health long term.

We all know that when it comes to getting in shape, it takes consistency and discipline. And if any of those factors I’ve listed above are there, it will be difficult to get the results you are looking for.

So if this is the case, working out at home may be a more effective option for you. You don’t have to worry about being unsure of what to do as you have a system to help guide you.

What is your current Workout Routine?

Depending on your fitness goals, more than likely you will be looking to either burn fat, build muscle, lose weight, or all of the above. Each goal requires a different type of training. 

If you’re looking to build muscle, then this will require weights. So you will either need a gym or will have to purchase your own set of equipment for your home.

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So it’s important to understand what tools you will need to to help complete your workout routine. Because having the right tools is just as important as the actual workout itself.

When working out to beachbody on demand, some of their workouts require weights, but many of them do not. So this is something that you need to know before deciding on if it’s right for you.

What is your current Budget?

Whether you’re a beginner or someone that is struggling to get results with your current fitness routine, then more than likely you’re looking for guidance.

One of the best ways to get that guidance is with the assistance of a professional like a personal trainer or nutritionist. But as we all know, neither of these two options are cheap.

So unless you are someone with cash to spend, getting access to these professionals may be difficult. So it’s important to find alternatives that can help you reach your goals at a more affordable cost.

With beachbody on demand, you get access to quality trainers along with meal plans designed to complement your workout. And you get all this without having to break the bank.

The only negative is that you don’t get that one on one touch that many find helpful when it comes to getting results.

Wide Variety of Workout Programs

People love having variety when it comes to their workout. A big reason for this is to help with motivation. Being able to switch up your workout routines help keep you entertained and challenged as you progress.

So the good thing about beachbody on demand is the fact that you can go from workout to workout with just a click of a button. Unlike the days where you purchased a dvd set and was stuck with it if even if you didn’t like it.

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Being able to stream your workouts makes working out fun and convenient. They offer you a lot to help you find the best workout for your fitness goals.       

How Much Does BeachBody On Demand Cost?

BeachBody on demand offers a variety of programs that include workouts and shakes. But for simplicity purposes, I will be breaking down the cost for just the workout programs.

There are 3 different types of memberships that range from 3-12 months. They have a 12 month program that is $99 for the year. A 6 month program that is $59 for the six months. Lastly, they have a 3 month program that will cost you $39 for those three months.

You may be wondering if they offer any trial memberships that allow you to tryout the program before you fully commit. To answer that question, they do. But it’s important to understand how the trial membership works.

Out of the three trial memberships being offered, only one of them allow you to try it out without being charged. The 3 month membership gives you 14 days to try out the program before they charge you for it.

As for the 12 and 6 month membership, there is an initial charge for trying it out, with an opportunity to get your money back within 30 days if you find yourself not satisfied with it.

So you are given a full 30 days to see if this workout program will help you reach your fitness goals or not. Which for me is a good thing since it’s always important to try something out before you buy it. Especially when it comes to workout programs.

So is it worth it?

After reading through this article, you should have a better idea if the beachbody workout program is worth it to try. Depending on what your goals are and what your workout routine consists of, it may or may not be the best option for you.

This workout program is great for those that struggle to find motivation at the gym which will show in the type of results you’re getting.

For many, being in the comfort of your own home is more productive than having to go to the gym. But this is something you will have to figure out for yourself.

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However, one thing that is for certain is that beachbody on demand is very cost effective compared to the gym.

As long as you are consistent with your workouts, you will find yourself saving much more money using beachbody on demand than paying for a gym membership.

So is BeachBody On Demand Worth It? In my opinion, YES! Especially if the gym just doesn’t cut it for you, and are looking for a very cost effective way to workout.

So let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts and opinions below.

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