Insanity vs Tapout XT – What’s The Difference?



What makes fitness fun is the same thing that makes fitness so stressful. Knowing that there are so many tools out there to get you results, keeps the mind always interested. At the same time stressed due to not really knowing what will work best for your body.

So when looking for ways to get in shape, we turn to things like gyms, trainers and workout videos, hoping to find that magic pill. Which has lead me to writing this Insanity vs Tapout XT review.

Many want to know what’s the difference, and which workout program will get them the results they’re looking for?

Like always, it’s important to figure out your goals. Once you are able to do that, then it’s all about searching for the program that will help get you those results. So when reviewing these two programs, it helps to know what the differences are between them.

Key Differences Between Tapout XT and Insanity

If your expectations of these two workouts were that they are easy, then you definitely need to alter those expectations. Getting results is all about pushing your body more than normal, and both these programs do just that. But what’s the difference between the two?


Here you have a 60 day workout program whose main goal is weight loss. So you can expect there to be a lot of cardio, mixed with some body weight and core training.

Each workout is anywhere from 15-60 minutes long, so there’s definitely variety in each workout. Great for anyone that tend to get bored with their workouts.

Not only can you access the workout via DVD, but you can now enjoy your workouts with Beachbody On Demand feature. So this is great for anyone that has a habit of losing their workout dvds.

Tapout XT

This workout is also a program whose main focus is cardio for weight loss. This program runs for 90 days where each workout is 40-50 minutes long. But what makes this program fun, is the type of training you can expect with Tapout XT.

The workout involves MMA type training. For those that are not familiar with the meaning, MMA stands for mixed martial arts. As a former kickboxing instructor, this type of training along with boxing are some of the best exercises for conditioning.

Although you don’t get to punch bags, you can expect each workout to be pretty intense especially when trying to learn all the different types of punch and kick combinations.

Comparison Chart: Insanity VS Tapout XT Review

Below you will find a chart that lists all the key components of each workout program. This should help give you a better understand of what makes each program different by summarizing each component.

Fitness Detail Insanity Tapout XT
Weight Loss   X
Fat Burning X  
Core Strengthening   X
Cardiovascular X  
Flexibility   X
Endurance X  
Workout Variety X  
  Insanity Tapout XT
Instructor Shaun T Multiple
Program Length 60 Days 90 Days
Workout Duration 15-60 Minutes 40-50 Minutes
Workouts Per Week 6 Days 7 Days
Equipment Needed None Leg training/Resistance Bands
Diet Plan Balanced Diet Plan Balanced Diet Plan
View Options 10 DVDs or On Demand 12 Workout DVDs
Training Goal Cardio Muscle Building
  Insanity Tapout XT
Workout Calendar Included Included
Fitness Guide Included Included
Effectiveness High Success Rate High Success Rate
Risk Free Trial for DVDs 60 Day Money Back Guarantee N/A
Risk Free On Demand 30 Day Money Back Guarantee N/A
Amazon Price $144.80 – Check On Amazon $39.99 – Check On Amazon
Price Visit Site Check Amazon

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What To Expect With Both Workouts

There is no equipment that is required for the Insanity workout. So you could expect there to be a bunch of bodyweight movements to burn off those calories. This workout uses a Max Interval training system that is all about getting the heart rate up.

You are given time to rest so that your heart rate can go down, but it is minimal. This type of training ensures that you burn the most amount of calories possible. Therefore a lot of sweat is bound to occur.

When it comes to the Tapout workout, the most difficult thing other than finding time to breath, is learning all the different combos. Your body will be doing things it has never done before, so in the beginning it may feel awkward to you.

But as you continue with the reps, you will find yourself adapting to everything fairly quickly. There’s even an instructional video to help you get familiar with the combos before getting started. So no need to worry about being overwhelmed out the gate.

Insanity Review
insanity workout

Most people that are familiar with the insanity workout, know that it is lead by Shaun T. And anyone that is familiar with his training, knows that he is usually known for his cool dance moves.

Well when it comes to the insanity workout, there is no dancing involved. Every move you do will be done to get you burning the most amount of calories.

And even though this workout is mainly cardio, you will also be doing some resistance training.

Which is great because getting amazing results requires more than just cardio. You need muscle building along with cardio to burn fat more efficiently.

When starting the program, you are asked first to perform a fit test. Where you will be asked to do a certain amount of push ups and other exercises in a certain amount of time. This will give you an opportunity to see where you are before starting the program.

This program involves exercises like plyometrics, abs and resistance training. So as you go through the program, as you get stronger, you can perform the fit test again to see how much you have progressed.

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Tapout XT Review
tapout workout

When people hear mma or kickboxing, they usually think of fighting. So it’s easy to understand how one can be intimidated when they are asked about trying it out as a form of exercise.

There’s a reason boxers are considered some of the most conditioned athletes out there. It takes a lot of training to be able to compete with someone in a ring for 12 rounds.

So it only makes sense that when trying to get in shape, why not train the way boxers train. Minus the fighting of course.

So when looking into this workout program, I was amazed to actually see professional fighters instructing. By looking at their movements, you can tell that they knew what they were doing.

As someone that used to kickboxing for exercise, it wasn’t very difficult to learn the moves. But for those with no experience, learning the movements will no doubt be the toughest thing to learn.

But like with anything in life, it’s all about getting those reps in. the more you do it, the more your body adapts to it. So my advice would be not to get discouraged when it gets awkward…Read Full Review.

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Tapout XT vs Insanity Workout – Which Is The Tougher Program?

When comparing workout programs, everyone always wants to know which program is tougher. To be honest they both will give you a run for your money. Both will get your heart pumping and have you begging for oxygen.

But if I had to give the edge to which program kicks butt, I would probably have to give a very slight edge to Tapout XT. If for any other reason than the movements involved in this workout.

Performing martial arts move can be very difficult for a lot of people, so trying to mastering everything this workout has to offer is tough. But you really would be splitting hairs when it comes to either workout. Both will challenge you big time.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of your fitness goals, finding a workout program that will get you results not just for the short term, but for the long term is essential. Finding a program that will not only make you sweat, but also keep you consistent is key to sustaining those results.

So if I were to summarize each workout program, I would try to do it in a way that helped you think about the long term. Because that’s what fitness is about. It’s about making lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

What would I recommend?

Tapout XT will no doubt get you amazing results. It is both intense and fun, which will help keep you motivated during the 90 days. My only issue is what will happen after those 90 days are over?

Because like I mentioned before, fitness is about sustaining the results for the long term. And my fear is that after the program is over, you will either be looking for another program, in which you will have to purchase another set of dvd’s.

Or you may just find yourself going back to your poor habits which will get you feeling bad about yourself.

Now the same could be said for the Insanity program if you decided to purchase the dvd set. But insanity is part of beachbody, and beachbody has an on demand feature which gives you access to over 600 workout programs, including Insanity.

So when you’re done with one workout, you don’t have to worry about which program to get. You have access to them all on any of your favorite devices.

So this is definitely something to think about when deciding which program will be best for you. Because when you think about Insanity vs Tapout XT, knowing the differences is key to really getting the results you’re looking for.

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