How To Make Money Losing Weight With HealthyWage

How To Make Money Losing Weight With HealthyWage

One of the biggest reason people struggle with losing weight is due to lack of motivation. See for some it’s easy.  Going to the gym to workout is like breathing.  For others, thinking about exercise can be like getting ready for a root canal at the dentist.

Regardless of the reason, finding motivation can be difficult.

There have been many methods used to try and help someone with weight loss.  Whether it be through therapy, competitions, or diet programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

But according to research done by the Mayo Clinic, one method that has proven to be effective, is MONEY.

Research has shown that using money as an incentive to lose weight, has been more successful than many other methods.  Which is why I am writing this article today.  I plan on showing you how to make money losing weight with HealthyWage

Getting Started

Ready to bet on yourself and lose some weight?  Here’s how you can get started with HealthyWage Challenges.

  1.  Start by using the HealthyWage Prize Calculator if you’re looking for a personal challenge. If you’re looking for the Team Challenges, you will need a team of five. HealthyWage can provide you with a team if you don’t have five people ready.

With the prize calculator, all you have to do is enter how much weight you want to lose, how long it will take to lose the weight, and the amount of money you would like to bet per month.

Based on the information provided, your prize amount will be calculated.  Keep in mind that you can participate in both challenges simultaneously.

calculate your prize

  1. Sign up for the challenge and agree to pay the amount every month.
  1. Hit your weight-loss goal and win the prize.
  1. If you don’t reach your weight-loss goal, your money goes to help support HealthyWage and other prizes that goes to others who reach their goals.

Lose Weight, Get Paid

So what is HealthyWage and what do they do?  HealthyWage is a wellness group that helps provide challenges (Personal or Team) for those looking to make changes when it comes to their health.

They understand how difficult and mentally draining it can be to lose weight, so they decided to get creative.  By making fitness and weight loss more fun, they found a way to make it more effective.  

They were able to do this with the use of challenges and by providing prizes as incentive.  To take it a step further, they know that people are more willing to stay committed to a program when they put their own money at risk.

At the same time, awarding those who not only commit, but also achieve their goals.

HealthyWage Success Stories

Here are two success stories from actual people.  The first one being from someone that participated in a personal challenge, and the other from a team challenge.

  • Meet Kristin – Before her amazing transformation, Kristin started off at 278 lbs.  She would complain often about not being able to keep up with her nieces when they played together. Also, she was tired of always being winded when climbing a flight of stairs.  

So Kristin took it upon herself to make a bet on herself, and change her life.  She was able to win the challenge and was awarded $4000. It’s amazing what a little motivation can do.  Because of this motivation, she continues on this path of healthy living with a newfound purpose.  Which is to inspire others with her success.

kristen results

  • Meet Team Flubber Busters – This team made up of co-workers who also happen to be family, decided to participate due to it being a competition.  They thought it would be a fun way to lose weight and potentially win some money.  But they also had deeper reasons like living a healthy lifestyle, being there for their children, and of course looking and feeling better.  

Well because of their commitment to teamwork, they were able to take home the grand prize of $10,000 after losing a combined total of 208 lbs.  Even after their win, they still participate in challenges together to make sure they keep the weight off.  This goes to show you what a little teamwork can accomplish. Being accountable to others is a great way to stay motivated.

team results

Remember, regardless if you fall short at winning the prize, always be proud of the hard work you put into the challenge.  Also take note of the weight you actually did lose and use it as motivation to keep pushing forward.

If you’re ready to make a change, visit HealthyWage to get started.

get started

32 thoughts on “How To Make Money Losing Weight With HealthyWage

  1. Interesting program. I have never heard of anything like this before. I have spent lots of money in the attempt to lose weight between the gym, personal training and various diet programs. I’ve had various amounts of success but always go back to my old ways of gaining weight.

    I’m sure this could be a great motivation for losing weight. I check my prize on the website. I would need to risk $1200. If I reached my goal I would get $2400 back. I could lose weight and earn $1200.

    That’s some good motivation.

  2. Wow, this is awesome! I am very competitive by nature, and I do need to lose weight. I can definitely see myself doing well with this. I am going to go right to the prize calculator and see what I can win with my bet! Have you done this? I mean, do you really get your prize money? What if you want to do the group too, but don’t have anyone you know to do it with? I would hate to be in a group of people who end up not being motivated as myself!

    • Hi Matt’s Mom, I really like how Healthywage goes about helping people lose weight, and I think you would have a fun time challenging yourself. I have not done it personally as losing weight has never been an issue for me, but I have had a friend that has. which brought me to writing this review. And yes, you really do win a prize for reaching your weight loss goals, as there would be complaints everywhere if that were not the case. In regards to your questions about not having enough members to form a team, Healthywage will team you up with others that are unable to form a team. yes there is a risk they may lack motivation, but the clearly have some motivation to be signing up in the first place. So you kinda have hope for the best and focus on supporting them and doing your best.

  3. Awesome review on HealthyWage. There’s no doubt that the incentive of earning some $$ to lose weight is very powerful for so many.

    Maybe it’s time for me to try this :/

    I think the team challenge is a great idea, having someone else on your team will be more motivating.

    • I agree Dee! Knowing that others are relying on you to help accomplish a goal, will decrease the urge to want to quit. Too me that is a good kind of peer pressure. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Ralph,
    Appreciate you sharing your knowledge of healthy wage. What a cool and unique concept to help people to lose weight – I love it!
    At my work we have teams that work with Weight Watchers to lose weight and to help motivate each other. I would have to think with healthy wage the motivation to lose weight with the incentive to earn money is a great tool.
    I agree with you whole heartedly that people need motivation to do something, many things. Whether it’s lose weight, stop drinking, start running, etc. And finding that motivation can be a challenge. I just love this concept!
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Mat A.

    • Thanks Mat! I agree with you that it can be a great motivational tool for those that struggle with losing weight. I always try to tell people that make sure you are losing weight in a healthy way, and I like that healthywage works to make sure that is the case.

  5. I had never heard of healthywage before but I suppose the idea makes a great deal of sense. I think that is why shows such as biggest loser are so popular; because there is money to be won if you stick with it, and win the challenge. It is also a great motivator because there is money to be lost if you lose the challenge.
    Is there a maximum amount that they would allow a person to wager?

    • Yea you can definitely see why programs like the biggest loser are so popular. Making money can motivate many to reach certain goals. I think the maximum amount you can wager is about $100 a month.Thanks for commenting.

  6. wow healthy wage is something new for me, never knew that money incentive can be used to be a motivation system to help people lose their weight.

    this is such a creative and smart concept to make people keep committed to their goal.

    Hopefully, people won’t hurt themselves while achieving the target

    thank you for sharing this post Ralph

    • Hey Elbert! Healthywage has a system that helps you lose weight in a healthy way. They have a cap at the amount of weight loss you can have in a given period of time to help deter anyone from trying to lose weight in a unhealthy way. So they really do have the best intentions when it comes to helping those reach their weight loss goals.

  7. HealthyWage really is something unique! The money incentive should help people get active and exercise. The problem is that motivation comes and goes. What stays are habits. Habits are what determine our lives. I have been working out for many years but have stopped completely two years now. I know that I must start again, but I don’t want to. A money incentive would be a good way to start again. Btw, the transformations are amazing!

    • Thanks John and yes I agree about having habits. When looking for long term success, you need to develop healthy habits in order for you maintain healthy living. But i think for many, starting can be the hardest part. With HealthyWage, the challenges they offer and the opportunity to win money is a great motivator to get started. I’m confident that once you get back starting again, you’ll keep it going. Thanks for commenting.

  8. What a great concept to lose weight and win money. Talk about a nice incentive for people and a way to help motivate them to change their lifestyle for better. My husband finds it hard to get motivated and stay with it. I think this would help out alot with loosing weight and getting healthy. I’m going to save your website so I can go back to it. Thanks for the great article.

    • You’re welcome Connie. So many people struggle with motivation, and when I heard about healthywage, I thought this would be a great opportunity to help share this with others. I really hope you and your husband give it a try, and please keep me updated on your progress.

  9. Never thought about it this way before. This really could push people to meet their ideal weight, but hope they won’t push themselves too far.

    Having money as the incentive and competition with other members can really bring up a great challenge and fun at the same time.

    Thank you Ralph for sharing this.

    • You’re welcome Izuddin! Yea money is a great motivator. Keep in mind that HealthyWage is all about making sure you are losing weight in a healthy way. This is why they have a cap on the percentage amount of weight you loss during the process. So if you try to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time, they consider that unhealthy. So they definitely try to encourage healthy weight loss.

  10. I’ve done it! I have signed up! How exciting. You have to be prepared to lose at least 10% of your bodyweight so I am going for 16 lbs which is actually my ideal weight. I haven’t been that weight for 15 years but when I reach it I will also have a nice cash prize to buy myself some new smaller clothes.

    Thanks for sharing this, I had never heard of it before.

    • Congrats Flavia and good luck! I really like what HealthyWage is doing here by rewarded those that are able to reach their weight loss goals. Money is definitely a huge motivator, and I like how they tied it into weight loss. I hope to hear back from you about your success.

  11. Not a bad idea.
    Anything that puts people on the right track.
    Losing weight tied to money…interesting.
    I would guess that many people would welcome this connection as they seem to vacillate between gaining and losing which probably be referred to as adding unnaturally and shedding to natural weight. Gaining and losing makes it sound as two words that actually can connect people to the idea of gaining money while losing weight

    • Thanks Orion!  I agree, I think that it’s a really interesting concept. All you need is a little incentive and you can accomplish a lot.

  12. What a wonderful concept of incentivizing weight loss! So much nowadays money is such a huge drive in goals for people. I think what you are going for is genius and not only creates a lifestyle however it promotes a healthy goal focused mindset as well!

    I look forward to more success and progress for your clients!

    • Thanks Meghan!  I think it is important for someone to find motivation in anyway they can.  Whatever helps someone make health a priority in their life is a plan worth trying.

  13. This sounds like a fun way to lose weight. I wish I could convince my roommate to participate. She really wants to shed some pounds but lacks the discipline and motivation to do it. She’s good at starting out but could never finish. I guess this would be a good motivation for her.

    Because like most people who are overweight, they know they need to lose weight but they just don’t care especially if they’re already used to it. So I really think this is a cool idea, I mean, cash as a reward could be a great motivation.

    • Hey Alice!  Maybe if you get more people involved, your friend may be more inclined to join in. It always helps to have other people holding you accountable.  Thanks for your comment.

  14. Hi Ralph, What a great website and idea. I don’t know anyone who like the words diet and exercise. But throw in making money as an incentive. Now you get a lot of peoples attention. And you help people loose weight get healthy and feel good about themselves. And maybe even make some money. Thats a win win in my book. Continued success to you……Mike

    • Thanks Mike!  But you are absolutely right.  There is no better motivator than money.  For me exercising is easy, but as a trainer, I can understand how difficult it can be for others to get going. But when you get people involved in competition and use money as an incentive, the motivation increases.  Very good concept and I’m glad so many people are enjoying it and getting results at the same time.

  15. This is truly unique. I have seen diet plans, pills and exercises for decades but this could work. I have struggled with my wieght for 20 years. Losing money if i don’t lose the wieght would motivate me to be stricter with my nutrition and exercise. How did you find this?

    • Hi Candice.  Yea I’m not a huge fan of diet pills and diet plans so I can understand your frustration with them. Sometimes it does take a different kind of motivation for someone to really go to work when it comes to their health. I was able to stumble upon HealthyWage through a friend.  I really liked the concept and thought I would investigate it further.  I really do believe that a lot of people would find this type of program helpful when it comes to their health.

  16. Who would of thought you could bet on losing weight and making money from it. This sounds awesome for people needing that little extra motivation. Team work to make the dream work is the old saying. True statement, having a workout buddy always helps. Then put some money on the line now your talking, lol.

    • Hey Cedric.  Yea I definitely agree.  There’s nothing more motivating than having to work with a team with the chance to win a prize.  I really like the concept as it really holds each team member accountable.  Not wanting to let the other person down gives you a real sense of purpose.  Thanks for your comment.

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