How To Lose Weight This New Year’s With Noom

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how to lose weight this new years with noom

Every new year’s more and more people make a commitment to take their health more seriously, and every year more and more people fail on that commitment.

I mean it makes sense. The new year tends to bring about hope that one can change their habits.

But as the months role a long, you find that losing weight isn’t as easy as making the resolution to begin with.

Lack of motivation plays a huge role in why this is the case.

In order to get the results you’re looking for, you will have to learn how to create better habits for yourself.

But how do you do this? Well in this article, I plan on breaking down how a weight loss program like Noom can help you create those better habits.

Instead of making the same resolution every year to lose weight, you will be creating new goals to keep the momentum going.

What Is Noom?

So what is the Noom diet all about? Noom is a wellness program that is designed to help you create better habits when it comes to your health.

We all know that eating right and being active is a very important part of losing weight, but what about the mental aspect?


Too many times we neglect it as if it isn’t as important.

Well Noom’s goal is focus on this part, and help you understand how to better navigate through mental barriers that seem to stop you from reaching your weight loss goals.

noom online evaluation

By taking their 30 second online evaluation, you can find out if their program is right for you.

But for those that are interested in learning more, feel free to continue reading.

Understanding Weight Loss and Why You Struggle With It Every New Year’s

As mentioned in the last paragraph, diet and exercise are just one aspect of losing weight. I consider this the physical part.

But what many people struggle with on a daily basis when it comes to losing weight, is the mental part.

Whether it be due to stress, lack of motivation, or lack of knowledge, learning how to handle this aspect can be difficult.

As a former personal trainer, I know how important it is for the client to overcome mental hurdles they deal with daily.

Not only am I their personal trainer, but also their therapist somewhat.

The struggle to lose weight many times comes from dealing with stress either at work or at home.

Which is why some people can be consistent with their diet and exercise, and still not see results.

It’s because stress can impact your metabolic system as well.

Therefore being able to talk to someone you trust can be a great way to manage the stress you deal with everyday.

So how should you go about managing all these different factors that can affect your weight loss goals?

Programs are a good way to start, but how do you go about selecting the right program for you?

What To Look For When Choosing a Weight Loss Program

I’m sure you’ve probably tried many weight loss programs and found little results with them.

So when choosing the right one for your fitness needs, you want to make sure you have a few things covered.

  • Support - what makes personal trainers so effective is their ability to provide you with the support you need to increase your chances of getting results. Because they understand what it takes to get results, they can customize a workout plan just for you. The same thing goes for nutritionists. They can create a meal plan based on the foods you like that will complement your workouts to help get you the best results. So it’s important to find a program that can give you the support you need to be successful long term.

  • Accountability - without it, it can be very difficult to accomplish anything. You need to know that getting results ultimately come down to YOU. So you need to make sure you are doing your part when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Any program you choose, should have a way to hold you accountable for you actions or inactions.

  • Tools - we live in a time where data is a part of everything we do. Gathering data allows us to come up with strategies to better help us complete tasks. It’s no different when trying to collect data to help you lose weight. From logging your meals and exercises, to recording goals to make sure you stay on track.

I’m sure you’re thinking that there are many free apps that allow you to log meals and exercise. But let me tell you that free isn’t always the best way to go.

That’s because people are more committed when they are putting their own money on the table.

If you’re someone that considers themselves discipline and are looking for a tool to keep you on track, then a free app may be the best option.

But if you’ve tried free and got little results, then it may be best to pay for the support you need.

How Noom Can Help You Reach Your New Year New You Goals

The great thing about Noom is that they provide you with the support and accountability you need to be successful with weight loss.

They provide you with a health coach that gives you tips and advice on how to better manage your health.

goal specialists

They will help you change your habits by tackling emotional triggers that may cause you to eat more than you need to.

And if you have a question you need to ask, you can do so straight from your phone.

Keep in mind that everything you do will be done through the noom app on your phone. Which is good since our phones are with us almost 24/7.

Noom also provides you with a color coded food lists to help you better understand the types of foods you’re consuming on a daily basis.

And if you’re wondering how much it will cost to get access to all this, Noom has packages that start off as low as $16.58/month.

There’s also a 14 day trial that allows you to try it before you buy it. So definitely take advantage of that.

Ready To Tackle Those New Year New You Goals?

So if you’re interested in seeing if noom can work for you, just click the link below and take their online evaluation tool.

You will be asked a series of questions regarding your current habits. This will help noom assign you with a coach that will work best for you.

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Miriam - October 29, 2019

I signed up for a “free” trial of Noom that cost $10. Apparently their revolutionary plan is to tell me to eat 1200 calories, low fat. Which we knew didn’t work 20 years ago. I can’t find a human to talk to, to find out if they have other plans for other metabolisms. I’m very annoyed. And apparently they have me scheduled for an 8 month renewal in a little over a week?

This just doesn’t seem right. Thoughts?

Susan Malenkr - January 6, 2019

Do you send packages of food for everyday meals.
This is what I’m looking for. A pre planned diet where the meals are sent to me. Is this what you do ?

    Ralph - January 8, 2019

    Unfortunately Susan, food is not delivered to you. You have to purchase your own food items. Thanks for commenting.


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