how to lose belly fat and get abs

how to lose belly fat and get abs

So you want to learn how to lose belly fat and get abs.  Yea I get it, there’s nothing more annoying than looking in the mirror and seeing those love handles.  I’m not even sure why they call them that since there is nothing lovely about them. But I guess everyone needs love right?

Remember, your abs are already there, they’re just a little busy hiding underneath all that warm fat.  So the goal is to find a way to remove that fat and say hello to your abs.The trick to losing fat is actually not a trick at all.  

It all comes down to proper diet, regular exercise and the desire to be better than what you are.  Getting the results you desire isn’t all that hard, what’s hard is finding the motivation to put in the work necessary to reach those goals is what people struggle with the most.

Don’t’ get me wrong, these days it is extremely difficult to make health a priority when LIFE continues to give you a kick in the stomach.  But in order for you to achieve the results you desire, you have to find a way to kick back.

Get Your Diet In Order

If you’re ever going to find those abs hidden underneath, then you’re going to have to start with your diet.  I understand food can be very tempting, but resisting the urge is something you will have to learn how to do.

Now i’m not saying to stay completely away from the foods you enjoy most, but you have to find a way to eat it in moderation.The problem people have when it comes to poor diet is everyday seems to be a cheat day.  

If you can limit your cheat day to an actual DAY, then getting results becomes a bit easier.  So it is important that during the week you eat clean, and then come the weekend, you can enjoy a cheat day RESPONSIBLY.

Make Exercise A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Even though burning belly fat is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, making exercise a regular part on your routine is a great way to help speed up the process.  With so many gyms and studios available,  finding a place to get in shape shouldn’t be a problem.  

Even if you are someone that doesn’t really like going to the gym, there are exercise equipment machines out there at a decent price that can help you get results in the comfort of your very own home.  All you need is 3 hours a week to help get you in shape.  

As busy as it may seem life is for you, finding 3 hours is certainly doable if you are serious about getting results.

Drink More Water

I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking more water.  I hear too many people who say they don’t drink water because it doesn’t taste good.  Even though there are many ways to help bring flavor to your water.

Using taste as a reason to not hydrate yourself just isn’t a good enough excuse.  You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily.  Yes that will result in many bathroom breaks, but your health is worth it right? 

Plus it gives you a good reason to get up and take a break and stretch out your legs.  If you struggle finding motivation to hydrate yourself, then I would suggest you invest in getting a motivational water bottle.  

It could be the motivation you need to better your health.

Stay Away From Sweets

If you’re looking for a great way to store fat in your belly, there’s no better way to do that then by consuming a lot of sugar.  So if you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to learn how to control it.  So treats like doughnuts, cake, or ice cream, you really need to cut back on them.

They will do you know good in your quest to burn that belly fat.  Even if you have to trick yourself into thinking that they are disgusting, then do it.  If you really need to have your sweet fix, then make it part of your cheat day, but be responsible of course.

Eat In Instead of Eating Out

With today’s busy world, finding time to eat a home cooked meal can be a real struggle for many people.  First you have to go grocery shopping and then prepare the meal.  With people getting out of work late, it’s hard to find time to take care of your fitness needs and the needs of your family.  

So it’s easy to just stop and get some quick food and satisfy your hunger needs.  The problem with that is, when you rely on others to prepare your food, you are letting them control your health as you have no idea what type of ingredients they are putting in your meal.  

One way you can fix that is by preparing your own meals.  Yes I know it’s easier said than done.  But if you are serious about getting those results, then you really need to start controlling how you consume your meals throughout the week.  

There are also meal delivery services out there like blue apron, home chef, and plated that can deliver fresh ingredient to you.  It is definitely worth a try and see if it may be something that can work for you.  Just make sure to look at your budget and see the cost between their services and eating out.

Final Thoughts

Losing belly fat is about being consistent with both your diet and exercise.  Also understanding that your belly fat didn’t just get there overnight, so you can’t expect it to go away quickly.  

Remember that your abs are there, they’re just covered a bit and need some help being shown.

Hope you enjoyed this read.  Please feel free to share below your thoughts on it.


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