How To Choose The Best Online Weight Loss Programs

woman measuring waistSo if I asked you what is the key to achieving amazing weight loss results, what would your answer be? Most would probably say the key to weight loss is healthy eating and regular exercise. And that would be a great answer.

But for some reason, losing weight is so much easier said than done. And this is why I chose to write this article. I’m going to help show you how to choose the best online weight loss program, because having a system is crucial to getting results.

The reason having a system is so important is because many people need to be guided on when and what to eat, what exercises to perform, etc. Not only that, but helping teach people why all this is important helps sustain long term success going forward.

Importance of Weight Loss Programs

If achieving weight loss was as simple as healthy eating and regular exercise, then we would have a world full of really fit people. With obesity rates as high as they are, it’s safe to say that losing weight can be difficult for many.

That’s why it is important to develop a system. I think the biggest reason people struggle with losing weight is due to lack of discipline and motivation. So it’s important to find ways to help someone develop that discipline and find that motivation.

Depending on the weight loss program, this can be a great way to achieve both discipline and motivation. So many times people just want someone who is knowledgeable to tell them what they need to do to get results.

So if you can create a system designed to make it easier for the person looking to lose weight, this eliminates the guesswork most people have when trying. So when choosing an effective weight loss program, here are some things you need to look for.

Get Involved In Challenges

There’s nothing more motivating than participating in a challenge. For some reason, competition brings out the best in people. Maybe it’s the joy of winning, or the fear of losing that makes people want to try so hard to find success.

For whatever reason, if you’re looking for a good weight loss program, make sure they have challenges to help with motivation. Even better, if they have team challenges, this can increase motivation due to having people rely on you to succeed.

If you’ve ever been part of a team, whether it be sports or a board game during game night, then you know the importance of being there for your teammates. So you’re gonna want to try hard for them, and a big reason for this is not wanting to let them down.  

This brings out the best in people to accomplish a certain goal as a team  

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives…

Studies have shown that you are more likely to stick to a weight loss program if there are incentives attached to it. In the study, not only were they able to stick to it, but they were also able to lose more weight compared to those that were given no incentives.

So if you’re looking for a boost in motivation, it helps if the program has some sort of incentive for you actually reaching your weight loss goals. You would think that seeing results would be motivation enough, but clearly that is not the case.

But i’m a person that believes that whatever you need to do to help find motivation to better your health, you go for it. As long as it’s not hurting anyone of course. But finding motivation is such a huge factor in someone finding success in anything they do.

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Success Stories

What’s the point of a program if there isn’t success stories to go along with it. I mean we all want to find success in life, and if possible, having the opportunity to share it with others is a great feeling.

Of course you shouldn’t be doing this for anyone but yourself, but success stories can be a big motivator for others looking for the same type of success. And being able to help someone else with their weight loss struggles is a great feeling to have.

And if you’re worried about the legitimacy of the people you see in transformation pics, do know that companies need the permission of the people to have their pictures up. So you can feel confident that the results you see are from real people who have tried the program.

Find a Program and Stick To It!

Once you’ve found a program you like, the only thing left to do is stick to it and get results. When it comes to losing weight, we know that it is far from an easy process. But in order to get those results, you need to show commitment and give effort.

And after reading this article, you should have an idea of how to choose the best online weight loss program to get you results. So grab some friends, and attack those weight lose goals together.

Holding each other accountable will make it harder for anyone who’s thinking about quitting, to quit. I know it’s hard, but i’m confident that you can get it done.


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Daniella - September 9, 2017

Hi Ralph,
Great article!
I am the kind of person who does no needs someone to make me move and achieve things in life. I’ve lost a lot of weight after having given two births, and my weight has never been better! But my husband has problems with discipline. He must get involved in a weight loss program. Otherwise, he won’t lose weight. I will show him this article, hoping it will convince him to sign up to the suggested program.
Thank you for this excellent post!

    Ralph - September 9, 2017

    Thank you Daniella and congrats on your weight loss success. You would think seeing how successful you have been would be motivation enough for your husband, but I guess everyone needs to find the right motivation for them.Your husband should definitely give the program a try, as it could be the boost he needs to get results. Thanks for commenting Daniella and I wish you the best with everything.

Andrew - September 8, 2017

I believe that having a workout teammate is one of the most crucial steps in actually following through we getting in shape and being consistent. You hold each other accountable to be there even at times when you wouldn’t want to.

I know that at the various times in my life that I was in my best shape, I had either a partner, or a team of people behind me to motivate and work hard with me. Have you been able to be consistent without a workout partner?

    Ralph - September 8, 2017

    Hey Andrew! I agree that if you are someone that struggles with staying consistent with exercise, having a workout buddy is a great way to go. Having that person that relies on you holds you accountable to your goals. I’m actually a personal trainer so I have no problem finding motivation to exercise.  But when dealing with clients, I know how much it motivates them to have me their pushing them.

Elbert - September 8, 2017

hey Ralph, totally agree with you about lots of people are searching a way or a system to lose weight but never achieve it due to lack of discipline and motivation.

I lost 9kg of weight in 2 months but thats not that i have a program or any system its just i found out that everyone has a different body types that they should learn and listen to

choose and stick to 1 program ! thats the way

    Ralph - September 8, 2017

    Congrats on your weight loss Elbert! I agree, everyone has different body types, and finding a system that works for you is key. Once you are able to find the motivation and discipline, then sticking to that program is much easier.


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