How Blue Apron Is Eliminating The Middleman

These days it can be difficult to find food that is made fresh to eat.  We are so worried about getting our food quick, that we forget that eating quality fresh food is essential to our overall health.  

The way food is delivered today, in order to prevent food from spoiling, food is picked before they are able to ripen.  Not to mention the chemicals that are put into them.  

how blue apron is eliminating the middleman

This makes the quality of the food we eat not great when it comes to our health.  Also if you are someone that has goals when it comes to fitness, what you eat is key to reaching those goals.  

In this article, I will show you how blue apron is eliminating the middleman and delivering fresh quality ingredients to families across the country.

Over 150 Family Farms

Because of our need to get food delivered quickly to our homes, this has made it difficult for farmers who grow food naturally.  

Eating food that is naturally grown is essential to our health instead of the genetically modified food that we tend to consume these days.  

That’s why blue apron has made it their mission to work with family farms to help deliver fresh quality ingredients to families.   

Blue Apron Ingredients

By working closely with farms, blue apron ensures that proper care is being put into every ingredient delivered.  

Ingredients are picked ripe and delivered straight to your door, giving you fresh ingredients every time.  

This type of model not only helps deliver you fresh food, but also helps avoid waste due to ingredients not given proper time to grow.

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Blue Apron Food Delivery Service

It’s hard to think that food being delivered in a box could be all that fresh.  But with blue apron’s delivery service, this is possible.  Each package contains ice packets that help keep your food fresh throughout the whole shipment process.  Therefore you never have to worry about your food spoiling.  Even if you’re not home, the food stays fresh for when you return.

how it works

Learn more about how blue apron works

Freshness Guarantee

If for any reason you find any of your ingredients not to your liking, blue apron offers a freshness guarantee.

Where you are able to contact blue apron to make sure you receive new ingredients at no extra cost to you. This guarantees that you are always satisfied with the blue apron experience.


So it’s important to make sure the food you eat are good quality ingredients.  Especially these days when we all want our food as quickly as possible.  

Also if you are someone that has fitness goals, then you know that diet is one of the most important factors to living a healthy lifestyle.

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T & C - April 29, 2017

Well, this is exciting! I have never heard of Blue Apron before, but what a wonderful idea! As someone who doesn’t always have the time or the energy to make it to the Saturday Farmer’s Markets for farm fresh produce, this could really be a literal life saver! I agree that farm fresh is best – of course! It’s comforting to know that you’ve supported a family of growers and, in turn, you’ve received a wonderful product that is actually nutritious! Thanks for sharing!

    Ralph - April 30, 2017

    Thanks for your comment and yes, I am really big on consuming healthy foods. I take pride and helping others make healthy eating a priority in their lives. If you are someone that loves to cook and struggle to find time to go shopping, then you should definitely give it a try.

Marika - April 29, 2017

This sounds great! So sad they only for US shipments. But it’s about fresh food. So guess it’s not the same to send it to Sweden. But I would love if I found something similar here.
We have options here to buy “planned meal bags” here too. But believe it’s mostly connected to the grocery stores. So don’t like the same option. I like the direct connection to the farms and producers.
Do you get some information about where the food comes from in the packages?

    Ralph - April 29, 2017

    Hi Marika! Yes it is very unfortunate that they don’t ship to Sweden, because I know you would enjoy it. Within you package, you usually receive instructions of how to prepare your meal.

Cynthia - April 29, 2017

I have heard of Blue Apron. In fact, I think it was the first meal kit I heard of. I now hear of several others that are offering fresh meal kits.
I wonder what the difference is. You mentioned that Blue Apron has fresh ingredients from family farms. Are the farms growing organically?

    Ralph - April 29, 2017

    Yes Indeed Cynthia! Many of blue apron’s ingredients are USDA certified organic. I’m someone that tries to go organic as much as I can if available, so I can appreciate blue aprons effort to go organic. Thanks for your comment Cynthia!


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