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With so many meal delivery services around, it’s seems almost impossible to get around without hearing some type of advertisement about them. Whether it be searching the internet and seeing and ad pop up on your computer, or listening to the radio.  

Meal delivery services are everywhere.  A big reason for that is due to the fact that we have become very busy with life and struggle to find time to go grocery shopping and cook a healthy meal.  

This causes us to look for the quick meal which can be a lot less healthy for you.  With services like Home Chef making their way into our homes, finding time to cook a healthy meal has never been easier.  

About Home Chef

If you are someone that lives a very busy lifestyle, then home chef may be just what you’re looking for.  Home chef is all about helping you skip that annoying grocery line and getting you to enjoy a nice home cooked google trendsmeal within 30 minutes.  

Home chef understands how difficult it can be to find time to cook a healthy meal after work and exercise.  

So to save you time from the grocery store rush, home chef has fresh ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep.

Home Chef Prices

Home Chef likes to keep their pricing very simple for their customers.  Each meal home chef provides is $9.95 per serving.  There are also premium dishes that cost more, but at this time, home chef doesn’t really feature them but may do so in the future.  

Delivery is free for all orders that go over $40.  Anything that is under $40 will cost you $10.  

What I like about Home chef’s prices is it’s simplicity.  Other meal delivery services have different prices based on how many meals and package.  Home chef keeps it simple by always keeping the price per meal the same.

Making it easy to just select your meal and wait for it to be delivered.

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Who Could Benefit From This Service?

  • Anyone that doesn’t have time go grocery shopping after a long day at work and exercise.
  • If you struggle with trying to decide what to cook and are tired of cooking the same boring meals every night.
  • If you are someone that loves to cook, but are not that great at it.  Home Chef provides you with step by step instructions to help make cooking a tasty meal simple.

Service Features

Variety – home chef offers 10 different dinner options, giving you a lot of meals to choose from.  Along with breakfast, fruit baskets and smoothies,  home chef has something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

No Long Term Contracts – No one likes being stuck in a contract which makes home chef so easy to try.  You can try out their service without the worry of being stuck long term if you find yourself not needing the service anymore.  

They also allow you to skip meals for any given week if you find yourself going vacation or if you happen to not like what they have available on the menu for that week.

Fresh Deliveries – Making sure your ingredients stay fresh throughout the delivery process is priority number one for home chef.  

That is why each meal is delivered in a highly insulated box with ice packets to ensure your ingredients always stay fresh.  

If for any reason you are not satisfied with any items in your package, just call home chef support, and they will make sure to resolve the issue.

Shop Online – There’s nothing more convenient than shopping online for your favorite things.  Home chef makes it easy to access your account and select your meals.  

You have access to control all parts of your order. From cancellations to skipping meals for any given week. You have access to all this with just a click of a button.

How To Get 3 Free Meals With Home Chef

If you are still interested in trying out Home Chef risk free, for all new customers, you get 3 free meals on your first order.  Not only are there no long term contracts, but you can enjoy delicious meals at a discounted price.

So if you are someone that is looking to try out this meal delivery service, home chef makes that process simple.  If for any reason you don’t like their service, they make cancelling easy. 

So give it a try, and let me know what you think by sharing below.  

Enjoy 3 Free Meals With Home Chef

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Robert - May 24, 2017

Thanks for the review on meal delivery. I’ve only heard of Blue Apron and some smaller companies via Instargram as I follow fitness pros online and they seem always promote it. I also agree with you that it’s a better alternative then going too fast food joints on the fly since I meet clients out in the field and have little time.

What are the portion sizes? I eat pretty healthy and have cheat meals from time to time, so the amount of calorie intake including fat, carbs, protein is something I monitor. Thanks for the review on how meal delivery works.

    Ralph - May 24, 2017

    Hi Robert! I know exactly what you’re talking about since I’m a personal trainer and it can be hard to find time to eat regularly. As far as portion sizes go, each meal is pre-portioned, so you could probably get 3 meals out of a 2 person meal, but it depends on which meal you choose. Hope this answers your question.

ajones64 - May 23, 2017

Hey Ralph a great review. This is a great alternative for a busy lifestyle.
It seem like a great way to loose weight or maintain a good and healthy eating lifestyle. I like the fact that the meal are packed in an insulated box.

I always wondered how they would ship fruits and vegetables especially during the summer months.

I can see this being a plus for a young man that is trying to impress his date with his cooking skills.

It also can benefit people who travel a great deal and get tired of take out food.

Do you have to buy a certain amount for packages from them a month or is it just as you want or need their service?

    Ralph - May 23, 2017

    I’m happy you was able to find this article helpful Ajones! When it come so living a healthy lifestyle, finding time to eat healthy is important. So services like home chef can be very helpful. Also I agree, you can definitely impress your date if that is the plan for the week. Home chef allows you to pick the amount of meals you need for the week. So you get to choose how often you get your meals delivered to you.

Courtney - May 22, 2017

Thanks for all the info on Home Chef. I have been considering a meal delivery program for awhile now and can’t seem to pick one. What is your favorite? Have you tried the vegetarian options from Home Chef?
I currently eat an all organic vegetarian diet so quality is important to me.

    Ralph - May 22, 2017

    Hi Courtney! I haven’t tried their vegetarian options, but I plan to do so in the near future. I am bit of a fan of blue apron currently, but still feeling them all out. I’m a big time organic eater, so i’m a big fan of these services. Thanks for your comment.


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