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If you’ve ever tried Home Chef’s meal delivery service and wondered how you could share your experience with a friend or loved one, then look no further.  

Home Chef meal delivery services makes trying out their service even more special with gift options.

If you are someone that struggles with finding the right gift to give someone, then there’s no better gift to give than food.  There’s not many people who would turn down a good healthy meal.

With home chef gift options, showing someone how much you care about them is made simple for you.  

Types of Gifts

Giving someone you care about the opportunity to enjoy the home chef experience is a great gift to give. It’s not like any other gift most people get.  

Currently home chef has only one way to give a gift and that is with a gift card.  A Home Chef gift card allows for a lot of flexibility especially in the way the potential recipient can receive it.

Email yourself – maybe you would like to give the gift in person.  If that is the case, you can email your gift card to yourself and have it printed out for you to give to someone.

Email Recipient – If you rather just surprise someone with an email, then that option is also available.

Home chef gives you the power on how you would like to deliver your gift.  With just a click of the button, gift giving is made simple.

Home Chef Gift Cards – How It Works

Home chef allows you to build out your own electronic gift card.  When accessing the home chef gift site, the first thing you will be required to do is choose an amount as shown below.

build your own gift card

View Gift Options

There is however a minimum amount of $50 that is required if you are choosing to give a gift, which is based on average order cost.  Once you have chosen the gift amount, home chef gives you the option on how you would like to send your gift.  

As stated above, you can either email it to yourself to give to the recipient, or just have the card sent directly through email.  You just need to fill out details like name and email address, along with a special message that is optional, and you’re gift is ready to go.  

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How To Redeem Your Gift Card

Once your gift card is completed, redeeming it is very simple.  All gift cards include a unique, easy to use voucher code that allows you to redeem your gift online.  

Just make sure to check your card which will have all the necessary details needed to complete your gift order.

So if you’re interested in sending a home chef gift card to someone, you can click here to get started.

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