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HealthyWage Wellness Challenge Review

Can This Program be The Motivation you Need To Reach Your Goals?

HealthyWage is a wellness program that uses challenges and cash prizes to make weight loss and fitness fun and effective. In this review, I will go over if this program really is different from the other wellness programs.

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Research has shown that giving incentives like money has been very effective for those that are looking to lose weight


You can determine your monthly payments with the calculator wager. Team challenges are $25/month for 3 months


There are personal, team and corporate challenges to choose from. Along with games to help make challenges fun


Having friends and family participate along with you is what makes the HealthyWage program so effective.

What I Like

  • Easy to use tools
  • Lose weight in a healthy way
  • Money is a great motivator to get in shape
  • Control how much you pay each month
  • Positive peer pressure for accountability
  • Fun and exciting challenges
  • Long term success

What I Don’t Like

  • Have to depend on others to win team challenges
  • No cancellations or refunds
  • May cause some to lose weight in a unhealthy way
  • Losing weight shouldn’t always be the main goal

Motivation can be a very interesting tool. When you don’t have it, it can feel like nothing matters in the world.

But when you do have it, it can feel like there’s nothing in the world that can stop you.

So when it comes to losing weight, i’m sure you can understand the feeling either way.

There have been many methods used in the weight loss industry. Dieters have tried things like supplements, therapy, or weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

Time and time again people have used these methods only to get no results.

Well according to a research study done by the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that if you give someone an incentive like money, it has been proven to be very effective.

Based on the study, completion rates were much higher for the incentive group 62 percent, compared to the non-incentive group 26 percent.

One program that is using this type of method is HealthyWage. As someone that has been in the fitness industry a while, I can understand the struggles that people go through when it comes to losing weight.

This is why I am writing this HealthyWage Wellness Challenge Review.  It could be the motivation you’re looking for.

What Is HealthyWage?

HealthyWage understands how difficult it can be to find motivation to exercise.  So to tackle the obesity epidemic, they have decided to make getting healthy fun.

By using challenges and prizes, they thought it would be a great way to get people motivated.

HealthyWage offers both Personal and Team challenges for anyone to participate in.

What makes this so effective is the fact that you put your own money at risk, which has been known to get amazing results.

Calculate your prize today and see how much you could potentially win.

The way it works is, HealthyWage gives you the opportunity to win cash for losing weight. I’m sure it sounds crazy, but studies have shown this method to be very effective as stated earlier.

I will go into more detail of the process as you continue reading.  But let’s start off with the pros and cons of HealthyWage.

HealthyWage Pros vs Cons


Support and Accountability

For many, trying to lose weight can be a very difficult thing to accomplish by yourself. Being part of a team is one of the best ways to accomplish a task.

The social support and encouragement you receive from your teammates make exercising fun.

Multiple challenges to participate in

HealthyWage lets you take part in up to 10 different challenges at a time.  So this can be a great way to maximize the amount of money that can be made while trying to lose weight.

Can set your own target goals

You can control your target weight loss goal along with the time frame. Keep in mind that there is such a thing called unhealthy weight loss, so you want to make sure you are losing weight in a healthy way.

Fun and Motivating

HealthyWage’s main goal is to make being healthy fun and motivating.  By using challenges where you get to team up with friends and family, along with winning prizes.  This gives you a sense of purpose and accountability to achieve your goals.


Strict Refund Policy

So you’re thinking about quitting and getting your money back huh?  Well unfortunately there are no refunds or cancellations.  Now before you decide to lose it, think about why this is necessary.

They do this to prevent you from trying to give up on accomplishing your goals. Losing weight and getting healthy takes commitment, so having a very strict refund policy is the best way to make sure you commit.

Is HealthyWage For You?

HealthyWage offers many challenges for anyone to participate in. The only thing you need to decide is if you would rather tackle your health issues personally, or with a team.  So let’s start off by discussing the personal challenge first.

Personal Challenge

Being overweight for a lot of people is a very personal thing. So it is understandable why many can lack the motivation necessary to take control of their health.

HealthyWage understands this, and this is why they created a way for you to bet on yourself to help you lose weight.

By creating a prize calculator, allowing you to bet how much weight you can lose in the amount of time you select, giving you the opportunity to win some cash. You can win up to $10,000 if you reach your goal.

Team Challenges

Some people work better with a team because it really helps to know that you are relied upon. This is what makes HealthyWage unique.  They offer many types of different challenges for anyone to participate in.

The team challenges does require a team of five. But if for some reason you are unable to have a completed team, HealthyWage can pair you up with people within the HealthyWage community. So no worries about not being able to compete.

Get Paid To Lose Weight With HealthyWage

The HealthyWager

This is more of an individual weight loss challenge.  Where you can win up to $10,000 by betting on yourself.  If you hit your weight loss goal, you win the prize. This challenge involves using the prize calculator to determine your prize amount.

Corporate Challenges

Many people today struggle with getting in shape at work due to the long hours they put in. The HealthyWage corporate challenge is a great way to get your coworkers involved, with an opportunity to win a prize.

Team Challenge

There are always team challenges going on all year round.  So I would suggest getting your best team of five and compete to lose weight and win some cash. Great way to get everyone motivated.

Step Challenge

Both individuals and teams can participate in this step challenge to win some cash.  The more steps you take, the closer you are to winning your share of the pot.

Jackpot Challenge

Another way to win a share of the pot by achieving amazing weight loss percentages.

Success Stories

Meet Darchelle – She was introduced to HealthyWage by her sister, who thought she would do well in a competitive environment.

So she decided to join a team challenge and although her team did not win, she was able to lose 28 lbs.

At the same time, she also had a HealthyWager going on. She decided to join another team challenge where this time her team actually won.

On top of that, Darchelle was able to hit her HealthyWager goal of 44 lbs.  So she was able to win $2000 for her team challenge, and $1500 for her personal challenge.

Because of this success, Darchelle has continued to make health a priority in her life, and do the things she loves to do, which is be active.

personal challenge results

Meet Team Make It Better – This family has always struggled with being overweight.  Every year come new years, they would have talks about losing weight, and every year nothing would get done.

So they found HealthyWage and thought it would be a good idea to take part in it.  Of course being able to win money was also a great motivator.  But mainly they wanted to feel better about themselves and was tired of being overweight.

They chose their team name to honor a friend who lost a family member due to being overweight. They were able to tie for first place and took home $3600.

They felt being part of a team was important, because it is easy to give up on yourself, but knowing that others rely on you makes it tougher to quit.

team challenge results

Why HealthyWage Works

The Power of Financial Incentives

When it comes to healthy living, you would think that feeling and looking good would be motivation enough.  But Money has been shown to be a very good motivator especially when it comes to weight loss.  Add challenges to it, and it makes losing weight fun and effective.

Not only does well designed incentive programs create motivation, but also long term success.  Research has shown that you are more likely to stick to a program if you are given some incentive. Thus the reason why all HealthyWage challenges last at least ninety days.

Betting is also another way to motivate dieters to achieve their goals.  Knowing that you have your money on the line is a great way for someone to push themselves to accomplish a certain task.

Social Dieting

We are considered social animals, so when we see a group of people taking part in something, our normal reaction is to want to join in. HealthyWage creates this through its challenges by letting you create your own team to compete.

The challenges make it more fun and exciting. To a point where it doesn’t really feel like exercise, which can be stressful for a lot of people.  So what better way to lose weight, than by competing with others.

By getting others involved, you know that you don’t have to go through it alone. You know you always have the support from people that care about you and who want you to succeed.  You are also given the responsibility to make sure you hold your teammates accountable.

Getting Started

  1.  For the personal challenge, you can start with the HealthyWage prize calculator. Where you input how much weight you plan on losing, how long it will take, and how much you plan on betting per month. With the information provided, the calculator will then calculate your potential prize amount. If you’re looking to participate in the Team Challenge, you will need a team of five in order to compete. HealhtyWage will provide for you some people if you are unable to have five people on your team.

2. You will then sign up for the challenge.

3. Achieve your weight loss goals and win your prize.

If you are not able to lose the weight amount you bet, you unfortunately will not get the prize. But do know that you money will go to helping support HealthyWage and all of its challenges. Giving others opportunity to win the prize money.

Frequently Asked Questions (HealthyWage Wiki)

HealthyWager FAQ

Q: How much money can I win?

A: The top prize amount you can win is $10,000.  You can check the prize caculator without having to commit.  The amount does depend on how much you decide to wager with your data and weight.

Q: Can I participate in more than one challenge at a time?

A: Yes!  HealthyWage offers many challenges.  You are allowed to participate in up to 10 challenges.  You just can’t participate in two weight loss wager challenges at the same time.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: You are paid via check or Paypal.  As long as everything goes well with the review process, you could expect to receive you payment in as little as 12 hours after you win.

Team Challenge FAQ

Q: How many people are required on a team?

A: For the team challenge, HealthyWage requires a team of 5.  If you are unable to get the required amount, HealthyWage will team you up with others not set with a full team.

Q: Is there a deadline for registering and weighing-in for the contest?

A: No there is not.  But the longer you wait, the less time you have to lose as much weight as you can.

Q: Can I participate in the challenge if I am pregnant?

A: Unfortunately no.  But you can after having the baby as long as your doctor gives you the ok.

HealthyWage Concerns and Complaints

It’s easy to wonder if all this is too good to be true.  I mean, how could someone give away money just for losing weight?  I’m here to tell you that HealhyWage is very legit, and that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Now you won’t be making life changing money here, but you can definitely make enough to give you that kick in the butt you need to start taking better care of your health.

So Get Started now if you’re looking to bet on yourself and shed those unwanted pounds.

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Francisco - October 23, 2019

I participated in late 2016 – early 2017 and won a bit of money. It is now 2019 and the weight is back and was thinking of using it again. Is that possible?

Beverly at Google Plus - December 21, 2017

What a unique way to lose weight! I’ve never heard of anything like it, but I think it’s a really good idea. Teams can help one another train and exercise together. Plus, they can encourage one another on those ‘eat everything we see’ days. I say it’s a winner!

I lose weight swimming and walking for miles, but if it comes back, I’m going to try this. It’s nice having a payday at the end of your weight lose.

    Ralph - December 22, 2017

    I agree Beverly. I’m sure you will get awesome results if you ever find yourself need to join any of there challenges.

Anna - December 21, 2017

I completely agree with you that Ione of the strongest motivations is a cash reward. It is great that if you reach your goal you do not only spend money on the program but also can get some $ back!
I liked that there is team work involved as well for some of the challenges?
How does the support looks like> I mean, are there any support groups for this program to motivate you to keep going with the program?
Saying if I am ok with my weight but would like to decrease my body fat from 25% (thats where I am now) to 20%, cab I set the goal that way, or must be the weight loss?

    Ralph - December 22, 2017

    Yes I agree that cash is a great incentive to have to reach your fitness goal. Along with your team, you do also have a community of people that are participating in the challenges to help give you support. As far as body fat percentages, healthywage goes primarily on the amount of weight you lose to determine the winner, but how you lose that weight is up to you. A great way to burn body fat is with resistance training. So however you decide to go about losing weight, is a bonus for you. As long as it’s in a healthy way of course. Thanks for commenting Anna!

Monica Bouteiller - December 3, 2017

I enjoyed reading your article. I’m a member with a local Fitness Bootcamp… the owner has a Challenge Program 3 times a year. Also 0 Weight Program around Christmas. The interested member kicks in 20.00 and if he/she does not gain weight, can make money. Both programs have been a total success. It’s definitely all about support and accountability. People need people to get their own motivation.

I think Healthy Wage is definitely the way to go for anyone who wants to lose weight and still have fun.

    Ralph - December 3, 2017

    I agree.  Any method you can use to motivate yourself to get results in a healthy way, I am definitely for it. Fitness is great because there are many different ways for one person to find success when it comes to goal setting.

Marques Pizarro - December 2, 2017

Healthywage is a great concept to making weight loss fun, but I can understand where things can get wrong. As you said, people could lose weight the unhealthy way. Also, people who start with more weight, burn more weight than someone that weighs less even if they workout the same way. But overall,this is an awesome motivator for people who want to be healthier! I enjoyed reading peoples success using the challenge, that being part of a team makes reaching your goals much easier.

    Ralph - December 2, 2017

    Thanks for your comment Marques. When it comes to losing weight, it’s always important to make sure you are doing it in a way that doesn’t put too much stress on the body. Long term results is what is important, but many want it right away. The great thing about healthywage is that they include weight percentages to make sure you are losing a healthy amount of weight during their challenges.

Mack - October 31, 2017

Awesome review for healthy wage!

Before coming across this I had no Idea there was such a thing. I think its a very neat way of motivating people to lose weight. It seems that quite a few people lose sight of there fitness goals due to lack of motivation. I think this would help a lot of people stick it out and achieve what they set out to do!


    Ralph - October 31, 2017

    I agree Mack! One of the biggest issues people have when it comes to losing weight is finding motivation. Healthywage has a good system that can help increase that motivation and help people get better results.

Brenda Shafferman - October 30, 2017

Great idea! It’s like making a bet to lose weight. I like the concept. I’m very interested in learning more about it. This would give more people the incentive to get their back ends off the couch and start moving .. Not to mention to get them to eat better.
Taking care of our health is also taking care of our future.
Thank you for sharing this. I found it very interested.

    Ralph - October 30, 2017

    I’m glad you enjoyed the read Brenda!. I agree that it would definitely get people motivated to take better care of their health.

Mat A. - September 28, 2017

Hey Ralph,
Really enjoyed your review of Jitter Fitness and the HealthyWage Wellness Challenge. I actually just read about this earlier in the week and absolutely love it. It’s a great idea, earning cash and having money as an incentive to lose weight. What a concept!
With diet being such a huge part of American society it can be a real trick coming up with new and innovative ways to motivate folks. In particular I really like the team challenge because then you can get your friends and coworkers on board.
Your review paints a clear easy to understand picture and really paints an appealing picture for anyone interested in weight loss. Thanks for sharing!
Mat A.

    Ralph - September 29, 2017

    Hey Mat! I’m glad that you enjoyed the read. I agree that finding healthy ways to lose weight can be a real challenge in today’s society. There are so many diets out there that are plain just not healthy for you. I like that healthywage doesn’t give you any particular diets, but something more important. MOTIVATION! Having motivation can be a very powerful thing, and by using incentives as a way to help motivate others to better there help is an awesome thing.

Marcus - September 28, 2017

Wow what a great idea! I’ve always been an athlete, and just like people over weight, it’s often hard to get out of your comfort zone and do it, if you know what I mean. Usually, the more you procrastinate the harder. The incentives I had were usually the prizes we got at the end of a competition, or season. I found your site randomly and wanted to check it out. I’m not super over weight now but did see a connection with my past experiences as an athlete. Hence, I can completely see this being a successful program. Good job!

    Ralph - September 28, 2017

    I know exactly what you mean Marcus. It can be extremely difficult for anyone to go outside of their comfort zone and do things to better themselves. Incentives are a great way to help push yourself and ease the fear many people have of stepping out of their comfort zone. I’m really glad you found this article helpful, and hope you return whenever. Thanks for commenting!

Maureen - September 28, 2017

This is sure a different and unique way to tackle weight loss. I was looking at some of the various winners and two of the winners who won the $10.000 lost the least amount of weight. when I first read this article I thought you were rewarded by the weight you lost but I now see it is by the wager you make. Betting a lot on yourself to succeed I think is a real confidence booster and only increases your chances of success. I think there is a lot more than just weight loss being achieved here.

    Ralph - September 28, 2017

    Hi Maureen. Yes, there are two different ways to win money with healthywage. You can use the individual approach where you bet on yourself using the healthywage calculator. If you hit your weight loss goal, then you can claim your prize. The other way is through the team challenges, where you are competing with other teams of 5 in order to claim the prize. And yes I agree, it can be a really confidence booster being able to reach your weight loss goals. I also believe it helps for long term success as well, because once you reach your weight loss goals, you will work like heck to make sure that you maintain it. Thanks for commenting.

Sanket - September 28, 2017

This is so so interesting and a very innovative idea.
I need to lose weight as well, and motivation struggle.
I will have to try this platform, this is a bet worth taking in my opinion.
The challenge still is keeping the motivation for longer periods of time, its very interesting.

    Ralph - September 28, 2017

    Hi Sanket! I agree, motivation can be a big struggle for a lot of people, so don’t feel to bad about it. I do think that this would be a good way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically as it would give you the motivation need to keep pushing to reach your goals.

Celeste - September 28, 2017

Wow! Thank you for this review. I knew that services like this existed but I didn’t know exactly how they worked. With my newfound understanding I will be much better able to refer my friends and family (who could lose a few pounds) and who would definetly be interested in making money while doing it!

Thank you!

    Ralph - September 28, 2017

    I’m glad you found this review helpful celeste! I’m confident that your friends and family would have a blast competing to lose weight in a healthy way, with an opportunity to win some cash.

Matt's Mom - September 19, 2017

I like this! I am a very competitive person, so this is right up my alley. I do need to lose a little weight and this is perfect! I don’t like to lose, so I know I can do well. I do like the team idea though, as you can win so much more money! I would hope that everyone on the team is also competitive and would do well. It could be a win-win and I am going to do it!

    Ralph - September 19, 2017

    I love the competitive spirit. I’m sure with that attitude you would get amazing results. I think because it’s a team atmosphere, everyone would want to do well for each other. I’m sure there are those that still struggle regardless, still it does help to have others holding you accountable.

JohnB - September 19, 2017

Losing weight with an incentive sounds great! What most people lack when starting to work out is motivation and money can be a great motivator! Unbelievable what people can achieve once they set a goal and do everything they can to fulfill it. Motivation, however, comes and goes. What stays is work ethic, patience, and persistence. Having others pursuing the same goal as you can be encouraging, so I think that the idea of social dieting is great.A kick in the butt is really needed for some lazy folks out there!

    Ralph - September 19, 2017

    I totally agree with you John! Motivation can be so hard to find when it comes to exercise. It’s amazing what a little money can do in terms of motivation. But yes, work ethic and persistence will set you up for long term success, which is key when it comes to losing weight. Thanks for commenting John!

Tyrel - September 19, 2017

Very interesting post. It really comes to show where money can take us these days, and it makes perfect sense to use the power of money for your own good. Using a system like this would really motivate me for sure, I for one would love to use a system that pays me to get up earlier in the morning for one thing (lol). I never really thought about using money as a sense of motivation to lose weight since i’m sure most of us think of it being pure will power and self discipline, but its certainly not that easy for most of us these days. Therefore this would be a great system for anyone to use no matter how bad ones self discipline or will power is.

    Ralph - September 19, 2017

    I agree Tyrel. Sometimes will power and self discipline is not enough for many. But when you bring in the opportunity to win some cash, it does create another level of motivation. As long as it is helping you get result in a healthy way, then I say go for it. We all have and use different tools to help motivate us to get things done.

Stephen - September 13, 2017

Looks very interesting! I love the concept of rewards as an incentive to do the challenge. I think this is just what people need to motivate themselves. Nowadays so many of these schemes are full of lies and false promises just to extract money but this does look like something very different.

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    I agree Stephen! The concept they use to reward those who are able to achieve their goals is very motivating. Knowing that your own money is on the line, and the fact that you can win a prize if successful, makes you want to work hard for it.

GabeTheGreat369 - September 13, 2017

Wow, this is a wild idea. I have not seen a program as such before, but man it is an awesome idea.

It seems like a way to really get people to commit and hammer on their goals. Definitely going to share this with a few people who I know would benefit from it, Thank you!!

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    You’re welcome Gabe. It really does seem like an awesome weight loss program. Using money as an incentive is definitely a good idea for anyone that struggles with motivation.

Ruben - September 13, 2017

The big problem with starting a weight loss goal is that most of people get discourage for not getting visible results soon or are not willing to do the sacrifices that are needed to reach their goal. This is a great way to stay motivated, I checked this site and they also allow people from another country, not only USA. I need to lose some weight so I may give it a try.

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    That’s great to hear Ruben! And I totally agree with your statement. People want results way too fast, and when they don’t see the results, they tend to give up. But what I like about healthywage is that you are putting your own money on the line, making it less likely for you to want to quit. Thanks for commenting.

elias - September 13, 2017

Great article Ralph! This such a unique way at looking at weight loss, having to bet on yourself will definitely give the motivational drive to lose the weight. At the end of the day you are your own worst critic. This is definitely something that could help people start betting on themselves. Great find.

All the best


    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    I agree Elias! I think many could benefit from this type of motivation. It’s amazing how a little competition can bring out the best in people. Especially when it comes to someone looking to reach their fitness goals.

Kayla - September 12, 2017

This is such an interesting concept and being a very competitive person I find it very intriguing. I can see how it would be easy for someone to lose money on this if they were not disciplined enough to follow through on their goals – but money is a great motivator!

I did play around with the calculator, but the buy in rate seems high…however, I wouldn’t say that losing weight is my #1 goal right now, so that effects my decision. But I can see this being a HUGE success after the holiday season!

I teach a workout class once a week and I think I’ll try and put a team together after the holidays! Thanks for the great idea! I will sending this to my workout posse!

    Ralph - September 13, 2017

    You’re welcome Kayla, and I’m glad you found this helpful. You can definitely lose money if you are not disciplined, but I think that is the point. HealthyWage has found that people or more likely to stay committed if their money is on the line. And to be successful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, it takes a lot of discipline and commitment. I’m sure you and your posse will find this type of challenge very fun and exciting. Thanks for commenting Kayla!

Darvy - August 24, 2017

That is an interesting program. I had no idea such a thing existed! I have been looking for fun and different ways to help motivate me to lose weight and reach my health goals, and this actually may be something I would like to try. Thanks for sharing it Ralph! So there is no cost to join and start at HealthyWage? And I’m just curious, have you or someone you personally know gone through and won their bet?

    Ralph - August 24, 2017

    Hi Darvy! I think you would really enjoy it.  To answer your question about the costs, it depends on which challenge you do.  For the personal challenge, you decide how much you want wager by using the healthywage calculator.  Based on the information you put in, will decide the amount of your prize.  Depending on the team challenges, you can expect to pay around $25 to join. I know of noone personally that has joined, but there are many success stories of others who have won.  You should definitely check it out.

Amazon LaShaun - August 24, 2017

Wow. That was so interesting. I found it interesting because I’ve recently figured out that when I link my fitness goals to making more money, I tend to stick with it a lot better than I do when my goals are based on something superficial like being attractive.

I thought I was the only one, but obviously I’m not. Thanks for linking to the Mayo clinic article. I’m going to read that one next, but I’m thinking Healthy Wage, in addition to my blog, might be exactly what I’m looking for.

    Ralph - August 24, 2017

    I’m glad you found it helpful LaShaun! You should definitely check it out.

Daniella - August 24, 2017

Hi Ralph,

Wow, I am impressed by this article, I didn’t even know that this could exist! That’s awesome!
My husband tries to lose weight for years now, but he doesn’t make it:(. Is the HealthyWage program for people who live in the US only? Is it possible to do this program online? This would be perfect for my husband if he could join the HealthyAge.
Thank you in advance

    Ralph - August 24, 2017

    Hi Daniella.  The program is not just for U.S residents.  Many people around the word can participate in the challenges. And yes, you register all your information online, and work towards you weight loss goal.  

Karen - August 23, 2017

Hi there, what a cool concept! I love the idea of having a prize or a goal to work towards, and why should it be any different when trying to lose weight? Thanks for the links to the healthywage prize calendar, it’s a great way of showing what is possible and what is at stake! Thanks for sharing. Karen

    Ralph - August 24, 2017

    You’re welcome Karen!  It really is an effective concept.  I’m sure many can agree that when you put your own money at stake, you are more likely to commit to something.

Austin - August 23, 2017

My wife was just telling me about this business. We are both in the process of losing weight. We have been wanting to do this so I am glad to see a positive review. This business is based on psychology studies that have shown that someone is much more likely to follow through on something when they have money that is being withheld from them.

    Ralph - August 23, 2017

    You’re welcome Austin.  You and your wife should definitely give it a try if you happen to struggle with motivation. Nothing wrong with a little competition to motivate you to better health.  

Adithya - August 23, 2017

That’s pretty amazing to know that HealthyWage is really dedicating harder for dedicated people. We often need this type of motivation for any challenges that we face today. That’s cool to know that many got benefitted from the challenges. My question is, whether it’s possible for an outsider to take this challenge? Thanks.

    Ralph - August 23, 2017

    Hi Adithya!  yes it definitely is a very good motivator for anyone that struggles with losing weight.  Not really sure what you mean by outsider, but anyone can sign up for the challenge.  If you visit the website, they make it very simple to get started.  Hope this answers your question and thanks for commenting.


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