Healthy Breakfast Snacks For Meetings

So you have an early morning meeting and don’t have time to make breakfast?  More than likely you will need something that’s going to not only satisfy your appetite, but help you power through your  meeting.  Here are some healthy breakfast snacks for meetings that will get you the boost you need to get your day started off right.



Loaded with healthy carbs, a bowl of oatmeal is a great way to help give you that boost needed to help keep you up for that morning meeting. It’s very simple to make and will fill you up just enough to keep you satisfied.  All you need is some water and a microwave, and you can have your breakfast snack instantly.  If you need a little flavor to go with your oatmeal, adding cinnamon is a go to ingredient for anyone that is looking to bring some flavor to their healthy breakfast snack. No only will this give you energy to last the whole meeting, it’s also super healthy for your heart.



All you need is a spoon, and you could be enjoying this healthy breakfast snack while still focusing on what’s being said in the meeting.  There are so many different flavored yogurts that finding one to satisfy your appetite should be easy.  Yogurt is one of the easiest and healthiest snacks to have since you can just grab and go.  Making this breakfast snack a go to treat.



One of the most versatile fruits out there, banana is a must have breakfast snack for any meeting.  What makes having a banana so great is the fact that you could mix it in with your oatmeal, yogurt and many other snacks of your choosing.   Having a banana is an easy grab and go snack that you can take with you anywhere.


mixed nuts

What better way to help keep your focus during a meeting than having packaged nuts.  A healthy snack that you can pretty much have any time during the day.  These powerhouse treats come loaded with healthy fats, proteins and vitamins to keep your brain working efficiently.  To make sure you are keeping it healthy, try to stay away from nuts that contain a lot of salt.  With the wide variety of packaged nut treats, you should have no trouble finding one that you could enjoy.


hard boiled egg

A very simple breakfast snack to make while getting dressed for that morning meeting.  All you need is a pot of water and 15 minutes, and you’ll have a breakfast treat that will give you the satisfaction you need to get you through any meeting.  Boiled eggs give you a healthy dose of protein which you can just seal in a plastic bag or container and bring with you to work.


Beef Jerky

Snacks like beef jerky tend to get a bad rap due to their high sodium count, but it is possible to have jerky without all the added sodium.  They even have turkey jerky for those not into the beef.  Jerky is a good in-between meal snack that is loaded with protein and tastes amazing.  Obviously you want to make sure you get the jerky without all the sodium since that wouldn’t be too healthy.  But jerky is a great source of protein and will be sure to satisfy your belly as you grind through that early morning meeting.


If you are looking for a great way to get the protein and healthy carbs needed to get through any morning meeting, than protein bars are the way to go.  You can pretty much carry them anywhere with you.  With so many different flavors and brands, finding a bar that will satisfy your tastebuds should be no problem.  Just make sure that the bar is low in sugar as that can be an easy way for the body to store unnecessary fat.  With the convenience and great taste of a protein bar, you should have no issues getting through your morning meeting.


dried fruit

Dried fruit has become of very popular snack to have since it is packed with so much healthy vitamins and nutrients.  It’s almost like having colorful candy treats except they are healthier.  Dried fruits also provide natural sugar which will give you that extra boost you need if you find yourself in a super long meeting.  Just make sure to be careful when it comes to your calories, as you may see plenty of them in dried fruits.  You also want to make sure you stay away from dried fruit packages that contains added sugar.  No need for all those extra calories added to your diet.


pretzel sticks

Pretzels are one of the best snacks to have as far as fat content goes.  Pretzels are super convenient which makes them a go to snack when it comes to traveling or meetings.  You want to be careful of consuming pretzels that contain a lot of salt.  You can find many snacks packages that contain pretzels.


celery with peanut butter

No better way to get your veggies in then to include peanut butter along with it.  Having peanut butter along with your celery makes for a quick snack you can have just about anywhere.  You get all the necessary nutrients needed to maintain good health.  Also with enough fiber to make sure you will get your filling in for that early morning meeting.

Would love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you may have about other healthy breakfast snacks for meetings.  Please share below.

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