Top 10 Habits Of Insanely Super Fit People

10 habits of insanely super fit people

Have you ever looked at someone who is fit, and wonder why they look the way they do. Maybe it is due to good genes or having a super fast metabolism. Whatever the reason, you look at them and wish you knew the secret to getting that super fit body.

Although genes can be a factor when it comes to certain physical attributes. Being fit is really about getting rid of bad habits, and developing good ones.

By the end of this article, you will learn that when it comes to being fit, there really isn’t any secret to it. It’s all about being consistent and being discipline in your daily routine. Not making any excuses and making sure what needs to get done, gets done. Below you will find a list of my top 10 habits of insanely super fit people.

1. They Drink Water Daily

drinking water

We all know how important water is to our survival. But when it comes to reaching our fitness goals, the importance of it can sometimes go away. Some of the excuses are due to lack of taste, or it makes you go to the bathroom often.

Regardless of the reasons, if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, drinking water often is a must. How much water should you drink?

Well the common answer is 8 ounce glass of water a day. To be honest, I think people use that because it’s catchy and easy to remember. Depending on your health and how active you are, you should drink enough water to quench your thirst. Even if it’s a gallon a day, which is what I tend to drink.

2. They Never Skip Breakfast

They Never Skip Breakfast

There’s a reason why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you know anyone that is fit, then you also know how serious they take their morning breakfast.

When it comes to being fit, making sure your body gets the jumpstart it needs to get through an entire day is key.

Not to mention the many health benefits having breakfast offers. Skipping breakfast can have a cumulative effect on your entire day in a negative way. Like not having the energy to workout after a long day of work.

3. They Work On Their Core

they work on their core

Many people tend to neglect the core since it is not easily noticed. But strengthening your core is vital to your overall health. If you are someone that suffers from lower back pain, a weak core could be a reason for it.

Everyone gets caught up in having that sexy six-pack which is part of the core, but making sure you hit all the muscles that a part of the core is key. It may not be sexy, but the benefits are amazing.

4. They Don’t Believe In Diets

they don't believe in diets

A big reason diets are so popular is due to the fact that people love trying new things. Fit people generally don’t believe in diets because diets have a beginning and an end.

Being fit is about creating a lifestyle of healthy eating, while still finding time to indulge every once in a while. Many people think that fit people live very boring lives when it comes to food, but this is not the case.

Fit people have cravings like everyone else, and when they have those cravings, they are not afraid to treat themselves when necessary. It’s all about finding that balance.

5. They Cook Their Own Meals

they cook their own meals

The best way to know what ingredients are being put into your food, is by cooking it yourself. It’s ok to eat out every now and then, but you will find that people that are fit, usually cook their own meals. Making sure they get their daily dose of vegetables, fruits, protein and healthy carbs.

6. They Get Enough Sleep

they get enough sleep

Being fit is about having the energy to stress the body in a way that will make it both stronger and healthier. In order to have the energy, your body needs to be well rested. So if you ever ask a fit person what is their secret to being fit, don’t be surprised if you hear about the amount of sleep they get each night.

7. They Don’t Stress The Little Things

they don't stress the little things

There’s an argument that can be made about stress being the number one killer. So fit people try to make sure that stress is not a huge part of their lives. Stress can cause you to develop so many bad habits.

Like causing you to skip out on a workout, or overeat. So finding time to reduce your stress is going to be key in becoming fit. Whether it be finding time for yourself to think, or maybe trying breathing techniques.

Whatever you need to do to eliminate the stress in your life is vital to your health.

8. They Like To Stay Active

they like to stay active

A big reason fit people stay fit is due to them loving to be active whenever possible. Whether it be exercising 5 days a week, or finding a fun activity to participate in during the weekend.

Making sure their body is always moving is important to maintaining a fit body. If you find yourself struggling to be active, finding something you enjoy is key to keeping yourself motivated.

It’s easy to come up with excuses when it comes to your workout routine, or participating in an activity.

9. They Are Aware Of Their Posture

they are aware of their posture

Whether you’re sitting down, or standing up, making sure you are upright is important for you mental. You tend to see fit people with great posture due to the confidence they carry with them at all times. They know that they look great and feel great, which you can see immediately.

So when you’re sitting down at work, or walking around, make sure to be aware of your posture. If you find yourself struggling to maintain your posture, it could be due to a weak core.

10. They Don’t Worry About The Scale

they don't worry about the scale

Those that are fit understand that being fit is not about the number on the scale. You can lose 10 lbs and still not be happy with the results. It’s about being healthy and happy with what you see in the mirror everyday. Fit people measure their success with their improvements in strength and performance when working out.

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