Top 10 Exercises To Build Up Your Legs

Skipping leg day is a big no no for anyone that is serious about getting fit. We’ve all seen those guys who are built strong up top, but wear long pants to hide the twigs they have below. Your glutes and legs are the biggest muscles groups in your body, so making sure you work them out is key.

When you focus on building up your legs, you will notice how much better your body functions as a whole. Not only can you improve your stability, but you will find that performing daily routines like climbing the stairs so much easier.

So if you’re looking to improve the way your legs look, below are my top 10 exercises to build up your legs and get those muscles pumping.

1.  Squats


Squat exercises are a staple to building stronger legs. Not only are you building up those legs muscles, but you help burn more fat and increase testosterone afterwards.

2. Leg Presses

leg presses

If you’re looking to really push your legs to the limit, leg presses are a great way to do it. Leg presses allow you to really add on the weight and get the most out of your leg workouts.

3. Lunges


Lunges are a great way to really put your balance to the test. By having to focus on each leg at a time, not only will you be working out those quads, but also your glutes and hamstring muscles.

4. Cycling


There’s no wonder why cyclists have such muscular legs. Cycling is not only good for cardio, but it’s great for really building muscles in your legs. So if you have any biking or spinning classes at your local gym, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

5. Calf Raises

calf raises

Leg workouts wouldn’t be complete without calve muscles. They may not be the largest muscles when it comes to the legs, but you definitely notice great looking calves when you see them. They help fill out the legs nicely so don’t forget to work on them.

6. Hill Sprints

hill sprints

Hill sprints is a great workout for anyone that is looking to burn fat and build muscles in the legs.  I guarantee that after that first sprint, you’re quads will be begging for some rest.  Try 3-4 reps with about 90 seconds of rest in between.

7. Jump Squats

Not only will you be putting some major stress on your legs, but you will also get the heart pumping. Jump squats is an awesome total body workout to really help burn that fat and bring more definition to your legs.

8. Stairmaster

Climbing stairs shouldn’t be new to anyone. So you won’t be surprised when you’re feeling the burn after an intense workout on a stairmaster.

9. Bulgarian Split Squats

Like the Lunge, this requires a bit of balance. For beginners trying this, start off using just your body weight. As you gain more experience with it, holding weights while performing this exercise is a great way to bring up the intensity.

10. Deadlifts


One of the best exercises that requires good form. If you’re really looking to build up those legs, deadlifts will be sure to get your there. It’s important that you practice the form for this exercise as doing it wrong could cause serious injury to your lower back. But once you are able to master this exercise, the benefits are amazing.

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