Does Shift Shop By BeachBody On Demand Really Work?

does shift shop by beachbody on demand really work

If you’re familiar with the beachbody brand, then you know they have workouts for pretty much whatever fitness need you may have. So much that it can get pretty overwhelming when choosing the best workout to help you reach your fitness goals.

They always have new workout videos coming out. And although it can be overwhelming, having this variety is great for anyone that tends to get bored easily. What also makes it great is that you get can all their workout videos on demand.

Including The latest workout call Shift Shop. But does shift shop by beachbody on demand really work?

This is a great question since you want to make sure the workout program you choose is going to get you the results you’re looking for. So…

Can You Get Results With Shift Shop By BeachBody?

Fitness can be a very difficult thing to understand if you are someone not familiar with how the body works. Even if you did, challenges can still occur due to everyone’s body being different.

But when it comes learning anything in life, it’s all about following a system, and learning from the experiences from that system.

Beachbody on demand provides that system with their variety of workout programs, with Shift Shop being one of those programs. I do believe that this workout program can work, but it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Too many times we perform workouts that are designed for a different type of goal you are looking for. Like doing sprints when you are trying to get ready to run a marathon. In order to get the results you want, you have to train your body for those results.

This is why it is important to understand the type of workout you are performing.

What Type Of Workout Is Shift Shop?

Shift shop is purely cardio based. So if you’re someone that is looking to build muscle, this may not be the workout for you. This is a 3 week program where it is setup for you to do 11 workouts in 21 days. So you could expect it to be pretty intense.

Beachbody states that you could lose up to 10 pounds in those 3 weeks, but I always like to be cautious when making those types of claims. Reason being, when it comes to losing weight, a healthy weight loss amount is usually 2 pounds per week.

Although it is possible to lose 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks on any program, it is important not to expect that as you continue. But since this program lasts only 3 weeks, after you are done with it, you can then move on to other programs to avoid possible boredom.

And this is what I like about beachbody on demand, the fact that you can transition from workout to workout is great. No longer do you need to keep buying beachbody’s dvd’s to try out other workout programs.

If you’ve ever tried any other online workout programs, then you know that beachbody on demand is one of the best in terms of variety. So if you are someone that worries about losing interest with your workouts, beachbody has plenty to keep you entertained.

What Are Your Goals?

As mentioned earlier, knowing what your goals are is crucial. You don’t want to find yourself doing a program that is not designed for the results you have in mind. So let’s quickly go over some of the more popular goals.

  • Weight Loss
  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Burning

If you didn’t know by know, losing weight is all about putting your body through a caloric deficit. Meaning in order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

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With the shift shop workout program, you can expect to burn a lot of calories while you workout. So if you’re looking for a program to help get you started with your fitness journey, shift shop is a good place to start.

If you are someone that is looking to build muscle, then it helps to know that building muscle is all about tearing muscle fibers and getting rest so that it can build back up. This is done with resistance training like bodyweight exercises or weight lifting.

Being that this program is more about cardio, you shouldn’t expect to build too much muscle. Therefore this program may not be what you are looking for.

When it comes to fat burning, the most efficient way to do this is combining both cardio and resistance training. This is why HIIT training programs are so popular. By combining both workout techniques, you can burn the most amount over a period of time.

Although shift shop doesn’t perform too many exercise that use weights, you can still expect to burn a good amount of fat during the duration of this program.

Here’s An Overview Of The Workout Program?

Meet Your Trainer

Chris Downing is a NASM certified personal trainer who is really good at getting you motivated to workout. His goal is to help you transform your body the way you like. So you can expect an awesome cardio workout to help get you results.

Recommended Fitness Level

The way beachbody rates the fitness level for their workout programs, it usually is out of four bars. One bar being the easiest, and the fourth bar being the hardest. For this particular program, it is at a level two.

Now I know it may seemed that this program is super intense, but it’s not as bad as it may seem. So if you are someone with not a lot of experience when it comes to working out, then this program is definitely for you.

During those 21 days, you will notice yourself getting stronger as you keep doing it. And by the end of the program, you will be ready to move on to the next workout program, in which beachbody has plenty to choose from.

Duration of Workout

Many people like to question how long a workout should be to get results. And with so many 7 minute workout programs and 15 workout programs out there, it can be hard to know which will work best for you. Well beachbody on demand makes it simple for you.

There are 11 workouts as you go through this program, and they all range anywhere from 25-45 minutes. I usually recommend anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on your goals to get the greatest amount of efficiency out of your workout.

Nutrition Guide

We all know that reaching your fitness goals would not be complete with exercise alone. Having a good diet is key to long term success. No matter how much you exercise, if you are not eating healthy on a regular basis, it will be hard to get the results you are looking for.

So it’s great to know that with a beachbody subscription, not only do you get workouts to help you stay in physical shape, but also a nutrition guide. This will ensure you are fueling your body correctly as you go through the program.

I think this is awesome because so many people ask questions of what they should be eating during their workout routine. Well with beachbody, they have you covered. So no need to worry about the guess work.

What Is BeachBody On Demand?

You may be wondering what beachbody on demand is. Well before beachbody introduced this new feature, many had to purchase dvd’s in order to enjoy a workout. Now we can all admit that when it comes to workout videos, beachbody is one of the best, if not the best.

But the one issue I had along with many others is, when you were done with the workouts, what’s next? Well in order to move onto the next workout program, you had to purchase another set of dvd’s.

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With beachbody on demand, you no longer have to do that. You are given access to hundreds of workout videos that you can enjoy on many of your favorite devices. This makes working out with beachbody much more accessible and fun.

Even if you’re on the go, you can take your workouts with you. If you’re interested in trying out the program, they have a risk free 30 day trial to help get you started.

Final Review

So does shift shop by beachbody on demand really work? Well it really does depend on your goals. Reaching your goals is about having a good system, and beachbody has a great system for getting results.

If you are someone that is looking to lose weight, it’s important to choose an online weight loss program that will help keep you motivated. Even if you don’t feel that shift shop is the program for you.

Getting results is all about being consistent and disciplined with your health. From the foods you eat, to the amount of times your workout during the week. If you can make it a habit, then you will be on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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