DailyBurn Review – A Different Way To Get In Shape

Don’t look now, but online workout programs are starting to look like the future of fitness. If you were someone that enjoyed working out in the comfort of your home, then no doubt you had your share of dvd’s to help push you through your workouts.

But with the advancement of technology, dvd’s have become obsolete. Whether you enjoy watching movies, tv shows or exercise programs, no longer are dvd’s needed. Enter Streaming. Streaming has made everything you do as far as your viewing pleasure, so much easier.

Not only are you able to watch your favorite shows and movies with just a streaming device and internet connection, you can now enjoy your favorite workouts as well. And this is why I am writing this DailyBurn Review. They are one of many programs changing the way you choose to get in shape.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing will ever replace the one on one attention you receive from an actual trainer.  But it’s hard to deny the benefits online workouts can provide. Benefits that include, cost, access, and variety. I will get into all those benefits later, but let’s first learn what DailyBurn is about.

What Is DailyBurn? 

what is dailyburn


When it comes to taking part in the fitness world, we all know how easy it is to get bored. One minute you’re into this type of workout, then the next minute you’re into something else. In the end, you find yourself getting nothing done pretty much.

Well with dailyburn workout programs, you get access to over 100 workouts, preventing you from ever being bored.  Each workout can range from 15 minutes to an hour.  So if you need a quick workout before heading out, you can do that with the dailyburn workout program.

What also makes dailyburn exercise programs so entertaining is the fact that you can pretty much workout anywhere. The dailyburn program can be streamed on multiple devices, allowing you to take your workouts with you on the go.

For me, this is a huge plus.  Since I like to go the gym, I can perform a dailyburn cardio program right from my phone. Even if I had to travel and didn’t have a lot of equipment with me, I could perform many of the body weight exercises dailyburn has available.

Knowing that I have access to to any workout program I choose, makes streaming with dailyburn exciting. But if i’m being honest, while there a many things to love about streaming dailyburn exercise programs, there are also things you should be concerned about.

But let’s go through some of the positives first.

DailyBurn Pros vs Cons


  • Over 100 Workouts
  • Build Customized Programs
  • Free Trial Period

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30 day free trial

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • 24/7 Community (live chats)
  • Stream on Multiple Devices
  • Live Workouts Everyday
  • Can Cancel At Any Time


  • Need Reliable Internet Connection
  • No Meal Plans
  • You don’t own workout programs

Are Online Workout Programs For You?

are online workout programs for you

I think for many would be exercisers, figuring out the best way to get in shape can be stressful. You have to factor things like cost, comfort, and time when making such a decision. So let’s go over some of these factors to help make the decision process a bit easier.


As a personal trainer, I know first hand how expensive hiring a personal trainer can be. Of course you would like to be guided by a knowledgeable professional, but everyone has a budget and sometimes a trainer just doesn’t fit into it.

This is what makes online workout programs so popular. Although you don’t get the personal touch you would get with a trainer, you can still get a very effective workout.

Many of these online workout programs have experts to help guide you through your workouts.  So that you never feel lost in the process.


For a lot of people, going to the gym or working with a personal trainer can be uncomfortable. Online workout programs allow you to enjoy an intense workout without worrying about being judged.

Even though many personal trainers are pretty good when it comes to not judging their clients. But still, enjoying your workout is all about being comfortable in your space.


Many people work long hours at work and can’t afford the time to make it to the gym. So having access to workouts wherever they are is a huge benefit.

Whether you are someone that travels a lot, or has kids but can’t leave them, online workout programs is a great tool to have just in case.

Does DailyBurn Get Results?

Everyone knows that the recipe for getting in great shape is healthy eating coupled with regular exercise. As long as you are doing this on a consistent basis, there is little doubt that you will get the results you are looking for. Unfortunately for some, it’s never that simple.

Motivation and discipline is a necessary strength that is needed to push you to healthy eating and regular exercise. So when it comes to exercise, one thing that stops a lot of people from being consistent, is boredom. So many times I hear people being bored of their workout routine.

So I usually mention to people that if you can find a workout you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it. And this is what makes the dailyburn online workout program so unique. You get a variety of workouts at your disposal to choose from.

If you feel like working on your cardio, there are workouts designed specifically that focus on cardio. If you’re looking for mediation, they have yoga exercises so that you can focus on yourself. There are many more workouts that are designed specifically for your fitness needs.

So as long as you are being consistent and having fun with your workouts, I have no doubt that you will get the results you are looking for when it comes to the dailyburn exercise program.

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Andrew Williams - August 30, 2017

I really love the article that you have written. Just as what you have mentioned, it is really very easy to get bored of the workouts that I am working on. For that reason, I will tend to stop doing and just slack. As a physical trainer, how do you actually encourage or motivate your students to fall in love with their workout and keep on track?

    Ralph - August 30, 2017

    Hey Andrew! I think for many, the hardest part about getting in shape is finding motivation. I usually recommend that my clients to either find a workout buddy to hold them accountable. Or maybe finding an activity that they would enjoy which will increase the chances of them sticking to the workout.

Daniella - August 30, 2017

Hi there,

Wow, I am impressed by this review, I loved the reading!
I am working and raising my kids from home. So this program would be fantastic for me!
I have good internet connection worldwide, and I know how to eat healthily. The only thing left for me to do is to work out:)
Just a question, please. Do we need to do a health check up and get permission from the Doctor before doing any intense exercises?
Thank you in advance!

    Ralph - August 30, 2017

    Hi Daniella! I’m glad that you found this article helpful. As for your question about getting permission from a doctor, unless you have medical concerns you’re worried about, then I wouldn’t see any reason to need permission from your doctor. 

Brendon - August 30, 2017

I just read you article about Daily Burn, I had heard of this before but never really looked into it.
I really like this idea, and for 15 bucks a month, you really cant beat that.
Do you have a dieting plan that you would recommend to pair with this program?

    Ralph - August 30, 2017

    Although dailyburn doesn’t have a meal plan that goes with your workouts, they have a website with all types of nutritional advice. There is a wealth of information there that you can get to pair up with your dailyburn workouts.

Bruce - August 29, 2017

This is an awesome way to get exercise programs. Buying DVD collections for a workout program is a waste of space and a thing of the past. Everyone is live streaming now, and this program is with the times. The best part is that I don’t have to get upset when my DVD breaks or gets scratched up anymore! A great at home workout option!!!

    Ralph - August 30, 2017

    Exactly Bruce! The only thing I have that are dvd format are my video games, and I’m wondering when game consoles will be done with that as well. Yes they do take up a lot of space and they aren’t really necessary anymore. I think it’s great to have access to all of your workouts through streaming.

Austin - August 29, 2017

This is awesome. I am very much a person that prefers going to the gym. Yet this app seems awesome. When I travel is the hardest time for me to continue my workout routines so this app could do great in helping me stay on track! I am glad to see such positive reviews.

    Ralph - August 29, 2017

    You’re welcome Austin.  I’m glad you found this helpful.


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