Core De Force By BeachBody On Demand Review

To me, boxing has to be one of the best sports when it comes to conditioning the body. I always marvel at the endurance that is needed to be able to survive a 12 round match. This is a big reason why I am writing this core def force by beachbody on demand review.

Although I’ve never participated in any competition involving either boxing or MMA (mixed martial arts), as a former kickboxing instructor, I know what it’s like to help get people in shape through this type of training.

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As someone who has worked with those that were looking to try out kickboxing as a way to get in shape. Believe me when I say that mastering the moves takes a lot of repetition. The more you do these moves, the more your body adapts and get’s used to it.

So when trying out this new workout by beachbody, where it involves a combination of different fighting styles. Just remember that a lot of these moves will be new to you, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t feel natural. That will come in time.

What To Expect With A Core De Force Workout?

So what should you expect with a core de force workout? You can expect it to be very intense as this workout is strictly cardio. So anyone that is looking to burn fat and develop that toned looking body, this program is definitely for you.

This workout program is a combination of Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and explosive bodyweight training that will get your heart pumping. Even the format of the program uses boxing, where each round of exercise is 3 minutes long.

No equipment is needed for this workout as your bodyweight will be the primary form of resistance. Like I said earlier, if you have never taken any form of boxing before, there will be many moves that will seem unfamiliar to you.

But the main thing is not to worry as the core de force workout program has a “Learn it & Work It” video before every MMA workout. This gives you a chance to let you get familiar with the moves before trying the actual workout. So don’t be afraid to go at your own pace.

Here’s An Overview Of The Workout Program?

Meet Your Trainer

Here you have Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews leading the way with your cord de force workout. Starting off with Joel, he brings a wealth of fitness knowledge not just in the United States, but all over the world.

He’s one of beachbody’s newest trainers, but nothing is new when it comes to helping people get in amazing shape.

Now onto to Jericho who owns multiple personal training certifications, with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is also someone that travels around the world helping other instructors learn about her fitness techniques.

What brought her to doing this core de force workout program was her passion for both dance and martial arts. So you can expect real expert moves when it comes to this type of workout.

Recommended Fitness Level

The Core de force workout program is consider a high intensity workout that is for intermediate-advanced people. But just because this is the case, doesn’t mean that beginners should not try out this program if they so choose.

The great thing about his program is that they have a modifier option where you can get a modified version of the moves being performed. So if you like, you can perform these modified moves for as long as you like until you master them.

Remember, you’re punches and kicks don’t need to be perfect as you get started. It is recommended that you take your time, and as you get more comfortable, you can then pick up the speed .

There is also a learn it feature that is just before the actual workout. Each move is broken down for you in an easy to perform way. Once you have mastered the moves, you can then move on to the actual workout.

So no need to worry about being able to participate in this workout in the beginning. If you’re like me, I always like to challenge myself right from the jump. But always remember, safety should always be high on the list of priorities. So go at your own pace.

Duration of Workout

What I love most about beachbody workouts is how you can easily transition from one workout to the other. Each program is a certain length, so when you feel you are ready to move on to the next program, you can do it with ease.

So when you talk about core de force, this program is a 30 day program. Each program lasts anywhere from 30-40 minutes long. Now it may take a bit longer for you especially if you are someone that is trying to focus on mastering the moves.

But regardless of how long it takes for you to complete the program, all that matters is that you enjoy your workout. Which is important because having fun with your workout will increase the success rate of you reaching your fitness goals.

Nutrition Guide

Now if you’ve ever taken the 21 day fix workout by beachbody, then you know how important it is to have the right diet to go along with your workout. Although it may not be as detailed as that, you still are shown what meals to eat which will help you get the best results.

With the core de force eating plan, you are given a food list, food tracker and recipes to complement your workout program. These tools are necessary to ensure you get the best results for the long term.

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Track Your Progress

Like with every workout program by beachbody, tracking your progress is a big deal. No need for scales which does nothing when it comes to showing how healthy you are. Beachbody has you track your progress using before and after photos.

So you are given a transformation tracker where you will be asked to take measurements of certain parts of your body. As you burn fat and build muscle, taking your measurements when asked will give you a better look of the progress you are making.

And don’t forget about the beachbody challenge where you get a chance to win some cash based on your amazing results. This is another reason why it is important to make sure you track your progress.

Who Needs Dvd’s?

When ordering the core de force workout program, normally you would be given a set of dvds, along with a workout calendar and meal plan booklet. Well you no longer need dvd’s to enjoy your workout with the beachbody on demand feature.

With beachbody on demand, you not only get access to the core de force workout program, but also many other awesome workouts beachbody has to offer. So instead of having to order another set of dvd’s, you can get all your workout videos on your favorite devices.

When you’re finished with your current workout program, with just a click of the button, you can move on to the next workout with ease. This will save you so much money and help prevent boredom from having to be stuck with your dvd workout program.

If you rather try it out to see if it is something that could work out for you, they offer a risk free 30 day trial. Even as a trial member, you still get access to over 600 of their workout videos. So pretty much nothing to lose when it comes to trying out their program.

Final Round

As a former kickboxing instructor, one of my favorite parts of teaching class was when I got to work with those taking their first class with us. We pretty much taught them the basics of each move as the rounds progressed.

During that time, the first day people would always mention how awkward it felt performing those moves. I would say to them, don’t worry, continue with the reps and it will feel less awkward. And amazingly that is exactly what would happen.

The more reps they performed, the less awkward it got. And that feeling of progress is a great feeling for anyone just learning the moves. And because of this, I would highly recommend anyone try out this program.

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It won’t be easy, but I promise you that after the first workout, you will feel amazing for being able to get through the whole workout. Not only that, but being able to perform such awesome moves you weren’t able to do before will make you feel even better.

Yea I know it would have been much cooler to hit an actual bag, but at least you will have the technique down just in case you decide to want to hit a bag.

So if you’re thinking about getting into amazing shape, there is no better workout than the fighting style type of training. You will be working out every type of muscle within your body, especially the core.

And when you’re ready to move on from it, you can do just that with beachbody on demand. Having a system that allows you to have both an effective workout and nutrition plan is key to getting the best results.

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