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What Is The P.volve Workout? – An Inside Look

what is pvolve

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If you’re sitting there wondering how putting a ball between your legs is going to help you get in shape, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

But interestingly enough, this is exactly what Pvolve aims to do. Just not in the way you think. 

As a former personal trainer, I know the type of results one can get when it comes weight training.

But as you get older, there are consequences that come from lifting weights. Joint pain and muscle imbalances being two of those consequences.

And the same thing can be said for activities like jogging and bicycling. The point is, a lot of the things we enjoy activity wise can cause harm as we get older.

The goal of the Pvolve workout is to correct any imbalances we may have, and even prevent it all together.

But what you really want to know is, will it work for you?

Pvolve Review Summary

Product Name: P.volve

Founder: Stephen Pasterino

Price: $29.99/month and no long term contracts

Free Trial: Yes, for 15 days

Best For: Those looking to tone and strengthen core muscles


Summary: One of the biggest fears for women when working out is bulking up. But unless you carry high levels of testosterone, that’s not something you should worry too much about.

But for those still concerned, Pvolve is a workout that focuses on strengthening the core, and developing lean muscle.

Too often we look for immediate results when it comes to getting in shape. Thus failing to focus on building a foundation of strengthening core muscles which is key to preventing injuries.

The best way to help prevent future injuries is by performing functional movements that prepare the body for everyday normal activities.

Such as walking, sitting, and any other normal activities you perform throughout the day.

Pvolve aims at helping you focus on these often neglected muscles, to help make sure you can perform each movement at optimal levels.

Rating: 88/100

Recommend: Yes

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