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Do Fitness Trackers Really Improve Health?

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do fitness trackers really improve health

Do fitness trackers really improve health?

These days, you can’t go the gym or walk outside without seeing some type of fitness tracker on someone’s body.

I’m sure some probably wear it for style, but for the most part, trackers have become a part of how we manage our health each day.

But do they actually help improve your health, or is it just a fad that people will eventually phase out.

Well in this article, I plan on breaking down the effectiveness of fitness trackers, and how weight loss programs like Noom use trackers to help it’s users lose weight. 

Also, I will break down what I like and dislike about them

Why Data Is So Important

Gathering data allows us to make more informed decisions about things going on in our lives.

But to keep it in the context of health, data gives us an opportunity to analyze things better.

Whether you’re trying to figure out why you’re losing or gaining weight, or why you may be tired everyday.

Collecting data helps us find solutions to problems. By giving us a clearer picture as to why things are the way they are.

What I Like About Fitness Trackers

As an owner of the fitbit blaze, there are many things that I like about it.

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What Causes Biological Aging?

So what causes biological aging? When trying to understand how we age the way we do, it can be a little bit more complex than just numbers.  We tend to look at someone’s chronological age(how old someone is), and come to a conclusion. But what about biological?

Rarely do we look at our cells to help us figure out why we age the way we do.  If you’ve ever heard of telomeres, many researchers have suggested that they may help in determining how someone will age over time based on the length.

We all know how important it is to take care of both our mind and body, but not many people can tell you why. Researchers believe that environmental factors such as lifestyle choices as well as psychological, things like stress, are putting our cells at significant risks.

These risks can cause our cells to suffer major damage, leaving us vulnerable to sickness and disease.  So what are telomeres? And what causes people to age differently than others?

What are Telomeres and Why are They Important?

If you’re familiar with chromosomes, then you know that they are made up of DNA. At the end of each chromosome, are protective caps called telomeres.  Think of it as the plastic part at the end of our shoelaces.  These caps help protect our chromosomes from becoming too damage during cell division.

The reason they are so important is because in order for our body to function properly, our cells need to divide and repair themselves. Telomeres serve as protection during this division process.  Studies have shown that shortened telomeres can quicken the aging process.  

So the longer your telomeres are, the slower the aging process is for you. Researchers have suggested that this could be the cause as to why some people age differently than others.  Some people have longer telomeres than others.  

So what cause telomeres to shorten? And is it possible to lengthen them as we age?

Factors That Affect Our Biological Age

Scientists believe that factors like diet, stress, the amount of sun you get can be factors in how healthy your cells develop as you age.  Below are factors that can affect the length of your telomeres in either a positive or negative way.

Positive Factors:

  • Vitamin D (sun, supplements)
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Proper Rest
  • Healthy Diet

Negative Factors:

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Poor Diet

Our telomeres are considered there longest when we are born.  As we age, they tend to shorten.  The factors shown above have been shown to either shorten or lengthen them as we age.

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As stated earlier, short telomeres can leave us vulnerable to things like sickness and disease.

So if you are someone that tends to get sick often, it may be due to having shortened telomeres.  But how do you check the length of your cells?

How You Can Check Your Cell Health

When going for our regular check-ups, we always make sure to get things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.  But we never think to check the health of our cells.

As more and more people make health a priority in their lives, learning about new ways to improve it, will become a must.  One of those ways is through DNA. Companies like TeloYears and 23andMe currently test for health with the use of DNA.

They make it very easy to test by sending kits straight to your home.  All you have to do is provide a saliva or blood sample, and you can get reports to show how your DNA affects your overall health.

7 Signs Your Body Is Aging Too Fast – What To Do About It

Scientists have conducted a lot of research into what causes us to age the way we do. Although they have yet to pinpoint the exact reasons, many have come to the belief that telomeres may be a factor. That’s why it is important to monitor and protect the health of our cells as we age.

As more research is being done to prove this, we do know that the cells in our body is needed to make sure we function properly.  So making sure we are doing things like maintaining a healthy diet along with daily exercise is key to longevity.

In this article, I will be going over some signs your body is aging too fast, and what you can do to improve it. If you find yourself going through any of these signs, you could be aging yourself faster than you know.

1. You Have Red Eyes

No I’m not talking about the red eyes you get from allergies or staring at a screen for too long. If you happen to notice that your eyes are inflamed, that may be a sign of arthritis.  The same thing that causes the joints to stiffen up, can also occur in the eyes.  So it’s important to be on the lookout for any redness.

What you can do – Other than visiting your doctor, you want to make sure you are taking anti-inflammatories. A diet rich with antioxidants is a great way to reduce inflammation, thus cutting down joint pain and stiffness.

2. You Look Older Than Your Actual Age

If you’re 25 going on 35, then it is safe to say you may be aging a bit faster than normal.  There are so many factors that can contribute to someone looking older than they really are.  Things like smoking, stress, poor eating habits, and even genetics.  Taking care of your body is key to slowing down the aging process.

What you can do – there are a few tricks you can use to make sure you stay as youthful as you can.  Some of them are:

  • Drink enough water daily
  • Make sure to get some sun
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get enough sleep every night

3. You’re Always Sick

The cells in our body is what helps fight off sickness and disease.  The length of our telomeres have been a big topic into how healthy our cells are when fighting off such sickness and diseases.  

As we age, our telomeres tend to shorten, leaving us vulnerable.  The good news is, there are ways to increase the length of our telomeres with certain lifestyle changes.

What you can do –  the first step would be to have you cells checked to determine the length of your telomeres. Make sure they are at a healthy length compared to others that are  your age and gender.  TeloYears is one company that tests for telomere length.  

I wrote a TeloYears Review if you would like to learn more.  With proper diet and exercise, you can help increase the length of your telomeres, which can help slow down the aging process.

4. You Take Way Too Many Naps

Studies have shown that taking naps allows people to be more productive when it comes to completing tasks. But taking multiple naps could be a sign of other issues which can cause you to age faster than normal.

Other than when we are children, as we age, we have less energy and therefore need to nap more.  So if you find yourself taking more naps than necessary, you may want to ask yourself why.

What you can do – The first thing you want to do is make sure you are getting enough sleep at night.  Naps could be the cause of trying to catch up on some sleep.  If you feel you are not getting enough sleep, then you may be working long hours at work and need to scale back a bit.

More and more people are working longer hours, and taking less vacations to help unwind from it all.  It’s important to make sure that you are not a slave to your job, and find time for yourself when you can.  

5. You’re Always Stressed Out

Stress is one of those silent killers that you don’t really see until it is too late.  Stress can affect the body in a way in which you don’t know the reason.  Causing the body to age at a much faster rate than normal.

What you can do – mediation is a great way to combat stress in your daily life.  Find some alone time and try some breathing techniques to help relax your body a bit. Even taking a walk and enjoying nature can be a big help in managing your stress.  Don’t let stress take over your life because it will age you faster than you think.

6. Sandbags Under Your Eyes

Unless you have serious allergies or hung over from a night of partying, developing sandbags are a sure sign you are aging too fast.  

What you can do – Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Sometimes bags under your eyes are a result of you not getting enough sleep at night.  Also, if you are someone that smokes, it may be a good idea to quit, because smoking  can definitely age you faster than you think.

7. You Stop Exercising

The older we get, the less energy we have.  But this is not an excuse not to be active.  There are people in their 70s that make time to exercise on a daily basis.  Not being active in the gym will only speed up the aging process.

What you can do – find an activity that you enjoy and that will help you stay motivated to exercise. Sometimes taking a class with other people can be the motivational kick you need to stay active.  Whatever it is, just make sure to be consistent with it.

Why You Should Check The Health Of Your Cells

With so many things that can factor into the way you are aging over time, that’s why it’s important to get checked out.  As mentioned earlier, many studies are showing that telomeres may be a huge factor in the way we age.  

Making sure they are at a good length is important.  If you’re thinking about checking the health of your cells, TeloYears is a great place to start.

7 Signs You Are Aging Well In Life

There are so many different factors that cause someone to age differently than others.  Whether it be diet, exercise, or genetics, It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason.  But what if there was some way to know how well you were aging?

Through research, scientists may have found a way to identify what causes someone to age.  Telomeres which are caps at the end of your chromosome, help protect your DNA from being damaged.  Scientists believe the health of your telomeres can affect they way a person ages over time.

Although not 100% confirmed, research has shown that longer telomeres are better for you as you age. Knowing this, I have listed below 7 signs to tell you are aging well. TeloYears can test the length of your telomeres for anyone that is interested.

1. You Look Younger Than Your Actual Ageman running

We all know how cool it is when the person serving you at a bar or restaurant asks for your ID.  

You get that feeling of happiness knowing that someone thinks you may not be of legal age to drink.  

But let’s be real, they we know that’s pretty much them just doing their job.

Regardless, there are many people out there at tend to look either older or younger than their actual age.  

If people that don’t know you are shocked when you tell them how old you are, then congrats, cause clearly you are aging pretty well.


2. You Still Love Technologylady on a tablet

If you know anything about technology, then you know that it is always changing.You could get the latest phone, and in a few months, a newer and better one comes out.  

You get some new software, and weeks later, another update is needed in order for it to operate efficiently.

Change can be a very difficult thing to get over as we age.  Learning new things isn’t something most people like to deal with.  

So if you are someone that welcomes change and its unpredictability, then you my friend are aging pretty well.

3. You Don’t Require Too Many Naps

Research has shown that taking naps can be great for productivity.  

But let’s be honest, unless you are a child or a senior citizen, you really don’t need to be taking multiple naps.

If you do, you probably work a lot, or don’t get enough sleep.  Which both are contributing factors to how you age.

If you are someone that gets enough sleep, maintains a healthy diet, and commits to daily exercise, than you may find that you have enough energy to not need many naps.

This is a great sign that you are aging pretty well.

4. You Still Have A Good Head of Hair

Having long flowing hair is something most people wish to keep as we age. Having a lot of hair can show both vitality and youthfulness in a person.  

But whether it be due to genetics or age, not everyone is blessed with a full head of hair.

Sometimes you can look to your parents and get an idea of the future when it comes to your hair.  

But sometimes it can be due to sickness or stress that plays an important role.  As you age, if you still find yourself with healthy looking hair, then you are definitely aging pretty well.

5. You Don’t Stress Yourself Out

This has more to do with how you feel than how you look.  But, there is no doubt that stress can wreak all types of havoc for anyone that doesn’t learn how to manage it.  

Stress continues to be a huge factor in the causes of death in America. How you manage stress can determine how fast you age over time.

Dealing with too much stress can have a very adverse affect on our cells.  Telomeres as mentioned earlier, tend to shorten over time when exposed to too much stress.  

So someone that refuses to let stress take over their lives is a great sign you are aging well.

6. You Have 20/20 Visionlens on building

Wearing glasses these days have become a very fashionable thing. Even if you are someone that really isn’t into glasses, there are contacts and even surgery that can improve the health of your sight.

Still, seeing your sight get worse can be a very difficult thing to deal with.Some people can go their entire life without the assist of glasses, contacts or surgery.  

Whether it be due to genetics or very healthy eating, being able to maintain 20/20 vision is a really good sign that father time has yet to catch up to you.

7. You Make It To The Gym Everydaygym equipment

We all know that when you start to age, fatigue and joint pain starts to settle in.  

So doing things that require a lot of physical activity can be difficult.  At the same time, lack of physical activity can cause arthritis which is nothing to joke about.

It’s understandable to lose motivation as you age to make it to the gym consistently.  

But we know that it is necessary to maintain good health.  If you are looking to improve or maintain how you age, then making it to the gym daily is key.

How To Check The Health of Your Cells

We all want to make sure that we are doing all that we can to make sure we age well.  This is why we try to make exercise and healthy eating a part of our daily lives.  But sometimes being told this just isn’t enough.  That’s why it’s important to gather enough data to help you as make lifestyle changes to improve the way you age.

As mentioned earlier, studies are showing that telomeres may be big factor in how we age over time.  If we are able to protect the health of our telomeres, we can slow the aging process down.

One company that is doing testing for the length of telomeres is TeloYears.  They provide you with a self-test kit in which you provide a sample of blood, and they can test the length of your telomeres.  You can read my TeloYears Reviews to get more info.

Learn How To Lengthen Your Telomeres Naturally

Although researchers are not 100 percent sure how the length of our telomeres affect how we age, they are sure that having longer telomeres is a good thing.  With so many studies starting to show that it may be possible to at the very least slow down the aging process, telomeres are becoming a very popular part of the discussion.

In order for our bodies to function properly, the cells in our body must divide to replace old worn out cells. This division can cause our telomeres to become damaged and shorten over time.  So it is important to keep them long and healthy as much as we can.

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Since we do know that our telomeres shorten over time as we age, research has shown that it may be possible to lengthen them.  Most people will probably tell you that there are pills and such that could help lengthen them, but lengthening them naturally should always be the goal.

With a few lifestyle changes, it may be possible to increase the length of your telomeres, thus improving the way you age.  So if you’re looking to learn how to lengthen your telomeres naturally, then follow some of my tips below.

Drink Enough Water Daily

Studies show that we are not getting enough water on a daily basis.  Considering that 60% of our body is made up of it.  If you’ve ever been dehydrated, then you know how debilitating it can be to our bodies.  Making sure we are getting enough of it is key to our overall health.

As mentioned earlier, our telomeres shorten over time as we age due to cells having to divide to replace old worn out cells.  By not giving your body enough water, you are causing unnecessary damage to your cells.  By drinking enough water, you can help keep your cells healthy as you age.

Exercise On A Regular Basis

From the way you feel mentally, to the boost of energy you get, daily exercise has been known for its many benefits.  Making sure you are getting enough exercise on a regular basis is key to keeping the body young.

Studies have found that a person who considered themselves not active when it comes to exercise, had much shorter telomeres than a person who considered themselves somewhat active.  So you could imagine that a person who tends to be very active will most likely have much longer telomeres.

Keeping your cells young should be the ultimate goals when it comes to how you age.  By exercising on the regular basis, you will be doing just that.  

Reduce The Amount Of Stress

If you’ve ever seen someone that was constantly under stress, you can easily notice how well they are not aging.  Just look at past U.S presidents.  Before they decided to take the office, skin was glowing and hair was dark.  After they have served their term, hair is gray and skin doesn’t glow as much anymore.  That’s because they are constantly under stress.

Studies have shown that too much stress can reduce your telomeres considerably.  By reducing the amount of stress you body goes through, you could be helping your cells live a long healthy life.

Eat Healthy Foods

Treating your body well comes down to what you are putting into your body.  So maintaining a healthy diet when it comes to the health of your cells is key.  Foods that are high in Vitamins have been known to protect telomeres from being damaged.

Foods like blueberries which are high in antioxidants, may be able to slow down the aging process of your cells. Now you could purchase supplements to close the gap between foods you are not able to eat regularly. 

But remember, we are trying to lengthen your telomeres naturally, and nothing can replicate the benefits of eating real food.  

Enjoy The Sun

Vitamin D has been know to be a great way to help increase the length of your telomeres.  Without turning to