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What Can You Eat On The Mayo Clinic Diet

plate of vegetables

We can all agree that one of the most difficult thing about losing weight is knowing what to eat. Since diet is one of the key components to successful weight loss, it only makes sense to get a better understanding of what you should be putting into your body to get the best results.

So what can you eat on the Mayo Clinic Diet? This is a popular questions being asked when getting started on this particular weight loss program. Because unlike so many fad diets roaming around out there, the focus of the mayo clinic is to not just help you lose weight, but do it in a healthy way.

So below I plan on giving you a breakdown on the type of foods you should be eating on this program to help get you the best results possible. This article should help bring a bit of clarity into the types of foods you should be focused on when managing your diet on a daily basis.

What Is The Mayo Clinic Diet?

When comparing fad diets to a program like the mayo clinic diet, the one thing that tends to be missing is the expertise. Many of these diets claim to help you lose x amount of weight without worrying about the consequences it may have on your body long term.

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Healthy Breakfast Snacks For Meetings

So you have an early morning meeting and don’t have time to make breakfast?  More than likely you will need something that’s going to not only satisfy your appetite, but help you power through your  meeting.  Here are some healthy breakfast snacks for meetings that will get you the boost you need to get your day started off right.



Loaded with healthy carbs, a bowl of oatmeal is a great way to help give you that boost needed to help keep you up for that morning meeting. It’s very simple to make and will fill you up just enough to keep you satisfied.  All you need is some water and a microwave, and you can have your breakfast snack instantly.  If you need a little flavor to go with your oatmeal, adding cinnamon is a go to ingredient for anyone that is looking to bring some flavor to their healthy breakfast snack. No only will this give you energy to last the whole meeting, it’s also super healthy for your heart.



All you need is a spoon, and you could be enjoying this healthy breakfast snack while still focusing on what’s being said in the meeting.  There are so many different flavored yogurts that finding one to satisfy your appetite should be easy.  Yogurt is one of the easiest and healthiest snacks to have since you can just grab and go.  Making this breakfast snack a go to treat.



One of the most versatile fruits out there, banana is a must have breakfast snack for any meeting.  What makes having a banana so great is the fact that you could mix it in with your oatmeal, yogurt and many other snacks of your choosing.   Having a banana is an easy grab and go snack that you can take with you anywhere.


mixed nuts

What better way to help keep your focus during a meeting than having packaged nuts.  A healthy snack that you can pretty much have any time during the day.  These powerhouse treats come loaded with healthy fats, proteins and vitamins to keep your brain working efficiently.  To make sure you are keeping it healthy, try to stay away from nuts that contain a lot of salt.  With the wide variety of packaged nut treats, you should have no trouble finding one that you could enjoy.


hard boiled egg

A very simple breakfast snack to make while getting dressed for that morning meeting.  All you need is a pot of water and 15 minutes, and you’ll have a breakfast treat that will give you the satisfaction you need to get you through any meeting.  Boiled eggs give you a healthy dose of protein which you can just seal in a plastic bag or container and bring with you to work.


Beef Jerky

Snacks like beef jerky tend to get a bad rap due to their high sodium count, but it is possible to have jerky without all the added sodium.  They even have turkey jerky for those not into the beef.  Jerky is a good in-between meal snack that is loaded with protein and tastes amazing.  Obviously you want to make sure you get the jerky without all the sodium since that wouldn’t be too healthy.  But jerky is a great source of protein and will be sure to satisfy your belly as you grind through that early morning meeting.


If you are looking for a great way to get the protein and healthy carbs needed to get through any morning meeting, than protein bars are the way to go.  You can pretty much carry them anywhere with you.  With so many different flavors and brands, finding a bar that will satisfy your tastebuds should be no problem.  Just make sure that the bar is low in sugar as that can be an easy way for the body to store unnecessary fat.  With the convenience and great taste of a protein bar, you should have no issues getting through your morning meeting.


dried fruit

Dried fruit has become of very popular snack to have since it is packed with so much healthy vitamins and nutrients.  It’s almost like having colorful candy treats except they are healthier.  Dried fruits also provide natural sugar which will give you that extra boost you need if you find yourself in a super long meeting.  Just make sure to be careful when it comes to your calories, as you may see plenty of them in dried fruits.  You also want to make sure you stay away from dried fruit packages that contains added sugar.  No need for all those extra calories added to your diet.


pretzel sticks

Pretzels are one of the best snacks to have as far as fat content goes.  Pretzels are super convenient which makes them a go to snack when it comes to traveling or meetings.  You want to be careful of consuming pretzels that contain a lot of salt.  You can find many snacks packages that contain pretzels.


celery with peanut butter

No better way to get your veggies in then to include peanut butter along with it.  Having peanut butter along with your celery makes for a quick snack you can have just about anywhere.  You get all the necessary nutrients needed to maintain good health.  Also with enough fiber to make sure you will get your filling in for that early morning meeting.

Would love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you may have about other healthy breakfast snacks for meetings.  Please share below.

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How To Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs

how to lose belly fat and get abs

So you want to learn how to lose belly fat and get abs.  Yea I get it, there’s nothing more annoying than looking in the mirror and seeing those love handles.  I’m not even sure why they call them that since there is nothing lovely about them. But I guess everyone needs love right?

Remember, your abs are already there, they’re just a little busy hiding underneath all that warm fat.  So the goal is to find a way to remove that fat and say hello to your abs.The trick to losing fat is actually not a trick at all.  

It all comes down to proper diet, regular exercise and the desire to be better than what you are.  Getting the results you desire isn’t all that hard, what’s hard is finding the motivation to put in the work necessary to reach those goals is what people struggle with the most.

Don’t’ get me wrong, these days it is extremely difficult to make health a priority when LIFE continues to give you a kick in the stomach.  But in order for you to achieve the results you desire, you have to find a way to kick back.

Get Your Diet In Order

If you’re ever going to find those abs hidden underneath, then you’re going to have to start with your diet.  I understand food can be very tempting, but resisting the urge is something you will have to learn how to do.

Now i’m not saying to stay completely away from the foods you enjoy most, but you have to find a way to eat it in moderation.The problem people have when it comes to poor diet is everyday seems to be a cheat day.  

If you can limit your cheat day to an actual DAY, then getting results becomes a bit easier.  So it is important that during the week you eat clean, and then come the weekend, you can enjoy a cheat day RESPONSIBLY.

Make Exercise A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Even though burning belly fat is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, making exercise a regular part on your routine is a great way to help speed up the process.  With so many gyms and studios available,  finding a place to get in shape shouldn’t be a problem.  

Even if you are someone that doesn’t really like going to the gym, there are exercise equipment machines out there at a decent price that can help you get results in the comfort of your very own home.  All you need is 3 hours a week to help get you in shape.  

As busy as it may seem life is for you, finding 3 hours is certainly doable if you are serious about getting results.

Drink More Water

I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking more water.  I hear too many people who say they don’t drink water because it doesn’t taste good.  Even though there are many ways to help bring flavor to your water.

Using taste as a reason to not hydrate yourself just isn’t a good enough excuse.  You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily.  Yes that will result in many bathroom breaks, but your health is worth it right? 

Plus it gives you a good reason to get up and take a break and stretch out your legs.  If you struggle finding motivation to hydrate yourself, then I would suggest you invest in getting a motivational water bottle.  

It could be the motivation you need to better your health.

Stay Away From Sweets

If you’re looking for a great way to store fat in your belly, there’s no better way to do that then by consuming a lot of sugar.  So if you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to learn how to control it.  So treats like doughnuts, cake, or ice cream, you really need to cut back on them.

They will do you know good in your quest to burn that belly fat.  Even if you have to trick yourself into thinking that they are disgusting, then do it.  If you really need to have your sweet fix, then make it part of your cheat day, but be responsible of course.

Eat In Instead of Eating Out

With today’s busy world, finding time to eat a home cooked meal can be a real struggle for many people.  First you have to go grocery shopping and then prepare the meal.  With people getting out of work late, it’s hard to find time to take care of your fitness needs and the needs of your family.  

So it’s easy to just stop and get some quick food and satisfy your hunger needs.  The problem with that is, when you rely on others to prepare your food, you are letting them control your health as you have no idea what type of ingredients they are putting in your meal.  

One way you can fix that is by preparing your own meals.  Yes I know it’s easier said than done.  But if you are serious about getting those results, then you really need to start controlling how you consume your meals throughout the week.  

There are also meal delivery services out there like blue apron, home chef, and plated that can deliver fresh ingredient to you.  It is definitely worth a try and see if it may be something that can work for you.  Just make sure to look at your budget and see the cost between their services and eating out.

Final Thoughts

Losing belly fat is about being consistent with both your diet and exercise.  Also understanding that your belly fat didn’t just get there overnight, so you can’t expect it to go away quickly.  

Remember that your abs are there, they’re just covered a bit and need some help being shown.

Hope you enjoyed this read.  Please feel free to share below your thoughts on it.


Best Snacks For Afternoon Meetings

Having meetings in the afternoon can be tough sometimes since it is right around lunch time.  Trying to figure out if it would be better to eat before the meeting, or just wait until after.  

But if you are strapped for time and you feel the hunger in your belly coming, you’re gonna need to be able to satisfy that hunger while at the meeting.  

So whether the meeting is at the office or at a coffee shop, here are the best snacks for afternoon meetings. Snacks that are not only satisfying to the belly, but also healthy.



Nuts are great snacks to have since you can pretty much take them anywhere you go.  Not only are they healthy for you, but they provide the protein your body needs to function efficiently.  This small yet powerful snack is a great in between meal snack that contains very healthy fats for the body.  

More and more people are choosing to go with nuts since it can be a great alternative to less healthy snacks out there. If you struggle with choosing a particular type of nut to feast on, you can find a variety of mixed packages to your liking.  Keep in mind that nuts can carry a lot of calories, so make sure to eat responsibly.  Also be careful of nuts that contain a lot of salt.



Not only are fruits delicious, they provide the natural sugar the body needs to functions throughout the day. With the wide variety of fruits available, finding one you will enjoy should be pretty easy.  Whether you’re into dried or fresh fruit, they both can provide that boost to get you through any meeting.  Also if you are someone that worries about your sugar consumption, I would suggest sticking to berries.  They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins your body will surely benefit from.

Peanut Butter and Whole Grain Crackers

peanut butter and whole grain crackers

If you’re looking to get both your complex carbs and proteins in for the day, there’s no better way to do that than with peanut butter and whole grain crackers.  This simple and easy to make snack is sure to keep you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar stable.  This snack can be easily stored in a ziplock bag and brought with you anywhere.

Hard Boiled Eggs

hard boiled eggs

This simple and easy to make snack will fill you up and provide the energy you need to get through any meeting. This protein filled snack is easy to make and will easily last you through the week if a batch is made.  If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your eggs, try some salt and pepper.

Veggies With Hummus

veggies with hummus

We all know how important it is to get our veggies in daily, so why not have it as a snack.  If you’re looking for a way to bring some flavor to your veggie needs, how about adding some hummus.  Hummus is great for dipping almost any type of veggie in it.  Whether it be carrots or celery, you can enjoy your veggies with some hummus.

Protein Bar

protein bar

Protein bars are a great snack if you are looking for something quick and efficient.  They provide you with the protein you need to satisfy your hunger.  Easy to carry and take with you anywhere, this is a must have snack for any meeting. With so many different kind of flavors to enjoy, finding one to your liking should be quite simple.



Smoothies have grown in popularity over the years due to it’s awesome taste and health benefits.   Depending on the ingredients, what makes this snack so popular is the ability to mix all different types of ingredients into one container.  Whether you need your daily dose of veggies, protein, fats or carbs, you can get all that in one drink. Making sure you are careful with the type of ingredients being put into these smoothies will be important.  So I would recommend you making your own smoothie if possible.

Pretzel Sticks

pretzel sticks

This low-fat snack is perfect for meetings.  Packed with high fiber, you can enjoy this snack while on the go.  With so many different variety of pretzels, they are perfect for your sweet or salty cravings.  Just make sure to not go overboard as many pretzels contain high amounts of salt.  So you want to make sure you look out for your salt consumption.



You may not know it, but popcorn provides whole grain nutrients the body needs to be healthy.  As long as you are not adding loads of butter to your popcorn, this low calorie snack is sure to satisfy you.  You can take it anywhere nowaday with so many snack packs out there.  You can enjoy your popcorn while processing what’s being said in the meeting.



This is a snack you can pretty much have anywhere at anytime.  All you need is some boiling water and a spoon, and you have yourself a snack with tons of nutritional value.  Having a bowl of oatmeal is has been known to be great for the heart and enough fiber to keep you full.  Even if you have an upcoming morning meeting, oatmeal is good healthy breakfast snack to have for that.

Final Thoughts

Snacks are a great way to keep yourself up and focused during long meetings.  Not only do you want your snack to give you a boost in energy, you also want to make sure they are healthy for you as well.  

There are many options out there to get snacks that are healthy for you and convenient for you to take anywhere. So there you have it.  These are my best snacks for afternoon meetings to help power you through it.

So please share below any thoughts you have about your favorite snacks to eat.

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How To Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

So you want to learn how to lose belly fat without exercising.  I get it, exercise just isn’t your thing, so you would rather avoid it all together.  Although I would recommend against that, I do understand that not everyone is into exercising.  

The good news is,  it is possible to lose belly fat without the assistance of exercise. You’re just gonna have to be really disciplined when it comes to your diet.  Because no matter how many crunches you do, getting rid of belly fat is 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise.  

Exercise can help get you results faster, but if exercise is not an option for you, making sure you take control of your diet will be crucial.

Eat Healthy Meals

If we’re going to talk about getting rid of the belly fat, it only makes sense to start with what got you that belly in the first place.  When you hear people talking about how abs are made in the kitchen, there’s a reason for it. No matter how much you exercise, if you can’t control your diet, you will never get the results you are looking for.  

I know many people that don’t exercise and have a flat tummy.  Now there could be a few reasons for that. Great genetics, youth, and most importantly, they eat well. Now great genetics and youth can only take you so far, because as we all know, as time goes by, we only get older.  

The older we get, the more our metabolism slows down.  So it is very important to make sure you watch what you eat. So making sure you are eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between is important to making sure you metabolism is functioning properly.  

If you are someone that loves to eat meat, then make sure you stick to lean meats like chicken, turkey or fish. As much as you would like to have a good steak or rib, it’s important to limit these types of meat as much as you can if you are serious about losing the belly fat.  As they can contain high amounts of fat.

Stay Hydrated

I still feel that there are many out there that still don’t truly understand how amazing water can be for your health. Yeah i’m sure people understand how vital it is to living, but not enough to make it a part of their daily routine.  I myself have gotten to a point where all I drink is water on a daily basis.

man drinking water

Now I don’t expect you to be as boring as me, but if drinking water can get you the results you are looking for, then i’m sure you wouldn’t mind being a little boring.  Yea you might have to use the bathroom a bit, but getting up and walking is good exercise for you.  

Yea I know, we said no exercise in this article, but you gotta move a little right?  You should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day.  Now if you need some motivation to help make sure you are getting your daily water, then I would suggest you invest in a motivational water bottle.  

It’s a great way to keep you on track while you reach for your water consumption goal.

Get Active

Relax now….even though I promised to show you how to lose belly fat without exercise,  you can’t expect to do that just standing still now.  So when I say get active, I mean find ways to get your body moving more.  

When heading to work, instead of taking the elevator, try the stairs.  This is a great way for you to burn off some calories before you have to sit down all day at work.  Plus you can build up some leg muscle while climbing those stairs.

During your lunch break, don’t be afraid to grab a coworker and go for a 30 minute walk.  Being stuck in the office all day can be a drag on the mind and keep you from enjoying the finer things in life like fresh air.

Watch less tv and work on any chores that you need to get done around the house.  Tv is an easy way to be lazy and keep you from getting things done.  So if you have been holding off on organizing stuff around the house, then this is good time to get it done.

Eat Your Calories, Don’t Drink Them

There is no easier way to add unnecessary calories than by drinking them.  If you are looking to get your vitamin C in, instead of drinking juice, try a fruit.  It will fill you up much quicker than if you decided to drink it.  

If you are serious about getting rid of that belly fat, than reducing your alcohol consumption is going to be key as well.  Not saying that you have to get rid of it all together, but start with once a week and go from there.  

If you haven’t stopped drinking soda already, even diet soda, then you should remove that liquid crap immediately. There is absolutely no benefit to drinking any kind of soda.  You will be amazed at your results once you remove it from your diet.

Even if you are someone that likes to drink fruit smoothies, just be aware of the ingredients that are being put into your smoothie.  Some can contain a lot of sugar, and that will not help you in your belly fat burning process.  

Drink Green Tea

If you do decide to drink any type of liquid, having some green tea isn’t a bad way to go.  Studies have shown that drinking green tea can assist in burning belly fat.  This low calorie drink provides antioxidants that is necessary for good health.  So make sure you can get at least a cup a day if possible.  

Final Thoughts

Although getting rid of belly fat is a lot more difficult without the help of exercise, it is most certainly possible to achieve.  As long as you stay true to a healthy diet, you will see that belly flatten in no time.  Once you get the flat tummy, then it’s all about maintaining it.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this article, so please don’t be afraid to share them below.

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