Can You Really Burn Fat With HealthyWage?

woman with hands in the airWe know that there are a lot of weight loss programs that make all types of claims on the amount or weight you can lose. But sometimes we forget that losing weight isn’t the only goal, nor should it be. Burning fat is just as important as losing weight.

But sometimes we fail to really know the difference between the two. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you are burning fat.

So when it comes to healthywage, some wonder can you really burn fat with healthywage? For me it really depends on a few things.

Like how you go about training yourself to lose the weight. Or the the food you eat. These are key factors in understanding how to make sure you are both losing weight and burning fat at the same time.

Would I Recommend HealthyWage?

HealthyWage considers themselves different than a lot of other weight loss programs by the way they make the process both fun and effective. We all know how demanding it can be mentally when going through the process of reaching our fitness goals.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, or just maintain, it can take a toll on you mentally. But healthywage strives to make fitness fun with challenges and individual competitions.

They know that you are more likely to get results if you are enjoying the actually process of getting into shape. Not only that, but they want to make sure that you are losing weight in a healthy way.

They don’t make any of those guarantees that you will lose like 30 pounds in like 2 weeks. Obviously this is bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Their goal is to make sure you understand why it is important to lose weight in a way that is healthy for your body.

Because of this, I would totally recommend you give their program a try. But if you’re not convinced yet that this program is for you, then maybe we need to dig a bit deeper.

What It Takes To Get Amazing Results

In today’s society, we want everything right away. So when it comes to trying to get in shape, we will try almost anything. This is why you see all types of diet fads, diet pills, and 7 minute workouts that claim to get you the results you’re looking for quickly.

But eventually we all learn that there are no quick fixes when it comes to getting in shape. Getting results requires a lot of hard work. Most importantly, getting results is about creating good habits.

Here are some ways you can help create those habits for success:


Having a system is crucial when trying to create habits for success. I read somewhere that when people were asked if they could make a better burger than mcdonald’s, many people believed they could.

But the reason Mcdonald’s is a billion dollar company, is not because they make the best burger, but because they have a great system. So regardless if you have a plan for success, if you don’t have the system to get you there, it will be tough to find that success.

So when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, you want to make sure you have a system that involves an effective workout program, along with a nutritional plan.


Let’s face it, success in life ends and starts with motivation. It can be hard to have the energy to do just about anything without having that motivating factor. So before you decide to get started on your fitness journey, it’s important to know your why.

Knowing your why is a great way to keep you going during those times where motivation is low. I say this because there are times where you will feel like quitting during the weight loss process.

But keeping in mind your goal of maybe fitting into a pair of jeans, or even being able to run that half marathon, will keep you motivated to succeed.


What I like about being accountable is that it creates a good kind a peer pressure. The kind that forces you to not want to let either yourself, or others down.

Because we all know how easy it is to want to quit when things get tough. But knowing that you are being counted on to help complete a task is a good motivator to have. Which is why many would recommend you have a gym buddy when going to the gym.

This is what makes healthywage so unique. Participating in challenges that give you an opportunity to be part of a team to accomplish a certain goal. This will help you during those days where you’re just looking for an excuse not to exercise.

The Popularity of Weight Loss Challenges

I really do believe that there is a competitor in all of us. For some reason, when given the opportunity, we all like to perform when presented with a challenge. So when it comes to weight loss challenges, this is a great opportunity to compete for a good cause.

What makes it even better is when you can mix in some fun with it. For me, this is a great combo when trying to find success when it comes to fitness. Getting results is hard, and if you can find a way to make it easier and effective, then it’s definitely worth a try.

What Makes HealthyWage Effective?

Of course healthywage works hard to make losing weight fun and exciting, but it’s their method to do this which makes it so effective. As mentioned earlier, motivation is key to success. And there’s no bigger motivator than money.

So what healthywage has done is, give you an opportunity to win cash prizes if you are able to hit your weight loss goals. Whether you’re into personal challenges or team challenges, you can win some cash with healthywage.

The way it works is, the personal challenge involves using a prized calculator where you can bet on how much weight you will lose. Based on the amount of time, and how much weight you plan on losing, will determine how much cash you can win if your goal is met.

The team challenge works where you as a team collectively have to lose a certain amount of weight. If your percentage is better than other teams who are competing, then you will win a grand prize of up to $10,000.

Keep in mind that your weight loss should be done in a healthy manner, as there is a cap on the total weight loss percentage you can lose in a given time. These team challenges are a great way for you and your team to get the results you’re looking for.

Are You Ready To Challenge Yourself?

I know that participating in challenges can be a bit intimidating, but it really isn’t as bad as you think . If you’re afraid to go it alone, then joining with some friends is a great way to ease any fears you may have.

Finding the right online weight loss program is important in helping you get results. Once you are able to find one, then it’s all about being consistent and having fun with the whole process.

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