Using Calorie Counters For Weight Loss – 3 Things You Need To Know

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Are you someone that has been using calorie counters for weight loss, and still struggle with getting results.

Well that’s because there’s more to losing weight than just counting calories. But I thought losing weight was all about CALORIES!!!

Yes, in many instances this is the case. Unfortunately, what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily always work for another.

For many, there are other factors that are preventing you from getting the weight loss results you’re looking for.

Factors like exercise, mental health, support, education, etc.

Which is why I like weight loss programs like Noom. They understand these factors, and help you find ways to break through them. 

So whatever the factor, it’s important to figure out what’s holding you back from living a healthier lifestyle.

So in this article, I plan on going over 3 things you need to know about achieving successful weight loss.  

1. There’s A Mental Aspect Of Losing Weight

When looking at someone who may be overweight, it’s easy to think that all they need to do is improve their diet and exercise, then they will lose weight.

But the reality is, sometimes their weight loss struggles have more to do with the mental aspect of losing weight, rather than the physical.

There are so many factors that contribute to it. Factors like:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of confidence
  • Naivety

Regardless of which factor affects your inability to lose weight, it is important to know that it does exist.


Because it’s easy to think that weight loss is all about diet and exercise.

I mean, all you see in regards to promoting a healthy living is better eating and more exercise. We don’t see enough about mental health.

So once the acknowledgement is there, taking steps to overcome this barrier is crucial.

Therefore, finding a weight loss program that factors in the mental aspect of losing weight can be a huge benefit to your weight loss goals.

2. Having Support Is Crucial

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There are two types of people. There are those that can motivate themselves to get things done, and there are those that need others to help get them motivated.

I’m sure we can all agree that most people who struggle with weight loss tend to be the latter. Thus the reason why having support is crucial.

Whether it be the support of one person, or the support of a whole community.

Having someone that understands what you’re going through, and is rooting for your success, can be a huge benefit to you weight loss goals.

The problem with finding support is that everyone is busy.

Of course we’d rather having someone close to us like a friend or family member supporting us, but unfortunately they have other things going on in their lives.

So finding those that are like minded who are trying to accomplish the same things as you can be very helpful.

That’s why I highly recommend weight loss programs like Noom, as they tend to provide you with that support.

Just make sure when choosing a program, that it is active and motivating.

You also want to make sure the program gives you access to health specialists that can offer you expert advice.

Because lack of information can be another reason why many struggle with losing weight. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Knowledge Is Power

I know it sounds cliche, but lack of information is a huge reason so many people struggle with losing weight.

This is why experts like personal trainers and nutritionists continue to play such a vital role in the fitness industry.

Having access to a health specialist can be a crucial element in your weight loss journey.

They can provide you feedback on your eating habits. Or if you have questions, they can provide you with the answers that will empowering you going forward.

The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you build in thinking you can actually overcome your weight loss struggles.

Even if you’re reading articles or hearing others speak about their weight loss struggles or successes, these are all educational tools to help you with losing weight.

Remember...Counting Calories Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

In order to piece everything together, you need a system that is geared towards putting these pieces together.

Also, since most programs focus primarily on the physical aspect of losing weight, you need to find a program that also focuses on the mental part as well.

Which is why you should take a look at Noom.

It provides you with the support, technology, and education to make sure you are given the best chance to get results.

Check out Noom today and learn how this program can help you live a more healthy lifestyle. You can also check out my Noom Review to learn more.

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