Boot Camp Workouts vs Personal Training – Which Is More Effective?

people exercising on row machinesWhen it comes to getting in shape, some people like to either workout individually or with a group. Two methods that come to mind that fit either mold is boot camp workouts or personal training.

So when deciding between boot camp workouts vs personal training, you have to figure out which type of workout would be best for your fitness needs.

Both methods can be very effective, but success will depend on a few factors. Things like cost and motivation are two of the biggest factors that will help determine if you are able to be successful or not.

And in today’s article, I will be going over the differences between both training methods, and what it will take for you to reach your fitness goals.

Difference Between Boot Camp Workouts vs Personal Training

Maybe the biggest difference between the two methods is the amount of people that will be getting the actual training.

With a personal trainer, you can expect to have one maybe two people at a time going through the actual training.

With a boot camp workout, you can expect anywhere from 3 to 100 people at a given time. Of course all this is dependent on the amount of space that is available. So although 100 may seem high, it is definitely possible.

So now it’s time to compare what makes each method different. Which will give you an idea of which one will work best for you.

Boot Camp Workouts vs Personal Training: A Quick Comparison


Boot Camp

Because bootcamp workouts tend to have multiple people, this for many can be a huge motivator. Knowing that others are working hard during class, will motivate you to work just as hard.

Because who wants to be seen as the person in class not trying their best. Some would call this positive peer pressure.

Boot camps can be great for those that struggle working out by themselves and need that extra kick in the butt to get them going.

Personal Training

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer, then more than likely you did it to get that knowledgeable expert to help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal trainers can be a great way to get that personalized attention that many need when it comes to their workouts. Knowing that you are getting someone that has experience with getting people in shape can be invaluable.

Compared to boot camps, hiring a personal trainer is great for those that feel uncomfortable working out with a bunch of people.


Boot Camp

Along with motivation, cost is maybe the second biggest reason boot camps are so popular. Due to the amount of people you usually find in a class, you can easily find the cost per class to be no more than $10.

This can make for getting in shape very economical.

Now with this cost amount, comes lack of attention. With so many people coming in to get a workout, it would be hard for the instructor to find time to counsel everyone who has a question that is fitness related.

Personal Training

The one on one attention you get from a personal trainer comes at a cost to your wallet. You can easily expect the rate to be at least $40 an hour, and this is on the very low end.

But even at $40, if you have one session a week, this would cost you $160 for the month. And depending on your fitness goals, more than likely, one session a week will not be enough.

So personal training definitely isn’t cheap. But with this cost, you are getting the personal attention that one wouldn’t normally get with a boot camp workout.

And for some, the cost is worth the prices to change your life physically.


Boot Camp

Depending on the type of boot camp class you are taking, more than likely it will involve doing the same types of workouts. There may be a slight variation in the type of exercises you do, but the format will be the same.

So let’s say during your bootcamp training, you were able to lose a good amount of weight. But now you want to take your fitness training to the next level and want to build muscle. It would be hard to do so since the class isn’t personalized for any specific fitness need.

So you would either have to find another method of training, or just deal with what you got. Which could prove ineffective as you try to improve on your fitness goals.

Personal Training

The great thing about hiring a personal trainer is that they are able to customize a workout program based on your fitness needs.

Whether you’re trying to burn fat, build muscle or improve flexibility, you can discuss this with your trainer.

Not only will you be getting a program designed specifically for you, but you will also learn more about how you body responds to certain exercises.

Also, if you are someone that struggles with healthy eating, you can ask to get customized meal plans to help you with your diet.

Why You Should Try Boot Camp Style Training

As someone who is a kickboxing instructor, I’ve spoken to many people who decided to become members. There were many reasons why they decided to join, but one of the biggest reasons was due to not getting results at the gym.

Or maybe they find the gym to be boring. And yes a gym membership may not be that much cost wise, but it can be costly if you find yourself not going and money is still being taken out of your account. Which is very common especially come new years.

Cost is also another reason many prefer bootcamp workouts to personal training. You can still get great results at a much more affordable cost.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Although boot camps are more affordable per class, it can be frustrating for many that are looking to get expert advice from the instructor.

With so many people taking the class, unless you know the instructor personally, it can be almost impossible to get that one on one time with them.

So hiring a personal trainer may be the next best option. Knowing that you will have the attention of your trainer for the allotted time can be crucial. And depending on the trainer, they may even give you the ok to contact them via text or phone call.

This type of attention can be a key component to finding success when it comes to your fitness goals.

Which Method Is More Effective

Both can be very effective depending on the level of effort given and the guidance from the instructor or trainer.

When deciding which training method is best for you…

…it really depends on your preference. Knowing which type of training will motivate you the most. Do you prefer working out in a group, or would you rather have that one on one attention.

These are things you need to know before deciding how you should start your fitness journey.

You also want to keep in mind what you are able to afford. If money is an issue, you may want to get involved in a boot camp type training.

So which training method do you prefer. Please share your thoughts below.

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Orange101 - September 24, 2018

I have never ever exercised in my life so now I have joined a boot camp but my peers have all had some sort of personal training! I feel that I don’t know anything! Should I go to the personal training which is very expensive for me or continue in the boot camp which I really enjoy but most of the time the trainers don’t really have that much time to pay attention to me.. idk I’m so confused

    Ralph - September 28, 2018

    Unfortunately this is always an issue when it comes to deciding how to go about your health and fitness. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, then no need to break the bank to hire one. Don’t worry about being a the only person that hasn’t had some sort of personal training. if you enjoy the boot camp class, just continue to go and if there’s an opportunity to speak with the instructor, then definitely take it. I’m also a kickboxing instructor, and I always try to make time if possible to answer any questions members have in regards to their health. And if not having any experience with a personal trainer really bothers you, gyms usually allow for one free session with them. See if you can get that. Hope this helps.


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