Bodylastics Resistance Bands Reviews

Lifting weights may be the most efficient way to build muscle, but it isn’t the only way. Resistance bands are an extremely popular exercise many are using as a part of their fitness routine.

Not only can you build muscle with resistance bands, but they put less stress on the joints.

So if you’re looking to build muscle to get that nice toned look, you can’t go wrong with resistance bands.

But what are some good resistance bands out there?

Well if you’re looking for quality resistance bands, this Bodylastic Resistance Bands Review will provide some good insight into the bodylastic brand.

Because if you’ve ever had a workout using resistance bands, then you know there’s nothing worse than having bands that tear after a limited amount of uses.

So getting bands that are both durable and versatile is key to making sure your workouts are effective.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Review

Before resistance bands started becoming so popular in today’s fitness industry, you would usually see it being used in rehab centers.

If you were coming off an injury, resistance bands were used as a way to help build the strength back up.

Now many are using it as a part of their fitness routine.

person training with suspension bands

I can remember getting one, and it looked like a long piece of tape made of rubber. But one issue that always occurred was eventually you would get too strong for the band, or they would snap.

Thus its purpose would be short lived.

Now with technology improving the way it has, instead of this rubber tape, cords are being used which allow for much stronger and more durable bands.

So when it comes to Bodylastic resistance bands, cords is what are being used now.

So no longer do you have to worry about cords snapping and potentially being hit in the face causing injury.

Bodylastic bands use a color coded system which allows you to know what the weight limit is for each band. Each set has anywhere from 12-15 pieces that comes with your purchase.

bodylastics color coded resistance bands

So for those that prefer using resistance bands instead of weights, you can perform your workouts knowing you are using quality material.

With your purchase of the bodylastic bands, in instructional resource is also included. Below are some exercises you can expect to perform with these bands are:

  • Pushups
  • Assisted pullups
  • Standing back extensions
  • bicep/tricep extensions
  • Squats

And many more…

…seriously, there are a bunch of exercises you can do with these set of resistance bands. The instructional guide will show you all the exercises you can do, which is great for those that are not a huge fan of weights, or struggle with joint pain.

What’s Included With Your Bodylastics bands Set

  • 12-15 piece set (96-156 lbs)
  • Exercise bands with handles
  • Power bands for resistance training
  • Ankle Straps
  • Door Anchor
  • Carrying Bag
  • Instructional Resource Book
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Advantages of the Bodylastics Bands

One of the most efficient ways to burn fat is by building muscle. And in order to build muscle, resistance training must be performed.

But the problem is…

Not everyone is a fan of lifting heavy weights to build muscle. Whether it be due to comfort, joint pain, or fear of getting hurt. So it’s important to find other ways to build muscle and stay in shape.

Resistance bands are a great way to perform a variety of exercises without the use of heavy weights. Not only that, they are more affordable and more convenient for those that like to workout at home.

woman exercising with suspension kit

So no need for expensive equipment like dumbbells or exercise machines. Although, many have found ways to use other tools like pull up bars, which can complement your resistance bands very well.

Disadvantages of the Bodylastics Bands

Depending on your fitness goals, there is only so much resistance you can get when using bands. So if you are someone that is looking to gain serious muscle mass, you may find it difficult to achieve that using resistance bands.

Also, you can quickly perform your workouts using free weights. With resistance bands, they take a bit of time to set up. You need to make sure it is secured in areas of the home in order to use them.

This can make working out a bit tedious if you don’t have much time. Unless you intend to leave them fixed on your workout area, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Also if you have a home gym, then more than likely it is in a fixed area.

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My Final Thoughts

If you’re not looking to build serious muscle mass, and are just looking to build a nice lean look, than resistance bands are a good option. There versatility makes working out both affordable and effective.

So when choosing resistance bands that can help you with your workout routine, I would definitely recommend bodylastic resistance bands.

And in this bodylastics resistance bands review, I hope you were able to get an idea of how they could help you with your workouts.

Like always, if you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to leave your thoughts down below. This will help others with their decision on if these bands are right for them.

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