Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh Review

If you haven’t noticed by now, there seems to be a big wave of meal delivery services that are making its way into the homes of many families across the country.

I mean you can’t get go through your facebook page without seeing some type of advertisement about them. The issue is, with so many meal delivery services out there, it’s hard to know which one is best.

There are so many things to consider like cost, quality of food, and most importantly healthiness.  Well in today’s article, we will be going over two very popular choices in Blue Apron and Hello Fresh..  

The goal of this blue apron vs hello fresh review, is to help you make a sound decision for which one will best fit your healthy eating needs.

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»  Blue Apron Review
»  Hello Fresh Review
»  Comparison Chart: Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron
»  What’s Trending
»  Summary

About Meal Subscription Services

The way meal subscriptions services works is, each service has chefs that prepare freshly made ingredients for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a balanced, vegetarian or gluten free meal, options are made available for you to select from comfort of your own home.  

After selecting the type of meal you want, the ingredients to help prepare these meals are sent directly to your home.

The reason for these types of services is to help bring convenience to everyday shopping needs.  At a time where most people are so busy with their daily routine, finding time to grocery shop can be difficult.  

This can lead to choosing less healthier options, thus affecting your health overall.

With meal delivery services, with a click of the button, the shopping is done for you and ready to be delivered right to your doorstep.  Not only are you getting convenience, but healthy eating as well.

Blue Apron Review

Blue apron is maybe one of the most popular if not the most popular meal delivery service in today’s market. There mission is to change the way food is grown and distributed to families across America.  

By partnering with family farms, there hope is to always deliver fresh ingredients at a better value.  The way food is handled in today’s environment, food is shipped from factories and delivered to your local grocery store.  

The problem with this is, in order for these ingredients to make it through these long trips, they are picked before they have a chance to ripen to avoid spoiling.  

With blue apron, they found a way to eliminate the middleman so that they are always delivering to you fresh ingredients.  By Signing up with Blue Apron, you will be sent meals you have selected on a weekly basis.  

They deliver Nationwide to most address .  You can check here to see if they deliver near you. If for any reason you need to skip a week of delivery due to being on vacation, blue apron has that option available for you.  

Also, you don’t even need to be home in order to receive your package. No need to worry about the ingredients spoiling as they are kept fresh with ice packets inside the package.  

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

Blue apron offers a couple of plans based on the amount of ingredients that will be delivered.  For two people, you can expect to pay $9.99 per meal per person. For a family of four, you can expect to pay $8.74 per meal per person.  

Now some might think this is a lot, but if you are someone that tends to eat out at restaurants often, you can expect to pay at least $10 per plate, and that doesn’t even include tips.

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Now you may say that you don’t eat out and think it may be cheaper to buy your own ingredients to prepare your meals.  Although this may be so, if you factor in all the other unnecessary things you buy while shopping for food, these things can add up.  

You may find that it less expensive to just have blue apron deliver ingredients for you.  But this is something you may have to go over when budgeting.  Read How Much Blue Apron Costs Per Week to learn more.

Also factor in the convenience of not having to wait in long lines to checkout at the grocery store. 

Blue Apron Deals:  Get $50 off your first order with Blue Apron

Hello Fresh Review

If you’re looking for fresh variety, you don’t have to look very far when it comes to Hello Fresh.  They have a dedicated team of chefs that work alongside their team of dieticians to provide their customers with 10 new recipes every week.  

What makes hello fresh so good is not only their fresh ingredients, but the flexibility they allow their customers to have when selecting meals.  

They usually select which meals to prepare based on preferences, but give you flexibility to select meals from your weekly menu.  Unlike blue apron where they work with family farms to deliver fresh ingredients.  

Hello Fresh source their ingredients from independent producers to provide top quality ingredients.  Hello Fresh offers a Classic Plan and Veggie Plan both starting at $9.99 per meal. They also offer a Family Plan at 8.74 per meal.

Comparison Chart: Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

Blue Apron Hello Fresh
Price Per Meal $8.74 or $9.99 $8.74 or $9.99
Delivery Cost Free Free
Vegetarian Plan 2 Person-Plan only Yes
Long term Contract No No
Free Online Account Yes Yes
Learn More Try Blue Apron» Try Hello Fresh»

What’s Trending

Based on trends shown below for the past 5 years, you can see where the interest is for both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Although it seems the interest for blue apron is higher, hellofresh is not that far off.

Blue Apron  Hello Fresh

google trends


As you can see, both meal delivery services offer their unique style when it comes to delivering fresh ingredients.  When deciding on which service to try, it really comes down to preference.  

Hello Fresh allows you to select specific meals like the veggie plan for vegetarians out there.  With Blue Apron, you basically get to select from the menu they have for that particular week.  

Which is never the same for any given period, which is a good thing.  So you really can’t go wrong with your choice and the good thing about both services is you can cancel whenever you want.  

Which makes trying out either service that much more convenient.

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Angela - May 14, 2017

This is something I’ve thought about off and on. Having fresh food delivered to my door is such a great idea. I don’t like to go grocery shopping because of how long it takes plus the drive time to get there, (I live in the country), and it’s such a headache to think of dinner meals for every week. It seems like these companies make choosing meals an easy thing. I do think this is something I will try sometime soon because it seems like a great idea!
Do you know if the recipes offered by these companies vary so I can try foods from different cultures? Or do they stick with a few well-known culture foods that most people eat often?
Thanks for this great review! Lots of good info.

    Ralph - May 14, 2017

    Hey Angela! I agree with everything you’ve said. I’m also a person that hates waiting in long lines and love the convenience meal delivery services offer. Also if you are someone that isn’t the best of cooks, their easy to follow instructions makes cooking a little simpler. Neither services vary too much when it comes to cultured food, but I guess it depends what kind of cultured food you’re looking for. They do vary from week to week so you never get the same meal with a given year. Thanks for your comment!

Liliana Parziale - May 12, 2017

I agree, these are by far the most popular meal delivery services I see in ads every day. I see these ads in facebook almost every day. However, I had not tried any of them because I wasn’t sure which way to go.

I definitely don’t have time in the day to cook. I have a full time job and I have a newborn so forget about having time to cook. I agree with you, the price of Blue Apron is far more advantageous than eating out. If you expect to get a healthy meal, you are going to pay top dollar for it. I think $10 per person is cheap considering that it is all pretty much done for you. You cannot beat the convenience of it!

Have you tried either one yourself? In your opinion, which one would you recommend? I know both of them are good but after reading your review I am curious as to what your choice of meal delivery service would be.

    Ralph - May 12, 2017

    Hi Liliana and thanks for your comment! You are right, there is definitely a convenience factor when it comes to these type of services. A friend of mine ordered blue apron so I was able to try them out. I haven’t tried Hello Fresh yet, but plan on it soon. But based on a lot of research, many do prefer blue apron.

W Tucker - May 11, 2017

I’ve always wondered about the meal delivery services.
I think it sounds like a good idea and wonder if they have plans for just one person. There must be a lot of us one person families.
I don’t think the cost is too much. As is outlined in the article, any meal out will cost you at least $10 and that doesn’t include a drink, tip, etc.
And you are right about going to the grocery store, you buy lots more things than if you could just stick to the ingredients in your recipe. the grocery stores count on this phenomenon. So I think having just the ingredients for a recipe would be more cost effective than buying them yourself.
For me, the competition is places like Whole Foods who have already prepared meals that you can pick up on the way home and you don’t have to prepare anything. I think that’s who is the competition for Blue Apron. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t really want to cook when I get home, so Blue Apron would be my second choice for dinner.

    Ralph - May 11, 2017

    Unfortunately neither services offers meals for just one person, but I know people who have used it as a way to meal prep for the week. Which is a great idea for anyone that is super busy. I do agree that these type of meal delivery services may not work for everyone, but for those that it does help, will definitely find it convenient. Great thing about these services is that there are no long term commitments which makes it so much easier to try. Thanks for your comment Tucker!

Martin - May 10, 2017

A while back a coworker of mines would get meal subscriptions and it would help them as far as his diet. It also worked because I saw a big difference in his appearance and he seemed a lot healthier. This was about three years ago and now I’m starting to see meal subscriptions take place everywhere. Your site defines the aspect of this and it is definitely a big deal for many. I never knew information about Blue Apron and with this website, you have detailed everything that is needed to know about this meal subscription. Good job on your site.

    Ralph - May 10, 2017

    When it comes to improving your appearance, eating healthy as a lot to do with it. The good thing about these meal delivery services like blue apron and hellofresh is that they offer fresh quality ingredients. What also makes these services so popular is due to the fact that many of us are so busy with work and other things that we have no time to cook a quality home cooked meal. More and more people are realizing that fast food is not the way to go for for some, these meal delivery services are a great option. Also i’m glad you like my site. I hope you make yourself a regular visitor Martin!

Will - May 9, 2017

I’ve heard of these types of subscription services before. My issue is I am pro-organic and dislike purchasing/consuming anything GMO or chemically treated. I’ve read that Hello Fresh has vegan and organic option. In your experience, do you know if Blue Apron products are organic, or if they have an organic alternative? I would love to know and try them out but curious of your opinion. Thank you

    Ralph - May 9, 2017

    Hi Will and thanks for your comment! Blue apron most certainly has organic ingredients. A matter of fact, many of their ingredients are USDA certified organic. Blue apron works closely with family farms to make sure their animals a raised without added hormones or antibiotics, which of course are given to animals that are sick. I hope this answers your question and as always,please feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

Victoria - May 8, 2017

Thank you for this article. I’ve subscribed to meal delivery services in the past — Diet to Go and NutriSystem — but they were both pre-prepared meals. Now that I have more time to cook, I would be interested in doing something with fresh ingredients. I like Blue Apron’s model a lot. Could you clarify for me what is meant by the “independent producers” that Hello Fresh uses vs. the family farms that Blue Apron uses?

    Ralph - May 8, 2017

    You’re welcome Victoria! I do think you would enjoy it if you are someone that loves a home cooked meal and has time to cook. When it comes to the “independent producers” that hellofresh works with, it’s basically a combination of farmers, fisherman, and other supplies from where hellofresh gets their ingredients from. I hope this answers your question Victoria, and thanks for your comment!

Daniel - May 7, 2017

You can’t ignore the rise in popularity of food delivery services and there certainly appears to be a market for them. The cost of these services has always been a concern for me at over $8 a head, as it could be argued that you could eat well for much less. As it is only the ingredients that get delivered, are these services for people who are already good at cooking, or are the recipes easy to follow for people of all skill levels.

    Ralph - May 7, 2017

    Hi Daniel and thanks for your comment. I will admit that these services aren’t for everyone, especially if you are someone that likes to buy there own ingredients and cook. But for a lot of people, there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, so this can definitely be helpful for some. I would definitely recommend going over your budget to compare the costs of your regular meal eating habits. Keep in mind though, many people like to eat out a lot, and we both know that’s not the healthiest thing to do. With meal delivery services, regardless if you are a beginner or expert chef, recipes are included along with easy to follow instructions. Definitely worth a try as there are no long term contracts to keep you stuck if you decide it’s not for you.

Pat - May 6, 2017

What a great review about online food delivery service. I’m definitely more inclined to try this type of service because, as you mentioned, I’m a busy individual and finding the time to pick up all the ingredients to make a meal can be taxing.

And if I’m single? I imagine there are many left overs?

    Ralph - May 6, 2017

    Thanks Pat! These meal delivery services are ideal for those who live very busy lives like you mentioned, and being single, yes you can definitely expect some leftovers. Although this may be more beneficial to party of two or more, this gives a single guy like yourself an opportunity to meal prep for the week. Which is something I like to do as often as I can.

teachexplorerun - May 5, 2017

Hello, thank you for the great information between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I never considered having my food mailed to me but this would stop the occasionally quick grab for a bag of chips. What is even worse than grabbing a pair of chips is when you go to the grocery store hungry and you buy everything you see.

I noticed there is not a clear preference. Which product have you chosen? Is Blue Apron better is you do not need a vegetarian option?

    Ralph - May 5, 2017

    You’re welcome. Having your food mailed to you is definitely a unique concept. But I guess if you really think about it, It’s like having any type of food service delivered to you except healthier. Also keep in mind the food food isn’t delivered to you already cooked, but if you are someone that likes to cook, then you will love it. I prefer Blue Apron based on the meal selections available, but that’s just me. I’m sure you will enjoy either of the two services.

Joey - May 4, 2017

Glad I came across this article. I’ve actually been deciding on whether to sign up for Blue Apron. Like you mentioned, I see promotions in my facebook feed almost every day. I am definitely leaning towards the Blue Apron option since I do not need the vegetarian options Hello Fresh offers.

    Ralph - May 4, 2017

    Hey Joey! Both are definitely good options, but I know a lot of people that have been leaning towards blue apron. It is based on preference as both offer very good quality ingredients. Great thing about both services is you can try both out risk free. Hope you enjoy and thanks for your comment!


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