Blue Apron vs Diet To Go

Blue Apron vs Diet to Go is like David vs Goliath.  Except that Goliath will be a bit more difficult to take down. Blue apron being Goliath and Diet to Go being David.  But what makes this so?  

They both claim to offer fresh quality ingredients and also provide convenience for their customers. Sometimes it takes more than the obvious to set yourself apart from the competition.  

In this article we will go over what makes blue apron and diet to go so different.

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» Blue Apron Review
» Diet to Go Review
» Comparison Chart: Blue Apron vs Diet to Go
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Common Questions About Meal Delivery Services

How do meal delivery services work? – You get to select from a menu the type of meal plan you would like to receive.  There are variety of options to choose from and every week you get fresh ingredients sent to your home for you to prepare and cook.

I’m going on vacation for a week, what are my options? – If you are not home for any given week, you can have your meal delivery skipped for that week you are gone.

When will my delivery arrive? – after you have made you meal plan selection, you will receive an email with tracking info so you know when your package will arrive.

Blue Apron Review

What makes blue apron unique is how they are trying to change the way food is delivered to your home.  They know when it comes to good health, the way we eat is important and it starts with the ingredients.  

By working close with families farms, they can help deliver fresh quality ingredients to homes across the country.  People may be unaware of how the food they normally consume is delivered from factories to their grocery stores.  

But most of the time, the ingredients are picked before they are ripe and go through a middleman before reaching your local grocery store.  

With blue apron, they have found a way to eliminate the middleman and deliver your ingredients from local farms, straight to your doorstep.  Ensuring that the ingredients you receive from them is healthy for you to eat.

What’s the cost?

Blue apron offers two different plans.  Their 2-Person Plan is $9.99 per meal, and their Family Plan is $8.74 per meal.

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Diet To Go Review

When it comes to losing weight, diet is a key determining factor if you are able to get results or not.  Diet to go believes they provide the right type of meals to help get you the results you are looking for.  

By providing low carb, low calories meal plans, losing weight doesn’t have to be an impossible task to accomplish.  

They know that losing weight requires commitment and a plan to help you reach your goals.  So if you struggle with weight-loss, and you’ve tried all types of diet plans, then maybe diet to go is what you’re looking for.  

Downside to this service is their complex menu when choosing your meals.  This makes the user experience very inconvenient.

What’s the cost?

Due to their fully customizable menu plan, giving you an exact price can be difficult.  I would suggest visiting their website to find out how much it will cost to try out their service.

Comparison Charts: Blue Apron vs Diet To Go

Blue Apron Diet to Go
Price Per Meal $8.74 or $9.99 $13.75 est
Delivery Cost Free $19.98
Vegetarian Plan Yes, 2 person plan only Yes
Long Term Contract No


Free Online Account Yes Yes
Learn More Try Blue Apron» Try Diet to Go»

What’s Trending

Blue Apron    Diet to Go

blue apron vs diet to go trending chart


As you can see from the chart above, Blue Apron is a very big player compared to Diet to Go. I do think diet to go makes purchasing their meal somewhat difficult.  

People like to know how much something is going to cost, before they decide to buy, and diet to go makes that a little bit difficult.  

But the great thing about both services is, you can try them out without being stuck in a long term contract.  If for any reason you like one service more than the other, you can cancel and stick with the one you like.

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Rafael - May 17, 2017

Thank you very much for the deep comparison table between the products, I really liked the Price Per Meal
This is something you do not always see in all the information there is.
Is there another way to lower the cost or get additional services if I am a regular customer?
What program would you recommend to a family of 6?
Thank you,

    Ralph - May 17, 2017

    Hi Rafael! Unfortunately discounts are given only to new customers. To answer your other question, not sure I would recommend it for such a large family as a lot of these services create meal plans for families of 4 at most.

Eris - May 16, 2017

I’ve been really interested in trying one of these grocery delivery services, but haven’t spent any real time researching anything specific. I wanted to do a cost analysis at some point to see if I think it is worth it. Although I do think it may save me some time and effort. A tradeoff I’ll have to weigh out. Does anyone else know about cost and time savings?

    Ralph - May 16, 2017

    I Eris! I think doing a cost analysis is a really good idea before deciding if either service is right for you. Once you figure out your eating habits, then I think it will make deciding much easier.

Marlinda Davis - May 16, 2017

Nice comparison. I’ve been interested in Blue Apron for a while now but haven’t tried it yet because they don’t deliver to the country. Do you know any services like this that will deliver out in the country? Like 40 minutes to an hour away from major cities?

    Ralph - May 16, 2017

    I know that blue apron delivers to almost anywhere in the U.S so you shouldn’t have any issues with that. You could check their site to make sure, but i’m pretty sure they should.


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