Blue Apron Reviews – Best Meal Delivery Service?

In this Blue Apron Review, I will attempt to detail this new wave home meal delivery service that is making its way to the homes of many families across the country.

At a time where households are working longer hours and barely have time to go grocery shopping to cook up a nice home meal for their families. Services like Blue Apron are making it easier for families to sit down and enjoy a nice meal together.

blue apron reviews

What Is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a home meal delivery service that is helping to bring fresh food to families in America.

Blue Apron has partnered up with family farms all over the country to provide families with the most high quality ingredients delivered straight to your home.

When it comes to seafood, they have formed a partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, which is a non-profit organization that is committed to building a better food system.

There mission is to ensure they provide you with seafood that is rated both “Best Choice” and “Good Alternative. By working to improve the convenience and sustainability of the seafood supply chain.

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

The way their price plan works is simple. You are presented with two different meal plan options, you can either go with the two person plan, or the family plan as shown below.


Get Started With A Free Blue Apron Account

That means you get three meals per week for the Two-Person Plan (6 total servings), and two to four meals per week for the Family Plan (8 or 16 total servings). Their pricing plans are very simple to read and I plan on breaking down how this pricing plan may or may not benefit your meal delivery needs.

Is This Service For You?

Blue Apron knows how difficult it can be to go grocery shopping and search for food that is both high quality and sustainably grown. So they have made it simple by providing you that with just a click of a button.

Because let’s be honest, it’s hard to find any food these days that haven’t been touched by some type of chemical. Blue apron works hard to make sure to provide you with fresh food daily.

By working close with family farms and making it more convenient for you to get high quality ingredients.

If you are someone that finds it difficult to find time to go grocery shopping then Blue Apron makes it easy by organizing all your items for you and getting it delivered to you in a timely manner.

In this busy world it can be difficult to find time to work, exercise and to cook for the family. So finding a service that can make at least one of those things a little bit easier seems like a no brainer right?

Also, If you are someone that craves variety when it comes to your food, Blue Apron might be just what you’re looking for. Their menu allows you to pick from a variety of meals that you could enjoy throughout the week.

No worrying about what to prepare for the week as it is all done for you once you make your selections. For most people, this takes all the guesswork out of preparing meals which will leave your mind clear to think about other things.

What Makes Blue Apron Unique?

Blue Apron Pricing

With two options to choose from, you can subscribe to either meal plans for the week. For some this may seem like a lot, but if you break it down as shown on the price plan, it comes out to being around 9-10 dollars per meal.

Meal Plans Price
2 Person Plan $9.99 per serving
2 Meal Family Plan $8.74 per serving
4 Meal Family Plan $8.74 per serving

Now if you have ever eaten at a restaurant as most people tend to do, you can spend 10 dollars easy on an appetizer alone, and more for a plate.

But what makes Blue Apron a healthier option is at least you know what ingredients and how much is being put into your food. With restaurants, you have no idea how your food is being prepared.

For some, that can make people afraid to go out and enjoy a nice meal. With blue apron you are able to control what is being put into your food which is always the healthier option.

So I think the price is definitely a plus especially if you factor in how often people eat out during the week.

Convenience – Food At Your Doorstep

There is nothing more convenient than having something delivered to you right at your doorstep. Well that is what blue apron will do for you.

When will my delivery arrive?

Once you have an account with them and have made your meal selection, you will receive a tracker letting you know when to expect your package. They make sure to have your food delivered to you in a timely fashion to make sure your meal is ready to be prepared.

But what if no one is home?

That’s a great question and blue apron is prepared for it. If no one is home to receive the package, they can leave it there like any regular package waiting for your return.

But won’t the food spoil?

Blue apron makes sure to insulate the food in a package container filled with frozen gel packs. This will ensure that your food is fresh for when you return home.

They realize that there is a chance that there won’t be anyone to receive the package so they make sure to prepare your food in a package that will keep the food fresh and secure.

Quality Of Food

quality food

Blue Apron works close with suppliers and farmer who have very high standards when it comes to preparing their ingredients. Many of their ingredients are USDA certified organic.

Blue Apron works with farmers and rancher who raise their animals without any added hormones or antibiotics which are usually given to animals that are sick.

This allows the food you receive at your home to be prepared without any worries of having poor quality food. For added comfort, Blue Apron offers a Freshness Guarantee.

If any of your ingredients are either missing or not up to acceptable cooking conditions, contact them within 7 days and they will make sure to fix it for you.


For those of you that are concerned about how blue apron does it’s part when it comes to the environment, blue apron offers two options for those concerned about how to recycle their packages after you’re done.

Option 1: Recycle at home

If your community participates in the recycling process, then you can easily recycle blue apron materials along with your recycling community.

Blue Apron’s site also has a how to page on their site with detailed instructions on how to recycle each parts of their package.

If curbside recycling is not available in your area, blue apron provides a recycling center locator where you can just type in your zip code and they will find a recycling center near you so you can drop it off.

Although this can be a little inconvenient, at least you will be doing a great deal to help out the environment.

Option 2: Return your package to Blue Apron

The best part about this option is that it is totally free. As long as you return 2 or more deliveries worth of packaging together, blue apron will provide you with a return label.

You can then either drop it off at your local USPS office, or schedule for USPS to pick it up. Just go on the site and confirm a pickup date, and you are all set.

No Commitment – Skip Meals If You Want

Blue Apron takes the risk out of trying their product. So if you make an order and end up not really liking it, you can cancel at anytime.

So no worries about being stuck with a subscription for a product you don’t like. Basically you could order one meal and if you decide it’s not for you, just cancel with no questions asked.

Say you’re planning on going on vacation and know you won’t be home for a week, with blue apron’s meal skip, you can easily skip a meal for weak and not have to worry about being charged for it. As long as you notify them before the cut-off date, which is usually 7 days before your next delivery,

This makes the decision process much easier knowing that you don’t have to worry about any long term commitments. With just a click of a button, you have total control of when your food is delivered to you on a weekly basis.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Price
  • Saves you time at the grocery store
  • Detailed Instructions on how to prepare the food
  • Environment Friendly
  • Quality Food
  • No worries about long term commitment
  • Variety of meals to choose from
  • Large serving sizes for two people or Families
  • Can Customize meals on the go with mobile app


  • Having to recycle all materials in the package can cause inconvenience
  • Nutritional information lacks detail, but calorie count is available
  • Having to prepare the food could be excessive at times, but also enjoyable for most

Please keep in mind that meal delivery services like Blue Apron and others cannot not replace your shopping and cooking needs.

Blue Apron understands how busy life can get and strives to help make life a little bit simpler by adding variety and convenience to meal planning routine.

Final Thoughts and Ratings

With the rise in long hours many people face at their workplace, finding time to eat a healthy meal is getting more difficult.

Blue Apron’s goal is help make life simpler by providing quality ingredients to families in America. With affordable prices that compete with any other competitors and convenience that is hard to beat.

Blue Apron works to put the customer first when it comes to meal delivering services. Couple that with the fact they keep the environment in mind when it comes to packaging, makes them one of the top choices.

My Ratings: 4/5

Although they do have things they need to improve one when it comes to how much time is taken to prepare food, the service they provide outweighs the negatives. They continue to improve as the meal delivery service continues to grow, so we can only expect great things to come in the future.

Thanks for reading my Blue Apron Review. Is it the best meal delivery service? The only way to find out is to try, and you can do that absolutely risk free.

Interested In Blue Apron Service? Here’s How You Can Order

Ordering from Blue Apron is simple. Just click on their official website here, and choose the meal package that fits your needs. They automatically bill you every week unless you either skip a meal or decide to cancel. Either way they make the process quick and easy.

They have a great offer for new customers only so it is definitely worth a try.

Redeem Your Offer and Get $50 off your first Blue Apron Order.  Upon entering the site, click on the orange redeem offer box.

Share Your Thoughts

If you are still considering or are already a subscriber to blue apron, please don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your thoughts below. This will help ensure that our readers are making an informed decision when it comes to finding the right meal delivery service for them.

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Joe - March 13, 2017

Its a good service, these days, nobody got time for cooking tasty fast meals, and takeout is usually full of calories and fat.

    Ralph - March 13, 2017

    Hey Joe!

    I agree, everyone is so busy working long hours that it can be difficult to really focus on health. It’s easy to choose takeout as an option, but of course your body will end up paying for that. But if you are serious about getting into shape, eating healthy is a must. Although this service may not be for everyone, you can try it risk free to see if it may be something that could work for you. I appreciate you commenting.

Sue - January 24, 2017

I like this idea. It sure would make things easier than having to go through recipe books and shop for everything, only to find that you forgot an important item.
And living in a small town without a grocery store makes it even tougher. I don’t even like to think about stopping for fast food on the commute home.
This also sounds like it could be a fun family activity after a busy day.

    Ralph - January 25, 2017

    Hi Sue! Blue apron does make things simpler especially for those living in small towns. It is definitely worth a try since you there are no worries about signing a long term contract.

Marley Dawkins - January 24, 2017

Yes meal delivery service – im always happy to not have to travel to get food to my door, its one of the great wonders of the 21st century lol.

Blue Apron sounds awesome to me, i would definitely like to try it, i like that their food standards are approved by USADA as organic – because thats important to me, and as an athlete im very used to USADAs practices 🙂

Thanks a lot for sharing this Ralph!

    Ralph - January 27, 2017

    You’re welcome Marley! Yea I am very big on organic products myself. Some that is also into athletics, taking care of the body is a big deal so making sure I am putting the right fuel into it is key. I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Take care!

Marlaine - January 24, 2017

Wow! This looks great! I love the idea, and I’m even a Stay At Home Mom who isn’t rushing in from the office with minutes to prepare a meal for her family.
What I love about this is that it’s all healthy food, and that the guess work about “what to make for dinner” is minimized. It’s such a struggle sometimes to plan a healthy and delicious meal for my family day after day after day. It’d be so nice to just have a break and let Blue Apron take care of it! Almost as easy as take-out LOL.

    Ralph - January 27, 2017

    Exactly Marlaine! It can be very difficult for people these days to prepare meals which can lead to poor nutrition. If you are someone that is trying to get in shape, nutrition is going to be a big key in getting there and blue apron can be a great tool to use. Although this service may not be for everyone, there are definitely those that would find this service very helpful.

Kikij - January 24, 2017

I’ve heard of Blue Apron before, but didn’t really know much about it. I’m happy I found your site! I like the idea of meal delivery service due to the convenience, but now the fact I can get sustainable items, including seafood makes it a no-brainer. I have tow local grocery shops in my area, yet neither of them carry sustainable seafood options. I find this so disappointing, because I would like to eat more fish, including salmon, but just can’t bring myself to buying the non-sustainable options they carry. Thank you for this information! Kristi

    Ralph - January 24, 2017

    Hi KiKi! I’m glad you found this article helpful. Blue Apron has many options and as they continue to grow, they will be adding even more to there menu. You should definitely give it a try.

Mike Mahaffey - January 24, 2017

Wow! Blue Apron definitely sounds like a better alternative than the gillions of fast food meals served each day. And no more expensive to eat healthy, either?

I’m glad you reviewed this product, otherwise I would never have known it existed?

Eating healthy meals delivered to my home must be a better alternative than eating junk? I believe a lot of people can benefit from these meals.

    Ralph - January 27, 2017

    Hey Mike! It sure does beat going out and putting junk in your body. The fact that they deliver to you makes it even better!


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