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Food shopping can be so difficult these days.  Especially when you’re trying to make health a priority.  Will this taste good?  Is it healthy to eat? These are just some of the questions that run through your mind when trying to decide on which food item is going to help you reach your fitness goals.

Well that’s where food subscription boxes come in.  They are making it easier for you to try the foods you like at a reasonable cost.  No longer do you have to worry about waiting in long lines at the grocery store, stressing out because you probably have better things to do than wait in line.  

Not only are subscription box services making it more convenient to shop for your favorite foods, but there is more of a focus on your health when choosing.  Whether you are looking for a meal or snack, there are options out there to help you when it comes to your health and fitness needs.

Also, if you’re looking to give someone a gift, and hate having to search for the perfect one, there’s no better way to do that than with a food subscription box.  No longer do you have to worry about if your gift will be liked because let’s be honest, who can say no to food?  Especially when it’s healthy for you.

Reasons for Trying a Food Subscription Box Service

Along with treating your tastebuds to some delicious goodness, there are other reasons for deciding to try out any food subscription box service.

No Time for Shopping – One reason for many is not having the time to go grocery shopping.  We all live busy lives where we find ourselves staying at the office longer, or having to make it to the gym to get that workout in.  By the time you make it home, there’s barely enough time to shop for food, prepare the food, and then eat the food.  Food Subscription box services at least takes care of one of those issues for you.

On a Diet – when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, your diet is the main factor when it comes to finding success.  It can be hard find food that you know will be healthy for you.  Food subscription box services make it simple for you by providing you with healthy options helping to take out the guesswork of knowing what is good for you or not.

Healthier Option – finding time to prepare a meal can be tough, so the easiest thing to do is look to fast food.  Well how about getting an assist from a food subscription box service that can deliver food that is a much healthier for you.

Variety – No longer do you have to figure out what to make, with just a simple click of the button, you can choose the type of food you have delivered to you.  

Top 8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Food 2017

When it comes to making a decision, it helps to know what your options are.  Seeing a list showing all the different features will help make the decision process that much easier.  Below is my list of the Top 8 Monthly Food Subscription Box Services for those looking to simplify their food shopping needs.

1. Blue Apron

blue apron reviews


No time to go grocery shopping? No problem…Blue Apron’s goal is to deliver you Fresh meals right to your front door. They have also partnered up with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch which is a non-profit organization helping to deliver fresh seafood to families across the country.

How it Works: Choose your plan, then select from their menu the type of meals you want delivered to you that week.

What’s the Cost: 2-Person Plan $9.99/serving or Family Plan  $8.74/serving

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2. Love With Food

love with food review


No better way to enjoy your favorite snacks and still reach your fitness goals than with Love with Food subscription box.  Organic, Gluten-free snacks for you to enjoy.  Love with food is teaching you how to snack smart and still do good.  With every love with food box, at least one meal is donated to help feed hungry children.

How it Works: Choose a box and receive 7+ snacks every month.  Earn at least 10 points each month.

What’s the Cost: As Low as $7.99/month

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3. NatureBox

naturebox subscription review

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Not all healthy snacks have to have a boring taste.  With naturebox, you can enjoy your favorite snack while not taking away from reaching your fitness goals.  Not only do they have the products, but they also have the brand to back up their goal for providing healthier snacks to all the snack lovers out there.

How it works: Shop for your favorite snacks and have them delivered right to your front door.  

What’s the Cost: $5/month membership fee gives you access to all your favorite snacks

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4. Diet to Go

diet to go review


With the focus primarily on weight loss, diet to go claims to deliver fresh and healthy foods.  Their goal is to make healthy eating both easy and affordable.  Instead of making health about a particular diet, they want to help make healthy eating a lifestyle, which ensures long-term success

How it Works: you pick from a  menu and how many meals you want.  Then customize your menu based on your food preferences.  You can either pick it up, or have it delivered to you.

What’s the Cost: Because of their fully customizable menu, it makes it difficult to give you a set price.  But you can check their price plan on their website.

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5. UrthBox

urthbox review


There’s no better way to form better eating habits when it comes to your snacking needs than with urthbox. Their goal is to provide healthy snacks with great taste in mind.  They understand how busy folks can be when it comes to fitness, work and family, so they are looking to make life simpler when it comes to snacking healthy.

How it Works: Choose the type of box you like and enjoy up to 30 brand new full-sized products every month. Also earn points with every purchase

What’s the Cost: As low as $12.99/month

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6. Taste Trunk

taste trunk review


If you’re into gourmet style food, then Taste Trunk is just what you’re looking for.  They offer a variety of gourmet style products with creative recipes that make the experience worth it.  

Also if you’re looking for the perfect gift, the Taste Trunk subscription box is geared toward gift giving. Whether you are trying to surprise a client, family member or friend, they are sure to be surprised by this very unique gift.

How it Works: Choose the type of gourmet theme box you want or customize your very own.

What’s the Cost: Due to their wide variety of packaged option, it’s hard to give a set price.  Visit their website to find out what’s available.

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7. Bulu Box


bulu box review

There is nothing worse than being stuck with a product that just isn’t working for you.  Well with Bulu box, finding products that are good for you just got easier.  

By letting you sample 4 to 5 quality nutritional products and delivering them right to your front door.  So you can try out their health products, before deciding on which ones you actually like.

How does it work: Every month you receive a box full of top brand health products for you to try.  Snacks, sports nutrition and products to help you sleep better are discovered with every box you receive until you find something you like

What’s the Cost: $10/month

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8. Bestowed

bestowed subscription box


Bestowed is providing an assortment of the best foods, snacks, beverages and lifestyle products for those looking to make a change with their health.  With all their products hand picked by a team of experts, you are sure to be getting good quality items designed for bettering your health.

How it Works: Every month you get nutritionist approved snacks, beverages and personal care items sent straight to your door every month.  Every products is reviewed to verify their quality

What’s the Cost: As low as $16/month

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Guide to Choosing The Best Monthly Food Subscription Box Service

Well I hope after going through my list, you are able to make a sound decision for which service will work best for you.  But before you decide, there are some things you may want to consider first.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Food Box Service

Convenience – a big reason you are choosing a subscription box service and not the grocery store is convenience.  You want to be able to get the things you need without the stress of waiting in long lines.  Also, shopping from the comfort of your very own home, gives you time to do other things that is important to you.

Variety – having options is something we all value when it comes to the foods we eat.  Trying out different things we’ve never tried before allows us to live a little and go outside our comfort zone.  So when looking for a food box service, finding one that offers you different options to always keep you interested will be key.

Quality – when it comes to the things we eat, quality is going to be a pretty important factor.  Making sure you are consuming things that will not only taste good, but will be fresh.  It’s hard to think that you can get that from anything being put into a box, but that’s why it is important that the service you choose makes that a priority.

No long-term Contracts – what makes trying out these food box services is the fact that you can cancel anytime.  Not having to worry about being stuck with a service where you don’t like the products is key.  

Types of Monthly Subscription Food Box Services

The term “food” is a very broad term when it comes to the thing we like to consume.  So it is important to understand that many monthly subscription food box services offer many different types of boxes.  Depending on what you are looking for, it helps to know what kind of food box services are available.

Meals – these services are great for feeding a family for dinner or meal planning for the week.  With work taking up so much time these days, finding time to exercise and still have dinner ready for the family can seem impossible.  Meal delivery services make it easy for anyone looking to have fresh ingredients shipped to their home.  Then all you have to do is prepare, cook, and eat.

Snacks – for all snack lovers out there that are looking for healthy alternatives to their snack eating needs.  Snack subscription box services make it easy for you to shop for your favorite snacks that are not only healthy for you, but taste good as well.  So you can enjoy your favorite snacks while still focusing on getting in shape

Candy – if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are food box services that offer tasty treats for you to enjoy.  Of course you want to make sure you have your sweets in moderation as it can affect you when trying to reach your fitness goals, but there are candy box services out there to satisfy your cravings.

Choosing The Best Monthly Subscription Food Box Service

When Choosing the best Monthly subscription food box service, knowing your eating habits is important.  If you are someone that is looking to free up your time at the grocery store but love cooking, then choosing a meal delivery service may be right for you.  

If you are someone that loves their snacks and treats, then choosing a snack subscription service may work best for you.  Especially if you are looking for alternatives to your snacking needs.  Since it can be difficult sometimes fighting the temptation of buying unhealthy snacks when going grocery shopping.

Most importantly, looking at your budget and comparing it to any of the services you try will help decide if it makes sense economically.  What also makes trying out these services simple is the fact that you can cancel at anytime.  No worries of any long term contracts when making a choice.

My Final Thoughts

With so many advancements in technology, finding ways to simplify the lives of people continue to be a priority.  So when it comes to shopping, more and more services are being created to make shopping simpler.

By giving you the option to choose what type of foods you like from the comfort of your very own home. These foods come in a nice package and delivered right to your front door.  Even better, you can try them risk free without worrying about being stuck in a long-term contract.

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