Best Inversion Tables 2018 – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Inversion Tables 2018

Top 15 Inversion Tables

  1. Innova ITX9600
  2. Ironman Gravity 4000
  3. Teeter EP-560
  4. Exerpeutic Inversion Table
  5. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table
  6. Teeter EP-960
  7. Invertio Inversion Table
  8. Best Choice Products Pro Deluxe
  9. Innova ITM4800
  10. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy
  11. Ironman High Capacity Gravity 3000
  12. Ironman IFT 1000 Inrared Therapy
  13. Innova Fitness ITX9250 Deluxe
  14. Innova ITX 9700 Memory Foam
  15. Health Gear Vibro Massage& Heat

If you’re reading this article, then more than likely either you or someone you know is suffering from some sort of back pain.

Whether it’s due to injury or lack of core strength, finding a way to resolve this issue is critical to your daily functional performance.

So how can this issue be resolved?

Many are using inversion tables as a way to cure their back pain issues, using things like inversion tables.

But finding the best inversion tables in 2018 can be quite difficult. It is said that over 80 percent of Americans will suffer some type of back pain in their lifetime.

So can inversion tables be the solution you need?

Below I will be providing you with my top inversion tables on the market today. I will be breaking down its features, as well as the pros and cons to each equipment. This should help you in your decision making process when it comes to finding the best inversion table for you.

One last thing. I know that cost will always be a factor when making any purchasing decision. But please keep in mind that going cheap on such machines can be very risky.

Fortunately for you, many of the inversion tables in the market today tend to be very budget friendly. So you can get a popular brand table, without having to break the bank.

Best Inversion Tables 2018 – Comfortable, Reliable, and High Quality

#1 Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

One of the more popular brands, the Innova is well known for being both comfortable and versatile.

With its many adjustable components, this will allow you to safely position yourself to get a nice stretch on your back.

With its heavy duty steel frame, this machine can fit users with heights anywhere from 4’10” to 6’6” showing its versatility in terms of accommodating a variety of different user heights.

There is also a weight capacity of 300 pounds for those worried about how much weight this machine can handle.

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When choosing an inversion table, comfort is one of the most important things. And with its adjustable headrest pad, you can expect comfort as you lay on this machine for ultimate back support.

There is also a 5 position adjustable pin system that allows you to safely position yourself on the table. Along with its inverting over strap systems and ergonomic ankle holding system, you can expect to be very secure regardless of your angle.

One of the most noticeable things is its ability to let you find your own unique center of gravity. With its balance system, you get three adjustable features to make sure you enjoy a very smooth and comfortable experience.

There is also a pin that you can use to lock yourself in your desired position each and every time you use it. Giving you total control over how you go about using your inversion table.


  • 5 angle pin plot system with protective gear allowing for a safe and comfortable experience
  • Heavy duty steel frame that allows for easy adjustment regardless of height
  • Thick backrest pad for added comfort while resting
  • Can be folded after use for easy storage
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs


  • Unit is pretty heavy so extra care must be taken when moving it around
  • Has a wide frame making it a large piece of equipment even after folding

#2 Ironman Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

If durability is what you’re looking for in an inversion table, then as the name suggests, the Ironman would be a great choice.

With its tubular steel frame, you can expect to use this machine for as long as it is needed without the fear of break down.

Not only is it made with solid steel, but with its memory foam backrest, you can expect a lot of comfort while laying on the machine.

And if you’re someone that expects to use this machine often, there is no fear of maintenance being an issue.

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To add to the comfort you will be getting with the Iron man, is the performance that comes with it. This machine comes with an extended backrest with lumbar pillow to allow you to find your perfect position.

And with its patented ankle locking system, for those that struggle with mobility issues, you can adjust the machine without having to bend down. It also comes with ankle locking system that acts as ergonomically molden ankle cushions. To make sure your ankles are both comfortable and secure.

For added comfort and security, the machine has extra long safety handles that are foam covered, that allows you to quickly and safely return to the upright position. While returning to this position, there are rubber floor stabilizers to prevent any movements during inversion.

This machine also inverts up to 180 degrees which makes it easy to use regardless of fitness level. Especially helpful for those that are beginners. You can easily transition from different angle points as you progress through your back therapy.

For those worried about the height limit for this particular product, it has a height adjustment up to 6’6”. Making it a very accommodating machine. There is also a weight capacity of 350 pounds which is a significant increase compared to other inversion machines.

For those concerned about storage, this machine can be easily folded allowing you to save space around your home.


  • 350 lbs weight capacity to complement its durable steel frame
  • Non skid floor stabilizer for added security during the inversion process
  • Patented ankle locking system that can be adjusted for added security and comfort
  • Extra long safety handles to help you safely transition yourself back to the upright position
  • Folds for easy storage around your home


  • Unit is considered to be very heavy so must be cautious when moving it around
  • The locking mechanism can be difficult to open when in the locked position

#3 Teeter EP-560

When searching for the best inversion table, brand should be a key element in your search.

So if you’re looking for brand power, then this table should work well for you. They have a very good track record for being both comfortable and secure.

Having this type of reassurance is great for those that lack the confidence when choosing the best inversion table.

But with over 30 years of experience, you can feel confident in knowing that you are getting a quality product.

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I think one of the most important aspects of this table is the bed. Made with the Comfortrak, the contoured bed flexes to your body for added comfort. And to optimize stretch and back pain relief, its smooth surface promotes body slide.

This will add to the level of comfort you already feel as you go through the inversion to relieve any back pain you may suffer. Also built into the comfortrak is the grip and stretch handles. Thus giving you total control as you find yourself in different angles during inversion.

Having the handles and bed is nice and all, but an inversion table wouldn’t be complete without proper ankle support. With its Ergo embrace supports, the ankles are surrounded to help distribute the weight around the ankles and feet comfortably.

And with its comfort dial, you can adjust the platform height for those with smaller or larger feet to ensure a comfortable fit. Allowing for precision balancing as you shift your body.

Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced, you can pre-set your rotation options with its adjustable safety tether. Allowing you to have full control over how the table rotates during your inversion. It also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

For those worried about not having enough space in the home, the teeter is able to fold, saving you a bunch of space when not in use.


  • High grade materials like auto locking hinges, cam locks, and specialized pivot bearings
  • Parts are heat treated to ensure reliability
  • UL safety certified and FDA cleared
  • Backed by 5 year full warranty for added comfort
  • Precision balance to give you total control as you shift


  • Compared to other inversion tables, price is considered on the high side
  • May be considered larger than expected for some

#4 Exerpeutic Inversion Table

If you’re looking for comfort and back relief at an affordable cost, then you should have no issues finding it with this table.

As you can see in the name itself, the majority of your comfort comes with its foam backrest.Allowing for backs of all types to fit well on this table.

Even though this table allows for maximum comfort, this table is built very strong with its solid steel frame and scratch resistant powder coated finish.

So not only are you getting maximum comfort, but also durability to handle normal wear and tear.

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There are also extra long safety handles that allow you to get back in the upright position with ease while inverted. It also comes with a secure ankle locking system where you can pull a simple pin to release it when needed.

Regardless if you’re tall or short, you can easily adjust the height anywhere from 4’10” to 6’6” which seems to be the standard for most inversion tables. And what makes this feature so important is the fact that you can invert up to 180 degrees in the vertical position.

The fact that you will be in many different angles makes having the needed support more crucial in terms of safety. There is also a weight capacity of 300 lbs which is good to hear for those that were concerned about that.


  • Table is foldable allowing for easy storage or relocation.
  • Comfortable backrest and secure ankle locking system that you can adjust
  • Extra long handle bars for maximum control and security
  • Sturdy steel frame made with quality in mind
  • Height and weight capacity was designed for different type of users
  • Very budget friendly


  • Very heavy and bulky and can be an issue if table needs to be constantly moved
  • Some complaints about foot placement being uncomfortable

#5 Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

If you’re looking for a table with sleek design along with durable material, you will definitely get that with this one.

If it isn’t obvious yet, as the name suggest, you are getting a very durable tubular steel frame with scratch resistant finish.

So you should expect to use it for a long time without having to worry about too much wear and tear.

Along with durability, what also matters is the amount of comfort you will feel when using it.

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Hard in name, but not in actual use, the ironman has a comfortable backrest to give your back the support it needs to alleviate any pain.

In terms of performance and security, you get foam covered extra long safety handles to allow you to easily return to the upright position. And while inverted, there is a secure ankle locking system that is durable and is ergonomically molded to fit your ankles. Providing you the cushion needed to be comfortable and secure.

Another thing that many tend to be concerned with is movement while using the table. But with its non skid floor stabilizers, all movement while inverted will be prevented. Allowing you to to be stress free while on the table.

The table can also support up to 300 pounds of weight and allows a user height of up to 6 feet 6 inches. So unless you have the body of a basketball player who’s taller than that, then you should be good to use this table with very little issue.


  • Sturdy table with a durable tubular steel frame and nylon backrest
  • Non skid floor stabilizers to restrict sliding while in use
  • Can invert up to 180 degrees
  • Both the ankle cushions and safety handles are ergonomically molded
  • Provides the weight and height support for most users


  • May require more assembly than expected
  • Many have complained about discomfort in the ankle area

#6 Teeter EP-960

Here’s another quality inversion table by a well branded company in Teeter.

If you’re familiar with the name, then you know that they are well know when it comes to making inversion tables for those dealing with chronic back pain.

Their contoured bed flexes along with the body for added comfort and also stretches to help maximize pain relief.

This is great for those that tend to struggle finding a comfortable position for themselves when lying down. You can expect total comfort while on the bed of the table.

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To go along with their comfortable bed table, you get ergonomical ankle cups that give you that perfect fit. There’s also an extended ankle lock handle to make sure you can easily secure it while inverted on the table.

When it comes to performance, making sure you are secure is important, but having total control of the machine when using it may be even more important. You get both traction handles for a secured grip, and extra long stretch handles to give you more assistance.

By allowing you to preset your table in a variety of different angles. As you shift your body and weight, you can control the ease in which you get back to the upright position. This is all done with their precision rotation system.

There’s also a weight capacity of 300 pounds and can adjust to heights of up to 6 feet 6 inches. Accommodating users of all different shapes and sizes.


  • UL 3rd party safety certification and 5 year full warranty
  • Easy 5 step assembly allowing for quick use
  • Extra long handles to help reduce the need to bend when securing ankles
  • Comfortrak bed flexes for comfort and smooth performance
  • Precision balancing giving you total rotational control
  • Can preset your rotation options in various angles


  • High price tag so may be a bit out of budget for some
  • May be difficult to use at first if new to this type of machine

#7 Invertio Inversion Table

When you first set your eyes on this particular inversion table, you can tell right away that it is visually appealing.

To go along with its awesome visual appeal, you’re also getting comfort, quality, and full functionality.

This is key since being able to control the position while inverted is crucial to getting maximum pain relief.

Which is why this machine comes fully adjustable with its easy to use height adjustment settings.

It can easily be modified for heights anywhere from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 6 inches.

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You are also getting high quality grade material with this table as well. It is constructed with heavy duty tubular steel for added strength and stability. You don’t have to worry about it rocking even if you’re 300 pounds, which is the weight capacity.

In terms of comfort, it has a large backrest and headrest that is foam padded to help support the lumbar spine. It can also be folded allowing for easy storage around your home.

There’s also an 8 position adjustable system that accommodates any user. With its extra long padded handrails, you can be assured total relaxation during inversion. This brings comfort to a whole nother level.

With its accurate inversion control system, you can preset your desired inversion angle to fit your comfort style. With its new and improved bolt design, you can easily go up to a full inversion. You also get easy grip handrails to provide safe rotation while going up and down.


  • Very budget friendly
  • You can adjust the ankle support up to 8 different positions
  • Easy to use marked height adjustment settings
  • Extra long easy grip handrails for additional comfort and security
  • Can be folded for easy storage


  • Lack of proper design reduces the quality and feel
  • Poor directions on how to get started

#8 Best Choice Products Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Table

If durability is what you’re looking for in your inversion table, then that is exactly what you get with this table.

It is constructed with a heavy duty steel frame that can be easily cleaned and has removable nylon pads if needed.

This table allows you to invert in 3 different positions with a simple roller hinge for maximum comfort.

The ankle clamps come padded for total comfort and control while in rotation. You can also adjust the ankle support with a pullout pin.

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And with its adjustable table height, it works for a wide range of different heights. Anywhere between 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 6 inches which seems to be the standard for most inversion tables.

It can also support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, giving you comfort in knowing that it can handle various body types. This table also folds allowing you to save a ton of space within your home.


  • Durable design with its heavy duty steel frame
  • 3 position roller hinge with padded ankle clamps for total control
  • Folds for easy storage around your home
  • You can adjust the table height to accommodate most sizes


  • Many complaints about backrest not being padded enough and very uncomfortable
  • Instructions aren’t helpful and hard to use

#9 Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

If you’re looking for a machine that can give you that therapeutic feel, then the Innova may be just what you’re looking for.

With its advanced heat and massage feature, you can get the therapy needed to help relieve that annoying back pain.

Not only does the inversion bed give you isolated heat, but it also vibrates to give you that therapeutic massage.

This can be done either automatically or manual. More importantly, you get all these cool features without having to break the bank.

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With its five angle pin slot system, you can expect a safer and more consistent inversion. There’s also a height adjustment tube that is easy to adjust and can accommodate to most individual’s body type.

Along with being able to easily adjust, you also get ergonomic ankle holding system where there is a front and rear holders to make sure you are both secure and relaxed while inverted.

This table is configured with a heavy duty steel frame, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can adjust both the headrest and backrest in 3 different positions to find your most comfortable position. And you can expect to lay on a heavily thick pad for ultimate comfort.

For added comfort, there are soft foam handlebars allowing you to comfortably grip and control the machine to your liking. The table can also be easily folded for quick storage if needed.


  • Advanced isolated heat and massage that can be set to auto or manual
  • True balance system with 3 adjustable features for smooth and comfortable experience for each user
  • Can preset the angle of your position with its 5 angle pin system with protective cover
  • Secure and comfortable ankle holding system with soft foam handlebars
  • Heavy duty steel frame with a weight capacity of 300 pounds


  • Very bulky and heavy which restricts mobility
  • Table does not fold flat with frame

#10 Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

One thing that many people tend to be concerned about when it comes to inversion tables, is the level of comfort since you will be in an awkward position.

Well with this table, they make comfort and relaxation a priority with their infrared heating element.

This type of therapy is great for penetrating deep into the human body without the user feeling any discomfort to their skin.

This creates better blood circulation and aids in decreasing common stress levels. So you are getting the ultimate therapeutic experience.

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The table can heat up within 10-15 minutes and has an easy to read LED display where you can adjust the time anywhere from 0-60 minutes. Temperature wise, it ranges from 90-140 degrees, and comes with an off switch for when you’re done using it.

There’s also a remote control that comes as an addition to the LED display unit. This will allow you to easily adjust the heat settings even when you’re inverted. Giving you total control while enjoying your back therapy.

The backrest also comes with a ultra thin carbon fiber heating element to help soothe muscles. Along with extra long safety handles which will allow you to get back into the upright position with ease.

Another issue many users have is soreness in the ankles when inverted on the machine. Well with this table, the ankle locks were designed to take away any added pressure, allowing for a very comfortable experience.

With their ratchet ankle locking system, it allows you to lock and unlock yourself without having to bend down. This saves added pressure you put on your back from having to bend down. You can also invert the table to a full 180 degrees in the vertical position.


  • FIR heat technology to help soothe back muscles while inverted
  • Can invert to 180 degrees with 3 starting positions
  • Extra long safety handles to allow you to get back in the upright position
  • Remote that controls heat and has a mesh pocket to the store it while in use
  • Easy to reach lever ankle locking system to minimize unnecessary bending
  • Makes for easy storage around your home with its easy folding feature


  • Not budget friendly for those looking for something affordable
  • Mobility may be an issue due to its heavy material

#11 Ironman High Capacity Gravity 3000

If brand power is what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing an inversion table, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

When choosing any table with the Ironman name, you should expect to get nothing less than a high quality product.

The backrest comes foam covered with enough stitching and padding to make sure you have a very comfortable experience.

The double stitching also ensures that you are getting a very durable product.

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The ankle holders come with a ratchet locking system that can be easily adjusted for added security and comfort. What’s also important when it comes to ankle support, is the comfort you feel while in the inverted position.

This is why the ankle locks are ergonomically molded with cushions. You also get extra long safety handles that are also foam covered to help you get right back into the upright position both safely and securely.

When it comes to performance, this table comes with an adjustable tether strap that helps give you total control over the many different angles while inverted. This is all supported with a durable tubular steel frame and scratch resistant powder coat finish.

For those worried about the table moving around while in use. There are non-skid rubber floor stabilizers to neutralize sliding. It also fits user heights of up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. And can fold for easy storage around your home.


  • You won’t break the bank choosing this table
  • Has a safety strap that can be easily adjusted to control many different inversion angles
  • Table folds for easy storage around your home
  • Supports a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds which is slightly higher than most tables
  • Long safety handles for comfortable grip and control
  • Foam covered backrest and double stitching for extra comfort


  • Can be a bit difficult to put together
  • Bulky piece of equipment making mobility an issue

#12 Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Here’s another table provided to you by the Ironman brand.Not only are you getting durability and stability, but you can also add infrared therapy to the mix.

You’re pretty much getting the total package with this table at an affordable price.

The 1 inch thick backrest comes with heat therapy that penetrates deep into the muscle tissues giving you that extra therapeutic feel.

Which is great for relaxing the muscles and helping reduce the stress you may feel on a daily basis.

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To go along with the heat therapy, the backrest is heavily padded with extra foam for added comfort. There are also long safety handles that allow you to safely get back right into the upright position.

To continue with the level of comfort you receive with this particular machine, ankle support is always an issue with these type of machines. This is why you are provided with comfortable cushions that are molded ergonomically for your ankles.

One thing I noticed about this particular table were the mesh pockets that came with it. There aren’t many other tables that have this which makes it very convenient if you need to have things like cell phones, remote control, or glasses near you.

There’s also an LED display along with a remote control, that is easy to read and makes controlling the table right from the palm of your hand. You can adjust the time, temperature and settings while inverted.


  • Infrared heat therapy backrest
  • Heating bed heats up within 10-15 minutes
  • Easy to read LED display that also comes with remote control
  • Adjustable safety tether strap to help you control the inversion angle
  • Inverts to 180 degrees and supports up 275 pounds
  • Folds for easy storage around the house


  • Very large and bulky making mobility an issue
  • Poor instructions when setting everything up for use

#13 Innova Fitness ITX9250 Deluxe Inversion Table

If security and comfort is a priority for you, then you may want to take a look at this particular table.

Comfortable inverting is made possible with their padded foam backrest. This allows you to feel relaxed while trying to relieve the back pain you’re dealing with.

One of the most important things when using inversion tables is the level of adjustability.

The great thing about this machine is its 3 inversion position safety bar that allows you to invert without worrying about safety.

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To add on to the safety and stability aspect of this table, there is a 4 point pod style base frame that allows the table to hold nice and steady even while on uneven surfaces. This is comforting when you find yourself actually inverting.

When it comes to comfort, the backrest comes foam padded and soft touch handlebars which makes getting back to the upright position simple. As for your ankles, the table has foam leg rollers to offer the support you need to when using it.

There is a center beam that offers a height adjustment bar up to 6 foot 3 inches. This height is slightly lower than most inversion tables, but at least gives you some flexibility in height adjustment. There is also a weight capacity of 250 lbs which is also a bit on the light end compared to other tables.


  • Very budget friendly
  • Comfortable foam handles
  • Spring loaded ankle adjustment
  • Headrest is padded for ultimate comfort
  • 3 position safety bar
  • Floor caps to stability while inverted


  • Frame is not as sturdy as it needs to be to feel comfortable
  • Weight capacity is lower than most other tables at 250 lbs
  • Height adjustment is lower than other tables at 6’3”

#14 Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

If you’re looking for a high quality table that offers a ton of features, then you may want to give this one some consideration.

To go along with its comfortable material, you get an inversion table that doesn’t lack in design.

This table comes with a large memory foam backrest, and a head pillow that can be easily moved to allow for comfortable inverting.

What amazes me about this bed is that it gives you everything you need in terms of comfort, while still maintaining high safety standards.

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What I think most users will love about this table in particular, is the Universal lumbar pad for Hot/Cold compression. The only issue is that it does not come with the purchase, but can be added as an option. Not a bad option to have if it’s something you’re looking for.

For many, being able to adjust your table the way you like is a necessity to finding your level of comfort. So with it 5 position adjustable pin system, you can position yourself the way you like for safer inverting. Giving you total control over your back therapy.

You also get soft touch foam handlebars with a comfortable ankle holding system. Ensuring you a very relaxing and therapeutic experience when performing your back therapy.

And if you’re concerned about how accommodating this table is in terms of height level. Just know that it fits users up to 6 foot 6 inches. As for weight goes, there is a weight capacity of 300 pounds. As you can see, this table is very accommodating.


  • Friendly on your wallet given all of its cool features
  • Lumbar pillow with an optional Hot/Cold compress that can be easily adjusted
  • Five adjustable pin system for total control
  • Large backrest and padded pillow for ultimate comfort
  • Accommodates user heights up to 6 foot 6 inches
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty to help give you peace of mind


  • One of the few inversion tables that do not fold for easy storage
  • Very large and heavy making mobility difficult

#15 Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology With Vibro Massage & Heat

If you’re big on technology and prefer to have it in your inversion table, then you might be interested in what this table has to offer.

With technology playing such a huge role in our health today, it only makes sense for it to play a factor when it comes to providing relief for your back.

So when it comes to back relief, this table tries to do it in two ways. Inversion which is the obvious method, the other is through heat and massage.

And with its racing style backrest, this plush foam padding provides the user with the ultimate comfort experience.

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And for those worried about the safety of this heated material, all the material within this product is tested to performance and safety standards. So you can enjoy your back therapy with a peace of mind.

The massage pad also vibrates for massage therapy and can also be removed and used while not using the table. So you can pretty much bring your massage therapy pad wherever you go. Helping you release any tension and stress you feel within your body.

There’s also a hand control that is integrated with the table, allowing you to customize the type of massage you get. Allowing you to control things like heat, time and the intensity of the massage regardless if you’re on or off the table.

Has a wide user height range up to 6 foot 5 inches, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can also fold the table to help save you space within your home.

In terms of security around the ankles, the table comes equipped with high density foam rollers to comfortably secure your legs while inverting. The padding is also over sized so that your calves don’t feel pinched while ankles are secured.


  • Portable heat and massage pad allowing you to take your back therapy on the go
  • Multi-function hand controller allowing you to easily adjust your settings
  • All health gear are tested to a 50 points performance and safety standards
  • Very thick backrest for serious comfort
  • Can adjust to users up to height of 6 foot 5 inches
  • Folds and rolls for easily storage and transportation around your home


  • Price tag may be a bit high for some, especially with other options available
  • Can take a bit of time putting together
  • Not the greatest of quality in terms of material

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Inversion Table

We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” So when it comes to choosing the best inversion table for your back pain, it’s important to look at factors other than just the cost.

Even though cost will always be the determining factor, paying for a quality product could be the difference between finally relieving your back pain, or actually making it worse. So below are some things you may want consider before making a decision.

Sturdiness/Durability – to me, this is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing the best inversion table. Many people tend to look for other features like portability which is cool and all, but knowing your table will hold up is even more important.

Inversion tables tend to be very bulky and heavy, so this should be expected. What should really matter is how it will hold up when you’re in different angles. Especially upside down which you will find yourself often. So you want to make sure it holds up.

Brand Name – the expectation with branded items will most obviously be the high cost. But with this high cost comes reliability, innovation, and better overall customer service. All of which are crucial to making sure you are getting the most out of your table.

Dealing with back pain is a very serious issue, so it only makes sense to make sure you get the best when it comes to fixing that back pain. So if you think you can afford the high cost that comes with the top of the line product, then you should definitely consider it.

Smoothness – this tends to go inline with brand recognition and the durability that comes along with it. The goal for having an inversion table is to help relieve you of back pain for the long term.

So it’s important to be careful about what others are saying about cheaper models. A reason for this is, although they may feel smooth in the beginning, but as time passes, tables tend to get jerky and less reliable.

So making sure you get a table that will feel the same way today, as it did when you first made the purchase will be key.

Add-ons – one of the biggest things I’ve noticed with the top branded inversion tables, is the ability to provide luxury items with each table. Especially when it’s easy to think that all tables are the same.

Some brands include things like massage and heating pads, luxury pillows, and many other things to make sure they stand out from the rest. So depending on your preference when it comes to comfort, it’s important to check what other items are being purchasing along with their table.

Comfort – remember, the overall goal is to get rid of that nagging back pain that seems to never go away. The only way you can do that is if you’re comfortable.  

That’s why it’s important to make sure that the backrest and headrest or heavily padded, and made of high quality material.

This is especially important since you plan on using this quite often as you work towards solving your back pain issues.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to back pain, it’s important to understand where this pain is coming from. Many times back pain can be attributed to having a weak core. By performing core strengthening exercises, you can get rid of that pain for good.

But if you consider yourself in great shape and still struggling to find the cause for your back pain, inversion tables can be a great tool to use. And with this list I’ve provided, hopefully you are able to find the best inversion tables in 2018.

So if you have any questions in regards to my list, I would love to hear about it. Just share below your thoughts because I would love to hear about them along with many others who are interested in getting a table for themselves.

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