7 Of The Best Cardio Workout Programs By BeachBody

7 Of The Best Cardio Workout Programs By BeachBody

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In this article are 7 of the best cardio workout programs by beachbody, and how you can get access to all of them and many more. Click the button below or read on to learn more.

When it comes to workout programs, it’s safe to say that beachbody is one of the best out there. Many would say it’s due to their large library of workout videos, but for me, I believe it’s due to their system to help get people in shape.

There are many things that can make getting in shape difficult. Things like finding time, knowing what to eat, but most importantly, finding motivation. And what makes beachbody so effective is that it has all the necessary tools to help make sure you get results.

Now in order to get the results you’re looking for, you must first have a goal. Whether you’re looking to build muscle,  burn fat, or lose weight, knowing what your goal is key.

Once you’ve figured out your goal, then getting access to the tools is key to actually reaching those goals.

So today I will be discussing cardio workouts. Which we all know is key to reaching goals like weight loss and fat burning. So when it comes to the beachbody program, I will be going over 7 of the best cardio workout programs by beachbody.

As you go through this list, you should be able to find a workout that helps you achieve your goals when it comes to the cardio aspect of training.

Insanity Max 30

Intensity Level



You can expect any workout involving Shaun T to be insanely intense. If you’re familiar with any of his other workouts, then you know that Shaun is full of a lot of energy to help get you motivated through any workout routine.

So with insanity max 30, you could expect to do just what the title suggest, and that is max out. The program is designed for you to record your max time each day you workout.

So if you struggle the first day, make sure to record how long you were able to go that day, then come back the next day to beat it. I like this type of system as it always forces you to push yourself more challenging you both physically and mentally.

If it isn’t obvious yet, this workout is clearly for advanced players. So if you are someone that is just starting out with getting in shape, then you may want try out a less intense workout.

Also making sure you follow the meal plan is key to getting the best results. The great thing about it is that it’s not some fad diet plan. It’s a nutrition plan that helps create healthy habits that last for the long term.


Intensity Level



Another one of Shaun T’s creations. I think Insanity may have been the workout that helped put him on the map when it comes to insane workouts. Anyone that is looking to shred fat and build some decent size muscle, this is a great program to try.

You start off with a fitness test to see where you are physically. Then as you progress through the training, you will be asked to take the fitness test again. So during the 60 days, you will notice yourself getting stronger as your body adapts to the workouts.

No weights are needed as you will be doing a series of plyometric and body weight exercises to create that lean body mass. You can expect this workout to be high intensity so it would be wise to have at least a good level of fitness when performing this workout.

Although this workout is considered cardio, don’t expect it to be some aerobics type of workout. If anything, it is more of a HIIT style training where you will be getting the heart pumping and muscles burning in this one workout program…Full Review

Core De Force

core de force review cover

Intensity Level



If you’ve ever been into boxing or mixed martial arts type of training, then this is the workout for you. You have both Joel and Jericho who have a lot of training when it comes to this style of training. So you can expect to work all parts of the body.

As a former kickboxing instructor, it would be nice to hit an actual bag, but this program is just as effective. With the level of intensity this workout provides, you can expect to burn a lot of calories which will help with weight loss.

Other than handling the intensity of the workout, one of the most difficult thing to adjust to are the moves. If you’ve never performed any boxing or martial arts moves, it’s going to feel really awkward in the beginning.

But with more repetition, you will start to see your moves improve dramatically.

One of the coolest things about this workout is the format. Each round is 3 minutes long as if you were in an actual boxing match. And after you are done with a round, they recommend that you bounce around like a boxer until the workout resumes.

I find this to be very entertaining, especially for anyone that tends to get bored easily with their workouts. Enjoying your workouts is key to having long term success with your fitness routine…Full Review

ChaLean Extreme

chalean extreme

Intensity Level



This is one of the more detailed workout programs since it takes 90 days to complete. They even provide you with a quick start guide so you have an idea of what to expect when starting the program.

Luckily for you you won’t have to go through all of it now as I will be giving you a quick overview of what you should expect while working out with Chalean.

Like the insanity workout program, you will be asked to take a fitness test to see where you stand physically. This will help you track your progress during the 90 days. This is a periodization type workout that starts off easy and gets harder as you progress.

The program does require you to have either weights or resistance bands. Along with a mat and a thigh toner if possible. This will ensure that you get the most out of your cardio and resistance training efforts. And don’t worry, you won’t get bulky during the program.

Also, even though this workout it considered tough, someone that is new to exercise can definitely handle it. If I compared it to a workout program like P90X, I would say that it is much easier than that, and more user friendly.

The great thing about this workout is there is a basics workout video to help you learn the proper form and technique before getting started. There is also a workout calendar so that you have an idea of what’s coming during the 90 days.

As far as nutrition goes, Chalene gives you a guide of what to eat as she provides you with a list of foods to shop for. You are also provided with recipes to make healthy but great tasting foods to fuel your body.

22 Minute Hard Corps

Intensity Level



No workout list would be complete without a Tony Horton workout right. Not only are you getting Tony Horton in this workout, but you’re getting maybe one of the most effective workouts ever.

22 minute hard corps is a military style training, so you can expect it to be very intense. This 8 week program requires just 22 minutes a day of cardio hell. So if you’re experienced when it comes to exercise, then you definitely want to try this workout.

Like many of the other workouts, you will be given a fitness test to see where you stand fitness wise. You are also given a ration plan, which is a calorie tracker that will help guide you towards your weight loss goals.

I think one of the really cool things about this program is the setting. From the quick start guide you receive, to the actual workout, everything is given to you in military talk. As if it was an actual mission you were about to venture into.

This makes it really fun as you workout towards getting through this 8 week program. I’m confident that you will be entertained enough to quickly get through it, and get results in the process…Full Review

21 Day Fix

Intensity Level



If you are new to fitness and are looking for a workout that will both challenge you and guide you to healthy eating, then you’ve found it with 21 Day Fix. A lot of the programs in beachbody use this program as a reference when it comes to its meal plan.

This program is very structured to help guide you every step of the way. The workout calendar is designed so that you know what to expect each day when you workout.

Even their nutrition plan is setup so that you know exactly what kind of foods to eat that day. With their fix container plan, as you input information like your weight and calorie baseline, this will determine your calorie target.

From your calorie target, you will be given a container plan from A-D. Depending on the container plan that is selected, this will give you a guideline to how much protein, veggies, or fruits you will eat each day.

So if you are someone that struggles with knowing what to eat to help complement your workout routine, 21 day fix eliminates all the guesswork. As long as you don’t mind eating out of a container everyday, then you should be golden when it comes to reaching your fitness goals…Full Review

Shift Shop

Intensity Level



In this 3 week program, you will be putting your agility and speed to the test. With beachbody newest trainer, Chris Downing. He will be helping you get leaner and faster in a short period of time. So if you’re ready to put you athletic skills to the test, then you want to jump on this workout.

This workout uses color coded agility markers as a way to test your skills throughout the program. You can access the markers on the site so no need to go purchase anything. You will also need a set of weights for added resistance while you workout.

Although this program is for beginners, you can expect the workout to increase in intensity as you get further along in the workout. There are modifiers with this program if for some reason you are unable to manage some of the exercises, so don’t be afraid to use them.

You are also given a workout calendar so you know exactly what to expect each day you work through the program.

When it comes to nutrition, just like 21 day fix, you are given a sheet to help calculate your fuel plan. Based on your score, you will be given your fuel plan where you will need to consult with the nutrition guide for shopping list and menus.

So with the Shift Shop workout, you have everything you need to be successful with your fitness goals. Just make sure to follow the workout calendar step by step, and continue to push yourself each day…Full Review

Not Sure Which Program To Go With?

What if I told you that you could have access to them all. That no longer would you need to order a set of dvd’s only to lose them weeks later. With BeachBody On Demand, you can get access to over 600 workout videos with your favorite trainers motivating you.

They even let you try it risk free for 30 days just to see if it will be something that works for you. You really have nothing to lose, other than the body fat from all this cardio.

Try BeachBody On Demand Risk Free For 30 Days

The best thing about having your workouts on demand is that once you are done with one program, you get to move on to the next one with such ease.

So I hope you enjoyed this list describing 7 of the best cardio workout programs by beachbody. I have all the confidence in the world that you will be able to find a program to get you the results you’re looking for.

18 thoughts on “7 Of The Best Cardio Workout Programs By BeachBody

  1. As a guy who does not live in the U.S the only program I’ve heard of is Shaun T’s Insanity program. I had been working out frequently a few years ago but abandoned my workout plan 2 years ago and do not feel motivated to get back on track. Maybe I will try out Shaun’s program to see where I stand in fitness terms.

    I can appreciate military training because I work in the military so I know how hard it can be to follow the training.
    22 Minute Hard Corps sounds like a nice program, too. Have you tried it out? What would you recommend?

    • P90X has always been my favorite. But with the beachbody on demand feature, you get access to all the programs. This will give you a chance to get to know all of the cool trainers there dedicated to help get you in shape. Thanks for commenting John.

  2. I have been paying for a gym membership for about 5 years now and I go about 5 times a week, give or take. As my days become busier my workout schedule has moved earlier and earlier. I love how I can do these at home without having to trundle to the gym every day. For sure i will have a look into these routines and let you know if i enjoyed it
    Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Please do Adam! The gym isn’t for everyone, and with beachbody, it allows you another way to get in shape without the gym. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  3. Hello Ralph!

    Your review about the best cardio workout programs by BeachBody is great! My husband has got the Insanity Program by Shaun T. I have tried it out too. Shaun is a great motivator. As this program is quite hard I´m now happy to have found your post. 21dayFix sounds like the perfect choice for me.

    I´m also very glad about the tip: BeachBody on demand. Didn´t know about that possibility. Absolutely have to check it out.


    • Hi Pernilla. Beachbody has some great motivators for those that struggle getting motivated to workout. As long as you put in the work, you will definitely get results. As for the on demand features, I love that they implemented this since I don’t ever by dvds anymore. Streaming makes everything easier, plus you get all their workout programs. Thanks for commenting. 

  4. Great information here. I did the Insanity workout and nearly died, but in a good way. I recommend it because if you get sore joints then its a great way to get a workout without hurting them further. I used to love running but now my hips and knees ache. Good thing is you can do these workouts at home or in Hotel room. Great site! bookmarked.

    • Glad you enjoyed the read Dave, and you’re right. For those that struggle with joint pain, bodyweight workouts are a great way to get in shape without adding further stress to the joints.

  5. As an avid cardio enthusiast, I have tried these or some form of most of these workout programs, and they all kick butt! You will walk away from all of these a little wobbly and happy at the same time! It’s great to see such a wealth of information all on one page, it makes comparing programs and effectiveness that much easier. Great Job, now I want to go do some body torture haha!

    • I agree Don and thanks for your comment. In order to really get results, you have to push yourself beyond your limits. And these workout programs to a great job doing that.

  6. 22 minute Hard Corps seems like the type of program I’ve been looking for! I love very high-intensity workouts that are on a military mission. My goal is to get rid of some fat on my body and lose 10 pounds before May. I want to take my health to the next level this upcoming year, so I’m going to get this pretty soon, I’ll come back for sure.

    • I’m glad you found this help Marques. You will definitely get a good workout with the program. Don’t be afraid to stop by if you have any other questions.

  7. Great review! I’ve never done a beachbody type workout before, but some of my friends have. I remember eating lunch with them and seeing the little containers they brought each day (they were on the 21 day fix program). It seemed to work pretty nicely for them.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of cardio workouts, but it’s definitely something I need to be better with lol. I think the core de force or 22 minute hard corp sound the most interesting to me.

    Between those two, which of those would you personally pick?

    • Hi Bill! The most efficient way to get awesome results in terms of losing weight, burning fat, is combining both cardio and resistance training. This will give you an opportunity to get results much quicker. In terms of which program I would prefer, I think it would depend on your preference as both programs are very effective. Core de force uses Mixed martial arts as a form of exercise, so if you’re into that, you will love performing this workout. 22 minute hard corp is uses a boot camp type theme. So it really depends on what you like. Which is key to sticking with the program long term. But the great thing about these programs is that they are part of the beachbody on demand, which gives you access to all workout programs. So if you’re not feeling one program, you can easily go to the next.

  8. Thank you for putting this together! Although I’ve heard of some of these BeachBody programs and have friends who’ve done a few of them some of these are new to me and very appealing! As a woman who loves to work out and yet is insanely busy this kind of short, intense workout sounds pretty perfect. I’m especially intrigued by the 21 day fix and the Hard Corps. (I think maybe the ones with Insanity and the like in the titile are intimidating me! :D)

    I’ve also always been intrigued by the BeachBody food guidelines. It sounds like looking into the 21 day fix would help with that aspect too, if a lot of their nutrition is based on that one. I should really look online and see what the general nutritional idea is!

    Are any of these better for people with space limitations? I live in a tiny apartment and don’t have a lot of room to do big moves, so something that for example wants me to be able to run across a room (8 or so running steps) I’d have to modify a lot.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Trace, yes beachbody does have quite a few options to choose from. Some more intimidating than others, but definitely manageable depending on your fitness level. As far as space requirements, as long as you don’t live in a closet, you should be able to find room to perform most of these workout programs. Thanks for commenting.

  9. This is a great post summarizing different cardio workouts. Being someone who enjoys the strength training side of fitness a little more than cardio this was very helpful. This post Is very informative and will help to choose the cardio program that is right for me.

    What time of day do you find to work best for you for doing cardio? Have you tried fasted cardio and if so did you see any results?

    • Hi Garvin! I’m glad that you found this article helpful. To answer you question, for me, I found that I have the most energy in the morning. So I like to do it then when my energy is at it’s highest. Which leads me to answering your next question regarding fasted cardio. Me personally, I’m not a huge fan of it since cardio requires so much energy, and depending on how you fast, I would have trouble having enough energy to perform any of my cardio workouts. I do know that it works for some people, but definitely not for me. But everyone’s body is different, so do what works for you. Which is what makes fitness so fun. Thanks for commenting.

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